Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation Citadel

Detailed walkthrough of the third mission “Citadel” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – location of all souvenirs, exploits

July 26, 1944

Marigny, France

You will need to capture the church, and then climb the bell tower to cover your allies from above. There you will also find a sniper rifle with optics. Move through Marigny, use smoke grenades more often to cause mortar fire whenever possible.

Deal with the enemies near the starting position. On the second floor, near the stairs to the right, there is a small medallion hanging in front of a painting of a convex wall. This is the first memento of the level.

Souvenirs 1/3

First souvenir

Reinforcements of the Germans will arrive – first in jeeps, and then – on all-terrain vehicles. As soon as the all-terrain vehicle appears, someone from the platoon will take the place of the main player, and you will have to save him in order to perform the only heroic action on the level.

Feats 1/1

First feat

After destroying the Germans on all-terrain vehicles, move to the indicated place and stand behind the machine gun. The fascists who will appear on the left side of the screen will try to counterattack you. The machine gun deals massive damage and is well-shielded enough to protect you. But if you are having trouble identifying opponents, then ask Pearson to indicate targets.

As soon as you enter the church, you will see a box with ammunition that you need to use to replenish them. When you do this, a machine gunner will open fire on you from the second floor, and several other opponents will appear on the first tier. Go to the right side of the church and methodically progress towards visible targets, killing one by one. Open the door to the inner courtyard of the church after reloading your weapon.

After getting rid of the enemies in the church, go to the right, as shown in the screenshot below. There is a small niche near the blast hole near the front entrance. Inside it is the second location souvenir.

Souvenirs 2/3

Second souvenir

Some of your allies will leave the church to destroy the anti-aircraft guns, while you and a couple of other soldiers will have to climb the bell tower and cover those who went outside. Climb up the indicated stairs, and then get to the tower and pick up the sniper rifle.

Kill four or five Germans in front of the sandbags. Next, enemies will appear on the left side of the square, and you try to be the first to kill the one with the flamethrower. After three snipers in green camouflage will be on the second and first floors of the building opposite. A little later, three all-terrain vehicles will arrive along with the gunners. Kill the last ones, and then deal with the rest.

Zussmann will make his way down the street to the anti-aircraft gun. Enemies will appear on the second floor of the building on the right – shoot them all. As soon as the anti-aircraft gun is destroyed, the Germans will fire at your position. Some allies will die, and as soon as you are knocked down, then perform simple QTE-actions to dodge the falling bell.

After going down the stairs, you will be trapped by a beam that has fallen on your leg. This will start another QTE scene. When you remove the beam from your feet, follow downward and leave the church before the bell falls. After a successful escape, it will be necessary to hold the position, killing the Germans who counterattack through the square. Get into the cover on the right immediately. You will see a large object that you can interact with – near the sandbags. This is the third and final souvenir at the location.

Souvenirs 3/3

Third souvenir

The Germans will run on both the left and right flanks. Listen to Pearson and Stiles to find out which side of the enemies are more. There are weapons and first aid kits scattered around the location. Do not forget that sometimes picking up a new weapon is much faster than reloading what is in your hands.

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