How do I synchronize my passwords with my Google account?

The technological industry is becoming increasingly important in the lives of human beings, which is why it is essential for a person to acquire at least one virtual account with which to carry out various procedures or interact with other people.

This account is in fact the most important, since an email is in turn directly related to other virtual platforms. This is because today any registration form for a social network or web portal requires at least one email account.

An email account is essential to maintain constant communication between the user and the platform. Either by sending content or notifications by this means or by asking verification questions.

However, one of the things that we forget the most when we have several accounts are the keys. For this reason, the Google company has developed an option that allows you to synchronize all your passwords and view the data saved with the account associated with Google. In this way, you can have them on hand and thus solve various activities easily.

How do I synchronize my passwords with my Google account?

Today there are various sectors responsible for providing email services. However, the most important for its multi-factorial reach and content management is Gmail email, which was developed by the IT services company Google.

Google encompasses various services that are provided to users around the world from its platforms. Among them is the so-called Android operating system or software. Which is applied in mobile devices of all manufacturing industries worldwide. Except for those of the Apple corporation.

By virtue of the aforementioned, the Google corporation has then arranged the tool to synchronize a Gmail email account to the Android mobile device itself in order to maximize the user experience and provide the customer with a much more secure and private browsing system.

Steps to sync my passwords with my Google account

When purchasing an Android mobile device , it is necessary to synchronize your Gmail email account with the device to have access to various storage services such as Google drive or Google photos, the Google Chrome search engine and other browsing services.

However, Google offers you the possibility of managing your passwords for different platforms in the same account to save time and make the process of entering different portals much more practical and faster. You can view and export all saved passwords in Chrome and Firefox.

This is possible not only with your mobile, but you can also do this synchronization on the PC.

If you still do not know how to synchronize the passwords of your platforms with your Google account, you can do it in the following way:

  • Slides in the application menu of your mobile Android and selected from the applications icon settings .
  • Mostly this App is symbolized in the shape of a gear.
  • Once there, slide into the options and look for the one called “Google”
  • If you have already carried out this operation and have not found this option, it is likely that the Google application is outside and belongs to another icon in the menu, so you will have to search for it together with the rest of the other applications on your device.
  • Once located in the Google application select an option called ” Smart lock  or in Spanish “smart password” for passwords.
  • In the first section you will have to select which account you want to use to synchronize all your passwords. This is in case there are two or more accounts registered on the device.
  • You will find various settings associated with the timing preferences.
  • Fill in the form as you see fit.
  • You can put in a “black list” those applications that you do not want to save information about, you can also choose how and when you want to activate the service.
  • This means that this option can be activated by itself or if you want to do it manually.

Once you have established all the points you can click on accept and start using your platforms using only your account password. Also, in case you do not want to continue with this process, just go back to this section and deactivate the option.


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