7 Causes of Leg Cramps that You Need to Be Aware of

The condition of the legs that become stiff and cannot be moved while exercising is one of the annoying things. This very annoying condition is also known as cramps.

Legs that experience cramps certainly make the exercise you are doing stop and you are in pain. Even so, this can also happen even if you are not exercising.

This condition can occur when you are stopped or just silent or even while sleeping. This of course becomes very disturbing to what you are doing at that time.

There are a number of things that can be the cause of these cramps. Reporting from Boldsky, here are a number of things that can cause leg cramps to appear.

Less Liquid

Cramps can be caused by insufficient water consumption and insufficient intake during sleep. This is the main reason for cramps while you are sleeping and during exercise.

Lack of Nutrition

Nutritional deficiencies are another thing that can cause cramps. This is especially when you lack electrolytes in the body, especially those that are prone to occur when exercising. Consuming a variety of healthy foods such as fruits and green vegetables which are rich in electrolytes can prevent cramp attacks.

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Lack of Warming Up and Excessive Exercise

Lack of Heating

Cramps that occur during exercise can be caused by a lack of warm-up. This happens because when you don’t warm up, your muscles become less flexible and weak.

Excessive Sports

One of the things that is very prone to causing cramps is exercise, especially if it is done excessively. When a person exercises harder than usual, the muscles become more tired and prone to cramps. Not to mention this is usually coupled with a lack of electrolytes in the body.

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Other Things That Cause Cramps

Drug Side Effects

Some drugs such as static and furosemide can be the cause of muscle cramps. You need to pay attention to this, especially when muscle cramps occur suddenly, especially when you are taking certain drugs.

Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation in a person’s hands and feet can cause all kinds of problems. One of the problems that may occur is cramps that appear in one particular body part.

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Improper Shoe Size

Using the wrong shoe size can be the cause of various health problems. Apart from causing problems with balance and on the skin of the feet, this can also be a cause of leg cramps.


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