Importance of Physical Education,5 Features You Must Know

Importance of Physical Education is very important for the normal growth of the human body, for an active and alert mind, for al as well as mental fitness, for recreation and amusement, for promotion of health and bodily vigour and also for national. It is also by an established programme of physical lion that we teach the students discipline, obedience, cooperation, team-work, manliness, efficiency and competence, camaraderie and brotherhood.

Importance of Physical Education,5 Features You Must Know

The age we live in is an age of Science. This is a mechanised age. It is an age of amazing speed. Time and distance do not matter much. They have been annihilated by mechanical agents such as trains, buses, cycles, automobiles, airships, aeroplanes. Our habits have become sedentary. In this scientific age of ours the necessity of physical education in public schools, colleges and universities, becomes all the more great.

A Brief Histroy Why Importance of Physical education Has Been Prominent  In Past

 From the very early time we find that almost all the nations  been taking a keen interest in games, sports and athletic events. In primitive societies training in physical education was given in such muscular activities as athletic contents, races, lifting weights, carrying terien, pulling carts, climbing, dancing and running. In ancient Greece and Rome gymnastic schools were founded and athletic contests were held every year. The Greek philosophers and physicians believed that “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is the only condition of perfection. Physical training is necessary for physical fitness, mental alertness, beauty of body, for national defence in time of danger or invasion and also for resistance to disease.

Importance of Physical Education,5 Features You Must Know

In Greece the Olympics games were held after every four years. Athletes, dramatists musicians used to flock at Olympus from all corners of Greece. Olympic games were held in honour of Zeus. Now these Olympic games have been revived and are held in different places. In ancient Greece the Olympic games included competitions in art, literature drama, rhetoric, music, and gymnastic events. In Modern Olympics games we have such events as races, swimming, riding, weight-lifting cycling, wrestling, boxing high jump etc.

Importance of Physical Education Supports Male And Female

Physical education is necessary for boys and girls. In Germany great stress has been laid upon physical training. Muths popularised physical exercises, athletic competitions and swimming in Germany the 19th century. Physical training was made a part of the such programme.

Importance of Physical Education,5 Features You Must Know

Physical training is now coming to be regarded as an important factor in the promoting of public health and social welfare, school colleges, universities, athletic organizations, Scout Movement,  golf clubs all have the same ideal. We have now in all the countries in Europe a craze for folk-dancing hiking, camping and outdoor recreations. The extramural activities of the students serve  to emphasise co-operation, team-work, camaraderie, fellow, feeling and good sportsmanship., In schools and colleges and other institutions it offers recreation from mental strain.

The scholar in the evening finds himself weak, tired, fatigued and languid but as soon as takes exercises he feels gay as the morning sky lark. No longer does not suffer from a feeling of inertia, sloth and inertness; no longer does he experience mental weariness, intellectual strain ennui, melancholy, and irritability with life. There is a feeling of exaltation and IfciLiration. The heart is enlivened and gladdened. The soul is animated and the mind is enlarged.

Importance of Physical Education,5 Features You Must Know

The athlete acquires many attributes such as presence of mind cool judgment, pluck, endurance, patience, perseverance, courage and bravery. He is not afraid of hardships and difficulties and Stakes all things lightly. Physical training stand up in good stead and enable us to stand  up in self defence, with the gift of physical vigour that it bestows on us, we know no fear.

A Practical Example: How Physical Education Made A Great Impact In World War 2.

Hitler and Nazis aroused  national interest in physical education. Hitler wanted to regenerate the national life. The spirit of chivalry was created by making compulsory for civilians as well as soldiers to have regular exercises.  Mussolini made it compulsory for every soldier to certain tests which required presence of mind, st .mina, power of endurance, firm resolution, grit, strength of character and pluck, for example high-jump, horse riding, swimming, passing through fire, walking barefooted on steel nails, jumping over naked bayonets and other stiff ordeals which involved risk of life or injury to limbs. Hitler gave the best possible training to the German athletes: that is why the Germans secured thumping successes in the Second World War.

Importance of Physical Education,5 Features You Must Know

Mussolini in a speech asked the Italian athletes for the Olympic games “Either to win the first place or to burst!” In Russia, America, France and England physical training is  important feature of many institutions.

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