What are the best apps to relax and sleep?

Have you ever counted sheep that jump over an imaginary fence to fall asleep? Although it may seem silly, it works for many … In this technological age there are not only apps to spend leisure time there are also apps that help you sleep, so stop imaginary counting sheep to fall asleep and choose apps to relax and sleep.

Download it, open it and have a good night! As is our custom, we will accompany you to choose the best of the best applications to relax and sleep.

What are the best apps to relax and sleep?

We bring you a small list of 3 apps that according to our research are the most comprehensive to take you to deep sleep. These are:

  1. “Sheep B4 Sleep”
  2. “Sleep Genius”
  3. “Sleepo”


In the third position of our post and to get away from the classic of counting sheep to fall asleep, we present an app that uses recordings of the most relaxing sounds that may exist, such as those of nature: “Sleepo”.

This app is lightweight, just 33 MB, which will take up little memory on your device and if you prefer you can install it on your SD card. With over “1M +” of downloads from the Play Store , it plays high-quality soothing sounds. Select from 32 sounds from the categories:

  • City.
  • Rains
  • Forests and rivers (nature).
  • White noise or instrumentals.

It is so relaxing that it is impossible not to meditate before sleeping. And you can timed it to turn off automatically, so you don’t have to interrupt your placid sleep to turn it off. One of the advantages of having it on your mobile is that when you rest during your work, you can meditate and relax, you no longer have to settle for playing ambient sounds on your HomePod .

Sleep Genius

In second place we have “Sleep Genius”, created nothing more and nothing less than technology that NASA uses in its “sleep program” in astronauts when they are on space missions. But iPhone brings you all that technology at your fingertips for only $ 5 you can download like any application in the Apple App Store .

“Sleep Genius” uses the sensors of the iPhones, where it is installed and after several sleep sessions the application analyzes your sleeping habits and recommends improving or suggesting new sleep habits (the function is known as: “iWatch”) and is that the iPhone can even warn you if it is time to sleep .

It also incorporates secondary but equally effective functions, such as soft music; that will undoubtedly help you relax and release the accumulated tension in your entire body at the end of a long day at work. Once under the covers in bed, with this application you will feel your breathing, heart rate and a total rest for your brain.

First place of the apps to relax and sleep: Sheep B4 Sleep

Do you remember the first method we mentioned when starting the post? Right, the sheep counting system. Because if something is old but good, it is not thrown away but is updated and improved. Completely free it reaches the first position of our post: « Sheep B4 Sleep «.

From now on and on your Android phone or tablet, catching the dream by enumerating sheep is totally possible. Saving is more pleasant because when you start the application you will be able to see them and not imagine them jumping the fence, which little by little will lead you to a restful sleep on those sleepless nights.

Configuration menu: “Sheep B4 Sleep”

  • Choosing a timer  for when you fall asleep does not drain your device’s battery.
  • Now you can activate the sound and listen to a soft melody while the sheep jump.
  • One option that new generations like is that in addition to the traditional sheep, you can choose between: cow, whale, penguin, elephant or random mode.
  • Choose the environment you want that new protagonist. For example: If you choose the elephant, to jump you can choose a crack in the desert.

We hope you had fun reading this article, as well as us doing it. You would help us by sharing it with your friends and family. See you in our next posts.


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