Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation “Rain” and Epilogue

Detailed walkthrough of the eleventh mission “Rain” and the epilogue in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – the location of all souvenirs and feats


March 7, 1945

Remagen, Germany

After a tense reunion with Pearson and the crew, you will be tasked with rescuing and crossing the last bridge over the Rhine. Using cover, you can advance to the bridge by following the road behind the American tank or following the route to the left, which will give you a slight advantage after killing the first Fritzes. There are some Germans at the top of the tower – you must clear it out. By the way, you can kill enemies even from below, using a regular rifle without optics.

When you get to the bridge, then kill all the Germans. Approach the entrance to the tower on the right side – you can get inside after the flamethrower shooter clears its first tier. Go upstairs and kill the other Fritzes. Collect useful items, and then climb even higher, to the last tier. Kill a couple of Germans, after which the rest will surrender. Aim at the selected fascist so that he folds his arms. This will accomplish the first feat of the mission.

Feat 1/2

First feat

When you move down, then stay on the second floor. on the ground near the dying German lies the first souvenir on the level.

Souvenir 1/3

First souvenir

When you regroup with your friends below, then follow the bridge with your platoon. Go to the other side of the river, destroying all the Germans on the way. As soon as you get to a certain point, the Nazis will blow up the bridge, but it will still remain in place. Bombers will appear, trying to finish what was started with explosives. After a few blows, the Germans will start throwing smoke bombs onto the bridge. Hide in the shelters along the sides of the bridge. There is a German sniper rifle on the left that you can pick up to make the task easier. Pearson will be able to point out the location of the Fritzes – do not forget to use this ability.

The hardest part of this area is figuring out where you are and where to go. You will need to kill the grenade launchers, snipers and machine gunners located on the bridge towers. When you are in cover, do not think that you are completely safe, as the soldiers will throw grenades in your direction. Be prepared to dash or throw them back at enemies.

When the territory is cleared, you will have to capture the left tower. Your platoon will help you get inside, but you will need to clear three more tiers on your own. On the second floor, there is the second souvenir on the level.

Souvenir 2/3

Second souvenir

There is a machine gun nest on the third floor in the stairwell. Throw a grenade or two there to disorient or kill enemies, then slowly move higher.

On the table next to the machine gun is a document, the third and final souvenir of the location.

Souvenir 3/3

Third souvenir

Returning to the lower tier of the tower, together with a platoon, you will go to capture a German anti-aircraft gun in order to kill the bombers. Several Germans will guard the gun, but due to the smoke you can hide from them. Cross the bridge and follow into the trench, clear the enemies and sit down at the anti-aircraft gun. When you are behind the gun, then destroy all enemy aircraft in the sky until the American aircraft appear. Shooting down all the planes in this part of the mission, you will receive the achievement “Defender”.

In the trench, you will hear a soldier fighting the Nazis. This is the second and last heroic feat at the location. To save him, go around the trench on the left side. You will be able to kill the enemy from behind. It’s hard to do even at low difficulty. You need to act quickly and at a certain angle to catch the Nazi, after which the ally will be safe.

Feat 2/2

Second feat

After your planes appear, go through the trench to regroup with your platoon at the front of the tunnel. Clear machine gun points and anti-tank divisions that you see on your way. After a few blows, everything around will be covered with smoke. In a slow-motion scene, shoot the Germans, then wait – the Nazis will surrender and begin to leave the tunnel. This will end the level.


April 4, 1945

Berga, Germany

The war is won, but yours is not over yet. Together with your friends, you go in search of Zussman. After moving from camp to camp, you will think that you have finally found it, but it looks like you are too late. You will find yourself in an abandoned concentration camp with destroyed buildings and a pile of corpses.

Go through the entire camp after Stiles, who will open the necessary doors. After that, Aiello will show some American soldiers. Stiles will later take a picture of the empty gallows.

Walk up to her to see and comment on the photo. A little further Pearson will appear, who will indicate the traces leading to the forest. Watch the cut-scene, as a result of which you will find yourself in the forest.

Move forward. Sunlight will illuminate the road – you hear a German voice in the distance, and then a shot. Keep walking forward towards the voice until you spot an American soldier executed by a German officer who then took aim at the American lying on the ground. You will understand that this is Zussman. A slow sequence will start, allowing you to pick up your weapon, aim, and kill the fascist. This completes the passage of the game!


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