Healthy Tips for Drinking Zam-Zam Water for Hajj Pilgrims

Zam-zam water is one of the best drink choices, especially for pilgrims. Even so, to maximize its health benefits, there are tips for drinking it.

Chairman of the Indonesian Health Quarantine Association Dr. dr. Lucky Tjahjono, M.Kes, advises pilgrims to drink zam-zam water at least a glass before the obligatory prayers to prevent dehydration during worship.

“Drink a glass before prayer. But don’t drink cold,” said Lucky some time ago.

According to Lucky, pilgrims from Indonesia generally like cold zam-zam water, while drinking cold water in hot weather can trigger coughing and sore throat.

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Apart from zam-zam water, another intake that is also recommended for pilgrims is the consumption of three dates, for example, every morning and evening as a source of energy, and vitamins. The Ministry of Health has been holding a movement to drink water together for the past few years, especially zam-zam water and mineral water, for pilgrims so they don’t become dehydrated.

Outdoor activities can put a person at risk for dehydration, which is sometimes not realized before symptoms appear such as fatigue, dry skin, dizziness and fainting.

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So that these symptoms do not occur, Lucky once again reminded especially those who perform the pilgrimage to drink frequently, for example after returning from the mosque.

“Every time you go to the mosque to drink, when you come home from the mosque, drink a little bit of it. Even bring a tumbler (drinking cup), don’t wait for thirst. When traveling to drink, take care not to get dehydrated,” said Lucky.

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In addition to preventing dehydration during the pilgrimage, Lucky also reminded prospective pilgrims to get a meningitis vaccine at least two weeks before departure. Apart from that, the current weather also makes it important to apply moisturizer, for example, one that contains petroleum jelly, especially on the lips and feet


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