8 Universal Causes of War Between Nations

Causes of war between countries have been very hot topic for common people.They want to know the hidden reality why nations do conflict with each other.we have collected some universal causes of war in this article.

Aggressive nationalism

The most potent cause of international strife to-day is the disregard of national aspirations and racial cultures by the internationalists. They do not calculate the strength of a national sentiment where national honour is involved. As an example, we may cake the case of post-war Europe. The Treaty of Versailles instituted through the Covenant of the League of Nations the most wonderful machinery for solving international differences. A system of collective security was organized for maintaining world peace. It aimed at preserving the security of each nation through the collective action of all nations. Thus new frontiers based on the Versailles settlement were to be safeguarded by all signatories in the interests of world peace.

8 Universal Causes of War Between Nations

But unfortunately these new frontiers had been created in a spirit of suspicion and hatred for the vanquished Germany, who was most ruthlessly dispossessed of her legitimate possessions by all possible means. Her colonial empire was robbed by France and England. The principle of national self-determination was deliberately and unjustifiably applied to cut her into pieces. And the peace settlement capped this gross injustice by creating the League of Nations to maintain in effect the ‘status quo.” Thus an ideal institution like the League of Nations was ordered against her very conscience and ideals to perpetuate a gross injustice.

This resulted in the growth of national movements, among all the dissatisfied people, such as Germany, Turkey and Italy.Dictators by appealing to national sentiment on a point of national honour achieved undreamt of eminence. They started piling up armaments. Then they tore off the pages of Versailles one by one with their growing military strength. The League was left and armament once again began to figures as the only possible guardians of national sovereignty and integrity. Hiller, the Dictator of modern Germany, has torn the Versailles Treaty two pieces by marching his troops into the demilitarized Rhineland Zone. He is demanding a better and juster settlement than that given at Versailles. And he is backing this demand by his great military strength.

When Causes of War Grow Too Quickly, This Is What Happens

Colonial Inequality Between Nations

The inequality of colonial empires is also rankling at the heart of very growing industrial country. Great Britain and France have taken most of the colonies for themselves. Even their war allies like Italy and Japan were inadequately provided with colonies. In a recent speech Mr. Herbert Samuel stated that nine political units in the world hold the economic resources of three quarters of the globe and that fifty nations have to be content with only a quarter of world resources.

Unless this maldistribution of world economic resources is corrected by means of some impartial international agency, uncontrolled by any single power, and influenced not only by the canons of justice and law but by a classless outlook on society, there is no hope for international amity and goodwill. Every country with growing industrial organization and population is sooner or later bound to follow Mussolini’s example to civilize the black “niggers” of Abyssinia and found a tropical empire thereby.

Imperialism Itself Is A Menace To Peace

The existence of colonial empires which are evolving rapidly and becoming conscious that they have a right to independence is another factor in international tension. There can be no peace in the world and no League of Nations can function while inequality of status

exists. Efficient international cooperation presupposes that all nations shall be equal at least in prestige if not in size and that each nation shall have the right to nominate its own representatives and not have denominated delegates. While such a state of affairs, which obtains the inevitable and just revolt of slave nations, exists, it will constantly be a menace to automatic world peace and a fruitful source of international hostility.

Economic basis of world disputes

The basis of most of our international disputes to-day are economic. To preserve world peace we must also explore means of adjust or economic disabilities and give every hungry stomach at least a modest meal.

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