How to set Google Clock Sleep Mode

We are going to teach you how to configure the Sleep Mode of the Google Clock, a somewhat unknown function, but very complete and useful. We have already told you about the Digital Wellbeing Rest Mode , but if you don’t have this app installed, the Google clock is a great alternative (quite complete, too).

In a few simple steps you can program much more than an alarm: Sleep Mode silences the phone, is compatible with Google Assistant routines and sends us reminders before going to sleep.

This is the Sleep Mode of the Google Clock

Not all phones come with Google’s Digital Wellbeing app, nor will all users want to have it installed. If we want something lighter with which to activate the Android sleep mode, we can opt for the Google clock . We recommend that you always download it from the Play Store, where you will have the most updated stable version.


  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Google
  • Download: For Android in Play Store

Once you have installed it on your phone, you will directly see a recommendation to try Rest Mode. We are going to tell you how it is configured and what it does exactly . The first thing you have to do is go to the bottom bar and click on rest . Here Google will tell you that you can set a fixed schedule to sleep better.

What science says about sleeping with your phone on your pillow

In the configuration screen you will have to select the days of the week that you want the alarm to sound and the time. You can also add an interesting option so that the screen simulates the sunrise when you wake up, gradually lighting up as the time to get up approaches.

Google Clock alarms are compatible with Google Assistant Routines, so you can link them to the one you want

You can also configure the sound of the alarm, if you want it to vibrate or not and link it to a Google Assistant Routine . For example, you can combine this alarm with the “Good Morning” routine, so that it tells you the weather, the news and your schedule as soon as you get up.

Once the alarm is set, we can set different reminders for the phone to notify us when bedtime is approaching. In the same way, we can reproduce relaxing sounds from a wide list to try to fall asleep.

When the sleep mode is active, the phone will be muted and the phone screen will go black and white to invite us not to use it. In the event that you use the Digital Wellbeing app, but configure Sleep Mode from Google Clock, you will also have access to sleep statistics from the Clock app itself.

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