4 Bad Effects of Consuming Coffee

One of the drinks that a person usually consumes to increase energy is coffee. This makes it the choice of many people in the morning or when sleepy.

4 Bad Effects of Consuming Coffee when the Body is Tired and Sleepy

This caffeine content can not only be found in coffee. This content can also be found in tea, chocolate, or soft drinks.

Even though it can keep us awake, under certain conditions drinking coffee can actually make the body weak. A number of reasons also make it best avoided when tired and sleepy because of its effect on the body. Collected from various sources, here are some of the bad effects of coffee consumption on a tired and sleepy body.

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Cause Dehydration and Interfere with Sleep Quality

Causes Dehydration

Caffeine has diuretic properties which can increase urine production and cause the body to lose fluids. If the body is already tired and dehydrated, drinking caffeine can exacerbate dehydration and cause fatigue and weakness.

Disturbing Sleep Quality

Caffeine can stay in the body for a long time, meaning its effects can last up to several hours after consumption. If you drink caffeine too close to bedtime, it can interfere with sleep quality and make you feel more tired in the morning.

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Improve Anxiety and Digestive Problems

Increasing Anxiety

Caffeine can increase the production of stress hormones such as cortisol, thereby increasing anxiety and stress. If your body is already feeling tired, drinking caffeine can make your condition worse so that you feel more agitated and uncomfortable.

Worsening Indigestion

Caffeine can exacerbate digestive disorders such as stomach acid and intestinal irritation. If the body is already tired and sensitive, drinking caffeine can make indigestion worse and cause discomfort and stomach pain.

To avoid the bad effects of drinking caffeine when you are tired and sleepy, you should avoid caffeinated drinks. Also, try to take a few minutes to rest when necessary and find other ways to stimulate energy and focus such as light physical movement or going for a walk outside


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