How to share a OneNote note during a meeting

OneNote is a popular program for presenting your ideas, lists, and storing useful information in one place to take notes and share over the Internet.The original version of OneNote is OneNote 2016, which was first released for Microsoft Office 2016, and notes related to that version are stored locally on computer devices. While OneNote 2016 is no longer updated with new features, it is optionally available for users using locally saved laptops.

OneNote for Windows 10 automatically syncs your notes to your OneDrive account, and if the notes are stored locally in the case of OneNote 2016, you’ll need to upload them to OneDrive to share them online. Some of the main benefits of uploading notebooks to OneDrive is that it allows users to edit notes as well as read notes on any device, and also allows users to share notes with friends.

You can also get your colleagues to collaborate using OneNote during a meeting, regardless of their location. For example, suppose you are in a formal meeting to complete a predefined agenda or to discuss some important information, we usually write the necessary data in a notebook that is discussed during the meeting. But in most cases we are missing some key points, as it is impossible to understand everything that is discussed in the meeting. What if you could collect all the notes that your colleagues have taken with you? Well, with OneNote, you can let other colleagues take notes with you. To do this, all you have to do is save your OneNote notebook in a public place like OneDrive and select your colleagues as a participant to add meeting notes.

In this article, we’ll detail how to share a OneNote 2016 notebook with another user during a meeting. It’s worth noting that if you’ve already created a notebook on your local computer, you’ll need to explicitly share them to OneDrive in order to share with the meeting.

Share a OneNote notebook during a meeting

Go to Start and type OneNote .

Open the OneNote notebook, and then click General .

Now click the Share button and click Invite People . The invited participants will receive a message with a link to the shared notebook.

Now click the Share button and select the Share with meeting option .

Once everyone in the notebook has been given sufficient rights to edit notes, the attendees can add data to the meeting notes at the same time, regardless of their location. OneNote syncs all your notes, automatically displaying each participant’s notes.

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