Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation Death Factory

Detailed walkthrough of the seventh mission “Death Factory” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – location of all souvenirs and deeds

November 14, 1944

Hürtgen, Germany

After you hear the order, the chef will ask you to take the food to Willis, who is guarding the perimeter. Make your way through the camp and take a look at the German guns using your binoculars. After you start moving with your platoon, you will face other allies trying to protect the bridge. Soon it will be attacked by German infantrymen, so pick up mines from the boxes and scatter them all over the field.

Advice . If you want to protect yourself as much as possible from enemies, then throw mines between the stones to the right and left of the marked point, then replenish the supply and do the same. When you are fed up with this, then place one mine in the aisle with a marker.

The fascists will start moving after you place a mine in the marked passage. After repelling the first German wave, smoke grenades will appear, thanks to which the Germans will be able to capture part of the bridge. Scatter a few more mines, then step back a little. Find a wounded ally and drag him to safety for your first feat.

Feat 1/3

First feat

An enemy tank will appear on the side of the bridge from which the Germans are fleeing. Go down to the right side of the bridge to find a bazooka, then shoot at the tank. If you run out of ammo, and the tank is still standing, you can return and pick up other bazookas (or ask Turner for shells). If you feel like a hero, you can even find several bazookas on the other side of the river – some of them will be carried by soldiers. After destroying the enemy tank, return to Turner. Your squad will split up, and you and Turner will go to the enemy’s mortar crew. You can go either to the left or to the right, but along the left path you will find yourself on a hill.

The enemy outnumbered you, so follow calm through the location and kill the sniper with a knife. Take his rifle – your team will keep secret until you open fire first. By the way, if you go to the right, then instead of a rifle you will find an armored personnel carrier with a machine gun, for which you can sit down. Kill opponents who retreat after a few seconds.

Before continuing on to the next mortar crew, go around the truck in the middle of the camp, which has just been cleared. An old flare gun is located between the boxes – this is the first souvenir of the location.

Souvenir 1/3

First souvenir

Position yourself in the next zone and kill several opponents. You will see flares flying from above – the Germans signal their artillery to start shelling the area. Run forward as fast as you can, follow the track markers. After being killed, watch the cut-scene. Grabbing the pistol, you will need to overcome the destroyed area, bypassing the patrollers or secretly killing them.

But first you need to shoot the enemy dog. Having done this, find the fuselage that supposedly belonged to the pilot seen earlier (on a parachute). Inside the cockpit of this aircraft is the second tier memento.

Souvenir 2/3

Second souvenir

Then move imperceptibly until four German soldiers appear ahead. You can swerve to the left and sneak past them, or you can kill everyone. Having fired a pistol at least once, you will attract the attention of others – reinforcements will arrive. If you kill enemies, do not forget to pick up their more powerful weapons. After passing through the forest, you will see a German camp where Americans are executed.

Wait for the guards to disperse in different directions, and then go downstairs. If you didn’t pick up an additional weapon earlier, then kill the sniper on the left and take his rifle. Continue left and wait for the guards to split up – kill them at will. To the left, you can go down even lower to hide from other enemies in the camp.

Accelerate towards the bunker, where Turner will appear, who will immediately clear the passage. If the Germans notice you, then some more enemies will follow them, but not the whole camp.

After passing this segment unnoticed, you will receive the Fog of War trophy.

Follow Turner past an abandoned bunker with first aid kits and grenades inside. In the end, you will reach the river where you need to regroup, but a sniper will appear in the distance on the second floor of the bunker. Bend down immediately and take cover. Follow Turner on the right track and keep close to him as you make your way through the trench.

At the end of the trench, you will hear pleas for the help of a wounded ally who is in an open area in front of a bunker with a sniper. You can drag it to safety for the second feat of the level. To do this, throw a smoke grenade on the ground nearby – this is the only way to escape the sniper.

Feat 2/3

Second feat

Please note that if you go through an open door before helping a soldier, you will not be able to accomplish this feat. As soon as you get to the bunker and open the door, a German will run towards you. Kill him and go through the bunker, killing a couple more enemies. When the door opens, a fascist will attack you. Kill him in any way, go up the stairs and break down the door. In the room above, the sniper will open the door himself and try to suddenly attack you.

When you kill the sniper, before heading back down to Turner, jump onto the beam that is located right next to the stairs. There is a chair on the other side where the top of the stairs is located. Nearby is the third and final memento of the level.

Souvenir 3/3

Third souvenir

Follow Turner along the road past the bunker, and when you turn around to the checkpoint, you will hear gunfire. Climb the ledge on the right, in its upper part there will be several teammates who were pinned down by the Nazis at the sawmill. Jump down and hide in the shelter. Move to the right of this area, from one cover to another, but do not forget that cars can explode.

Go through the barn and clear the building. Please note that by choosing the right route and clearing the passage, you will automatically clear the left one (through the efforts of allies). And vice versa … In the barn on the right you can perform the last feat – in the stable on the right hand there is a wounded soldier. Save his life.

Feat 3/3

Third feat

After regrouping with a detachment, the Germans counterattack this place. Focus on taking out the snipers first. Pull them out, after which the Germans will run in a crowd right at you. Hide in cover and kill enemies with everything you can. You will also have a bazooka and a grenade launcher at your disposal. Destroy the crew of the armored personnel carrier and continue the battle until the Germans begin to retreat. This will complete the mission and reward you with the Death Factory achievement.

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