Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation Cobra

Detailed walkthrough of the second mission “Operation Cobra” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – the location of all souvenirs and feats

July 25, 1944

Neighborhood of Marigny, France

Seven weeks have passed since the landing day in Call of Duty: WW2 , and you need to take Marigny, France to open the direct route to Paris. Zussman returns and has just successfully undergone surgery.

Before heading out, take a look at the two soldiers on the right talking to each other. On the barrels behind them is the first memento on the level.

Souvenirs 1/3

After jumping onto the tank, you will move towards Marigny. German bombers will appear and destroy a couple of tanks. There are several firearms nearby that will need to be destroyed, as well as one anti-aircraft gun, which will allow you to destroy enemy aircraft.

Regroup at the indicated location, and then clear the barn that the Germans captured. There is a road to the right of the barn that you must follow to the next marker while hiding in cover. There is a window next to the wall, which is a great place to take out opponents. On the way to the left, there will be less cover, but the Germans are also in a more vulnerable position.

In any case, as soon as you finish with them, then go upstairs. Behind the barn is a field with haystacks. It is from here that the Germans will try to counterattack you – shoot them all, using hay as cover. Move forward, go through the forest belt, where some opponents will try to stop you. In addition, here you will see a surrendering German – approach him, hold down RMB to aim, and wait for the scale to fill. So you will accept the enemy’s surrender, spare him and accomplish the first feat.

Feats 1/3

Next will be the German anti-aircraft gun. As soon as the location is cleared of the Germans, then sit down at the gun and shoot several German bombers attacking the allied tanks.

Along the path leading to the anti-aircraft gun, there is a shed with a second souvenir inside.

Souvenirs 2/3

After destroying the bombers, you will have to make your way to the German heavy artillery trying to destroy the allied tanks. Follow Pearson along the road and make your way to the viewpoint. Stop to replenish ammunition, and then jump down and clear all the trenches, where there are two firing positions with anti-tank infantry at once. Take a sniper rifle at the desired point and shoot at the red cans of fuel (this will be when you enter the building and go upstairs). Or just shoot at each enemy in three trenches.

When all three positions are cleared, the tanks will start moving forward. Hide behind one of the tanks and follow the trail using it as a cover from machine gun points. Don’t forget that you can knock enemy grenades aside. Once your tanks reach a certain point, they will be able to destroy the machine gun positions of the Nazis, allowing you to proceed to the next area.

After the guns are destroyed, go to the far right and go down there. A soldier’s gas mask can be found here – the third and final memento on the level.

Souvenirs 3/3

Feats 2/3

To accomplish this feat, as soon as you take the gas mask, look to the left – you will see a Fritz trying to kill your ally. Prevent his death.

Your tanks will be stopped by the next PAKs, so you will have to clear the next barn and find a good position for a sniper (on the second floor). Approach the barn on the right and destroy all the enemies surrounding it – or go to the barn on the left. There is a machine gun point in the second shed, so be careful. To the right of the machine gun point is a red canister – shoot it to kill the machine gunner with an explosion.

Deal with three PAKs from the barn, shooting from a sniper rifle at canisters or at each enemy separately. Do not forget that holding your breath while holding Left Shift can hold your breath.

After destroying all the PACs, you will need to cross the enemy trenches to meet with Pearson. You will face the Nazis trying to surrender – spare them for the third heroic deed (feat).

Feats 3/3

After regrouping with Pearson, you will find that Charlie is surrounded by the Germans. You will be placed in a jeep – you need to drive as soon as possible in order to have time to save them. The marker at the bottom of the screen with the scale is not a timer. The bar shows the likelihood of you meeting Charlie based on how fast you drive. Crashing into obstacles will slow you down.

After a few seconds of driving, Daniels will pass the steering wheel to Zussman, and you will have to shoot enemies from the machine gun in enemy vehicles. Once in the village, kill the fascists until you finally kill them.

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