7 tips for healthy and quality sleep

Sleep is very important for the health of our body and mind, and its lack can have serious consequences. If you have problems with sleep, you may be thinking about a solution in the form of medication. But they also carry with them a whole range of side effects. Before you reach for them, try these seven healthy tricks that can help you sleep better in a more natural way. ? Calmio celebrates its birthday in the fall, and that is why we have prepared a gift for you in the form of one “Insomnia” course completely free. More information can be found in the penultimate tip.

  1. Avoid blue light

Blue light is the type of radiation we are exposed to when watching TV or looking at displays or monitors, and which can really mess with our sleep patterns. Therefore, try to turn off all screens before going to bed and prefer reading a book or magazine instead. In general, it is recommended to completely avoid blue light 90 minutes before you plan to fall asleep.

Studies show that blue light can delay the onset of sleep and affect the overall circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, nowadays, we probably can’t avoid it completely anyway. Its negative effects can at least be reduced by wearing glasses that block blue and green light.

Tip : Set the automatic dark mode on your phone or tablet before going to sleep. This is because it is gentler on the eyes and the brain.

  1. Sleep on your side

Adjust the position in which you sleep. Sleeping on your side can help the brain eliminate waste products more efficiently than sleeping on your back or stomach.

  1. Breathe deeply

Deep breathing calms the body and induces a relaxing reaction in it. In addition, intensive inhalation of air promotes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid , which helps oxygenate the brain and removes harmful substances from it. And a clean head means a clean sleep.

Tip : For example, try the popular Chandra bhedana breathing technique.

  1. Keep a cool head (and body)

Heating up a room during cold autumn or winter days and covering yourself with a few blankets may be pleasant for a while, but you should not expect quality sleep in such conditions. When sleeping in overheated rooms, our body has to expend energy to cool down the body. Most experts therefore recommend sleeping in slightly cooler conditions, ideally at 18-19 °C , i.e. the temperature at which our body is naturally most relaxed.

  1. Exercise regularly

According to laboratory studies, exercise can protect the brain from lack of sleep caused by memory disorders. In addition, regular movement has many other benefits for our body. Try including short exercise intervals, walks in nature or team sports with friends into your schedule.

Tip : Exercise during the day, but certainly not before bed. Physical activity circulates blood and stimulates the body, which can worsen falling asleep and negatively affect the overall quality of sleep. You can make the evening more pleasant with yoga, a short walk or meditation.

  1. Try meditation

Studies show that meditation can improve sleep quality in the majority of the population. According to them, meditation can reduce sleep problems in up to 60% of people. That’s why we made the “Insomnia” course available for free in the Calmio app. Try it and discover the benefits of meditation for yourself.

  1. Too much of everything is harmful

Just as lack of sleep is a problem, long periods of sleep are not ideal for our bodies either. Although we still don’t know exactly how too much sleep affects our body, according to doctors , it can increase the risk of various health problems – from headaches to diabetes.

Therefore, it is better to follow the alarm clock and sleep only for the recommended time. This means 9 to 12 hours for school-aged children, 8 to 10 hours for teenagers, and 7 to 9 hours for adults.


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