Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation “Height 493”

Detailed walkthrough of the eighth mission “Height 493” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – the location of all souvenirs and feats

November 14, 1944

Hill Hürtgen, Germany

After reuniting with some of the allies, it will be necessary to catch up with the rest of the platoon under Pearson’s control. Collect the ammo from the box and then head to the base of the hill. Stay behind cover and slowly move forward. You will reach the point where you will need to destroy several machine gun crews. Please note that all machine gun points (three pieces) are located next to each other. You need to go up the left hills, where there will be numerous shelters in the form of stones and fallen trees. First, kill the machine gunners – new soldiers will not appear in their places.

Then deal with the rest of the Nazis before trying to save the wounded soldier and perform the first feat.

Feat 1/2

First feat

After reuniting with Pearson, you will need to escort the engineer with explosives to the bunker so that he can destroy it. Wait for clues from your allies – each time you will need to interact with the engineer in order for him to move to the next hideout. Tell him about this only after you hear from other allies that the path is clear. To make this happen, you can yourself look out from behind the shelter and shoot at the point from where the shooting is being conducted from the bunker. The Heavy will hide for a while. After the engineer runs three or four times, he will finally get close to the bunker and blow it up.

Even if the engineer is killed, you can independently pick up his explosives and blow up the bunker. But if you manage to escort him and let the engineer survive, you can get the Suppression Fire achievement.

After destroying the bunker, before entering it, find a fallen tree near your three allies, huddled against it for cover. There is a letter near the deceased soldier – this is the first souvenir of the level.

Souvenir 1/3

First souvenir

When you enter the bunker, you will see a small cut-scene. After that, collect useful items that you may need in the near future, go to the back of the bunker and open the door leading to the trenches. This area is filled with Fritzes, but after clearing it, you will need to destroy the first artillery piece by placing a thermite grenade inside.

Near the artillery, behind which Pearson is located, there is a second souvenir.

Souvenir 2/3

Second souvenir

After the destruction of the gun from another bunker, a flamethrower and other fascists will appear. When you go up to the door, another soldier will try to ambush you. Inside there is a German officer with a submachine gun hiding behind a desk, and another opponent with a shotgun is nearby. From around the corner, shoot both fascists – you can, by the way, throw a grenade. After passing through the bunker, you will find yourself in another part of the trench. Squat down slowly.

In the far left side of the location (relative to the point through which you entered here), near the burning tree, there is an empty machine gun point. On the front of it is the third and last souvenir on the level.

Souvenir 3/3

Third souvenir

When you clear the location, then put a thermite grenade into one of the two anti-aircraft guns. After its destruction, an enemy tank “Tiger” will fly into the location together with several infantrymen. Your platoon will attack opponents and the tank, distracting attention to itself. Nevertheless, it is best to shoot all the infantry, and then get close to the tank from behind and throw the first grenade. On the other hand, you can throw a smoke grenade to the back of the tank, run up and plant a termite one. You can use Pearson’s ability to indicate the location of opponents.

After throwing the first grenade into the tank, turn around and find a machine gun point in the back of the map. Inside there is an American fighting a German. Save him by killing the enemy and completing the second and final feat of the level.

Feat 2/2

You will need to constantly move along the square of the trench, trying to climb to the tank at the corners and lay grenades. You will need to throw two grenades, but after the first one, infantry reinforcements will again appear on the territory of the trenches. When you do this, watch a cutscene that results in Perez appearing and wounding Turner. Follow simple QTE actions to kill the tank commander.

When you drag Turner, do not stand still !!! Immediately hold down the Back (S) key to drag Turner to cover, but simultaneously shoot opponents. If you stand still, you will die after a few seconds.

As soon as you hide Turner, then watch the cutscene that ends the chapter. For this you will receive the achievement “Our People”.

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