8 benefits of consuming yogurt daily

The yogurt is a food not only delicious but also contains many of the nutrients that our body needs. For this reason, eating yogurt daily provides us with multiple benefits: according to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition , people who consume yogurt on a regular basis enjoy a greater supply of nutrients and, in general, tend to follow a healthy diet 1 .

We are going to analyze exactly what yogurt gives us and why we should (and it is so easy) to include it in a varied diet .

A yogurt a day provides us with part of the calcium we need

The calcium present in milk and yogurt is essential in a healthy diet 2 and helps prevent osteoporosis and maintain healthy bones and teeth . The necessary calcium intake varies according to age and gender;

even so, a yogurt every morning can be a not inconsiderable contribution to our daily calcium intake, since it provides between 15 and 20% of the recommended daily amount. Consuming high levels of calcium is especially important for nursing mothers, postmenopausal women, and all those at risk of osteoporosis 2 .

A yogurt a day is a source of protein, which helps the development of muscles

Besides calcium, yogurt also contains proteins . A diet rich in protein is essential for the development of muscles and for many other parts of the body: hair and nails are made up mostly of protein, and our body needs this nutrient to repair and generate tissues, bones, the blood and skin.

Meat and fish contain high levels of protein and, although the amount of protein present in yogurt varies depending on the type, a normal serving of about 125 g should provide us with 10% of the daily protein needs.

One yogurt a day can be included in a low-fat diet

Are you trying to lose weight? Enjoy yogurt instead of any sugary snack. Yogurts are a food with a relatively low fat content (lower, for example, than that of creamy cheeses) and can be a supplement to our diet, since, according to a study, people who eat more than three servings of yogurt a week in the long run they have less difficulty controlling their weight 3 .

Did you know that yogurt can also help digest lactose?

As fermented foods find their way into the new healthy food craze , yogurt is also proving its benefits as a product derived from fermented milk . Did you know that each jar of yogurt contains about a trillion live bacteria?

The ferments are what determine the flavor and texture of yogurt, but they can also facilitate the digestion of the lactose 4 they contain, so that, if we are lactose intolerant , in some cases we can tolerate yogurt better than milk. How is it possible? Well, because it helps to break down lactose into components that are easier to digest during fermentation and also in the intestine.

With the wide variety of yogurts available, it will not be difficult to find one that you love to include in your healthy daily routine .

Yogurts: healthy foods that are easy to find, eat, and personalize

A yogurt a day can help us stay in top shape, and it is also great! We can find various types of yogurt (natural, flavored, smoothie, drinkable, etc.) and it is very easy to customize it to our liking. In addition, it is relatively cheap and it adapts easily to our lifestyle: we can have it for breakfast, take it with us on the road or use it as a substitute for butter or cream in our favorite recipes for low-fat dishes . A great ally for our day to day.

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