6 Bad Effects That Can Arise Due to Often Eating Late

Eating on time is very important for a number of reasons, especially for health. Eating late, especially when it becomes a habit, can cause a number of adverse health effects that cannot be ruled out.

Internal medicine specialist at Eka Hospital BSD Virly Nanda Muzellina mentioned six effects that can arise if you eat too often. The six impacts are:

Decreased Productivity

According to Virly, food is a source of energy for daily activities. Energy is obtained from food through the metabolic system by digesting food content and converting it into energy to be distributed throughout the body.

When energy needs are reduced due to eating too often, what will happen is that the body will lack energy and productivity will decrease.

“What can arise from a lack of energy is that the body will send a signal for you to rest immediately by making you sleepy. Apart from that, it’s also easier for the body to feel weak, thereby reducing your ability to concentrate, move, or think,” said Virly some time ago.

Disrupt the Metabolic System

The second impact of frequent late meals is disrupting the metabolic system. This is the system whose job is to convert the food consumed into energy.

This body system is one that always works even when sleeping. Therefore, when the body does not get enough food to digest, the metabolic system will read the situation as an emergency and start saving calories.

“This can disrupt the working system of your metabolism because if you do it too often, the body will get used to the slow metabolic process. When the metabolism starts to slow down, the body will have less energy to get, so your body will also get tired easily, “explained Virly.

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Trigger Stomach Acid and Fail Diet

Triggers Gastric Acid Disease

Often eating late can also trigger stomach acid disease. In fact, the stomach is a digestive organ that has an important role in the body.

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The stomach has the task of digesting food with enzymes and acids so that food is broken down and can be properly digested by the small intestine. The stomach is an organ that always works even when the body is resting. So, even when it is empty, the stomach will continue to secrete acidic fluids.

If the stomach is left empty for too long, this can trigger injury due to thinning of the stomach’s mucous layer due to exposure to stomach acid. If you have been injured, the wound will also be exacerbated by stomach acid which continues to be produced, causing gastric disease.

“If you have had stomach acid, your stomach will hurt and your body will feel nauseous.”

Fail Diet Program

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If intentionally eating late is considered a weight loss diet tactic, then this assumption is wrong.

“The assumption that the less you eat, the faster you will lose weight is a myth. The diet program is designed to maintain health and ideal body weight according to one’s body proportions,” said Virly.

If food intake is reduced too much, this will only increase hunger. Because in a state of hunger, the body will need more calories or fat intake, so the risk of eating larger portions is higher. If that’s the case, any diet program can fail.

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Lower Immune and Cause Insomnia

Lowering the Body’s Immune

Eating late too often can also lower the body’s immunity and increase the risk of disease. This is because a strong body’s immunity is formed from the substances and nutrients of the food eaten.

“Often eating late will make you lack nutrition and nutrition so that the body’s immunity becomes weaker to fight disease. You may also take longer to recover from an illness.”

In addition, frequent late meals are known to increase the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Potential Insomnia and Mental Health Problems

The last dangerous impact of eating late is insomnia which ends in mental health disorders. Pain in the stomach produced by eating late can cause insomnia and make it difficult to sleep.

Insomnia is known as one of the strong reasons for causing mental health problems such as stress and depression. Therefore, it is very important to eat on time so as not to experience these various problems.


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