Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation Collateral Damage

Detailed walkthrough of the sixth mission “Collateral Damage” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – the location of all souvenirs and exploits

October 18, 1944

Aachen, Germany

You and your platoon have broken through the front, and now the current mission is connected with the capture of the already German city, Aachen. The chapter begins with a war-torn town square. Use the cover to move through this section to the entrance to the building and use the phone next to the large theater. It’s to the left of the current position. As soon as you do this, the cut-scene will start, and you will be switched to a character named Perez – a sergeant of a tank unit, whom you have already met during Operation Cobra. You will lead a tank brigade (consisting of two vehicles) towards Daniels and Pearson, who have come under fire near the theater.

After the first turn, pay attention to the first opponents with “PAKs” in the building on the right. Destroy them. Use LMB to fire from a tank gun, RMB to aim, and G key to fire a machine gun. When you continue down the street, you will see German infantrymen hastily retreating around the corner. Use the machine gun to finish them off, but don’t forget about the grenade launchers in the side buildings.

Soon, your convoy will be attacked by the German Panzer, which will disable the allied tank. It has too strong front armor, so you can’t penetrate an enemy tank with a direct blow. Turn left and move through the ruins of buildings, bypassing the enemy car. After three or four strikes to the side or (even better) to the rear of the tank, you can destroy it.

Having done this, try to climb the hill, but a German “Tiger” will burst out of the building on the right. In addition, another Panzer will appear at the location behind you. Turn left and go around the “Tiger” in the same way as you did with the “Panzer”. Focus on destroying one of the two tanks, and then deal with the second. You need to shoot exclusively at the side or back. In terms of armor and firepower, these tanks are stronger than yours, but the American one has an advantage in speed.

Having dealt with all the cars, move on, but be prepared for several grenade launchers on the other side of the hill. Kill them as soon as possible, and when you find yourself in the city square, where Daniels and Pearson are, then deal with another “Tiger”. Fortunately, it will be occupied by your allies – it will remain to inflict several accurate shots from the rear. Destroy the rest of the enemies, including two armored vehicles, which will pull up a little later. Do not forget about the machine gun – the G key, which is very easy to kill infantrymen.

After you destroy the equipment, pay attention to the grenade launchers inside the building on the other side of the street. Use your main weapon to destroy them before they can shoot at you. As soon as the area is cleared, control will again pass to Red Daniels.

If you managed to complete this segment (on a tank), retaining more than 80% of your total armor, you will receive the “Gasoline Cowboy” achievement.

Your new mission is to follow the German fortress inside the hotel, not far from where you are at the moment. Follow your platoon through the square and follow down the street. After you walk a sufficient distance, in the building at the end of the street, a machine gunner will appear on the second floor, sitting behind MG42. He will start shooting at your positions from a distance.

The first souvenir on the level is a document lying on the top of the piano, near which your squad will be at the first shots of the machine gunner at the end of the street.

Souvenir 1/3


Duck quickly and find cover to wait for a short pause between firing.

Accelerate to any cover in front of you and, as soon as the machine gunner opens fire again, hide behind him. Soon you will reach a place where you can go to the open building on the right. But before you do that, drag the wounded soldier to safety for the first feat of the mission.

Feat 1/3


As soon as you find yourself inside the building, do not relax too much, as the Germans will start shooting at you. Move to the left side of the building to find cover. Don’t be afraid to throw a couple of grenades. Once the area is cleared, pick up some ammo and switch to the bazooka to shoot at the marked brick wall in front of you (from a safe distance). On the other side you will see several Germans located far from the explosion – kill them all before they have time to shoot at you.

Hide behind cover as several enemies will try to storm your position. Several more opponents stand in the building at the end of the alley on the second and third floors. Keep moving until you meet Pearson and Taylor. A cut-scene will start, in which you will see the hotel – step on the marker to automatically get the binoculars. Before you can enter the hotel, you need to clear the building ahead. Move forward with your platoon and you will see another wall that needs to be destroyed with a grenade launcher.

As the smoke begins to clear after the shot, you will notice the Germans in the building opposite, on different floors. Hide in cover, but keep in mind that these wooden boxes can be destroyed by the enemy. After killing them, go through the narrow doorway behind Rogers. He will be attacked by a German soldier – save him by killing the enemy for the second feat.

Feat 2/3


Immediately after that, several German soldiers will appear in the room on the left. As soon as you clear the floor on which you are currently, then go to the back of the apartment, where there are several enemies at once. Take your time – destroy them before moving forward.

Instead of following the platoon to the indicated point leading to the left, move forward. Climb up and follow in the direction of the building you entered. On the opposite wall, there is a fireplace behind a green sofa. There is a souvenir at the top of the fireplace.

Souvenir 2/3


Follow your platoon towards the hotel and push the truck blocking your way. Then destroy another brick wall by firing a bazooka to get inside. There are many Germans to be killed inside the hotel. Although you need to follow the perimeter of the building to the left. Many of them are at a distance greater than Thompson’s firing range.

On the right side of the lobby, enter the first room on the right and at the bottom of the shelving, find the third, last memento on the level.

Souvenir 3/3


Using the cover, head down the hallway to the right of the back of the lobby. When you reach the back, you will see how a German attacked a comrade – kill the enemy to accomplish the feat, the last one on the level.

Feat 3/3


Follow the team down to the basement to destroy the German resistance. Once there, you will find that German refugees are hiding here. You and Aiello will return to the street to start the truck that you moved away earlier and rescue the civilians.

While Aiello is trying to start the car, you will have to destroy several enemies in the building on the other side (they all use bazookas), as well as two armored vehicles, which will drive up in just a few seconds. Use the bazookas scattered around the level for this purpose – one shell will be required per armored personnel carriers.

After you deal with the enemies, then get into the truck that will take you to the western entrance to the hotel. The young girl you encountered earlier was separated from her group. You will need to return to the basement to find her little sister. As soon as you get to the basement door, you will see a German soldier, on the other side – perform simple QTE-actions to kill him. The same will need to be done with the second soldier, after which you will find yourself in the basement. We need to find Anna – she hid in the farthest room, behind the door. Open it and find the girl sitting on the floor. Now it will be necessary to get her out of here, while the Germans begin to search the basement.

Bend down immediately and hide behind the nearest pedestals. Two soldiers will appear and will use flashlights and try to find you. Wait until one of them passes you on the other side of the cabinet, and then walk forward to the cabinet on the right. Do not rush to cross to the other side, as another German will appear behind it. When he turns away, then go to where he came from.

Wait for the German soldier in front of you to go to the counters, and move to the main entrance. Hide behind the barrel on the left and wait for another enemy to pass. Before you can reach the stairs, in the distance you will see a light from another squad descending into the basement. Hide in the room on the left side and wait for everyone to disperse.

After that, go up the stairs. Despite the skirmish and the huge number of Germans, this is still a stealth mission. Remain squatting. On the first floor, wait until the path is clear, and then go left towards the corridor from where you came earlier. Keep behind cover, sneak behind racks and logs to pass unnoticed through the corridor. Use the side doors and rooms to get around a few fascists. There will be another group of Germans near the entrance, so you will need to go through the room on the left to get around them.

Going out into the street through the destroyed wall, you will find yourself with your allies, who are covering the retreat. Do not hesitate and run to the truck to pass Anna to your sister. After the civilians are inside, kill all opponents, from dogs to flamethrowers. When you do this, open the back of the truck and find the driver.

A slow motion action scene will start – kill two enemy soldiers trying to shoot the truck. When you do this, the cutscene will start, completing the mission, and you will receive the achievement “Planned losses”.


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