Where to get the astral mass in Tales of Arise

There are tons of useful items in Tales of Arise and they can help strengthen your party in many ways. Astral mass is one of those elements because it can be used to forge new weapons. Here’s where to get the Astral Mass in Tales of Arise.

Where to get the astral mass in Tales of Arise

Astral mass at the Alelina Palace

Astral Mace is an item that drops after battles with Menance Armored Swordsmen, Menance Armored Snipers, and Menance Heavy Lancers. These enemies can be found roaming the second floor of the Autelina Palace of Menancia during the story arc that focuses on Kisara and Dohalim.

You must farm these enemies while you can as they will not be in the palace after completing the dungeon. You can farm them by exiting and re-entering the area, as the guards respawn every time you do this.

Astral Mass on Mount Dhiara

If you are unlucky enough to run out of Astral Mass after completing the Altarina Palace dungeon, you can still collect something outside of combat on Mount Dhiara.

The Mount Dhiara cave area has glowing object nodes that you can interact with to collect Astral Mace. They can be found at the location shown below, and if you haven’t picked up the item yet, it will appear in bright blue dots on the map.

The cave is connected to the mountain trail area and you can get to it by going down through a hole in the ground on the east side of the trail.

As with the guards at Altarina Palace, you can farm Astral Mace here in Mount Dhiara Cavern, as Item Nodes respawn shortly after leaving and returning to the area.

That’s all you need to know where to get the astral mass in Tales of Arise . be sure to check out our game’s wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other helpful information.


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