Walkthrough Call of Duty: WW2 – Operation Liberation

Detailed walkthrough of the fifth mission “Liberation” in the game Call of Duty: WW2 – location of all souvenirs and deeds

August 25, 1944

Paris, France

Thanks to the documents stolen from the destroyed train in the previous mission, you will begin the mission to liberate Paris from the German invaders. At the beginning of the mission, instead of Daniels, you will control a French girl, Camille Denis, Rousy. It was her that you met at the end of the previous mission, when the train exploded.

You will operate under cover, allowing you to move through German-owned territory in Paris. You need to meet with your man at the headquarters and get from him the explosives necessary to undermine the gates and storm the fortress. Study the dummy documents carefully to know who you are, where you are from, and who sent you here. To get into the fortress, go to the guard and show him the documents. When asked why you are here, select “Personal documents”.

You need a man named Fisher, who is wearing a gray officer’s uniform. He works under the name Oberst and is your spy. There are many documents scattered throughout the hotel for study. There are quite a few people you can talk to to get more information.

From here you can take different routes. If you want to quickly get directly to the spy, then rewind the information below. Follow through the lobby, you will see a room behind it on the left – enter it and make your way into the room in the back. You will see an officer studying the map.

Ask him for Fischer to find out that he is downstairs and plays cards with other soldiers. After leaving the room and returning to the corridor, go left. You will see how an officer in black uniform closes the door and starts walking down the corridor. You can either follow him to his destination, stun him, or pick the lock. You won’t get caught if you kill him at the end point or if you pick the lock – don’t worry about that. Around the corner is a bathroom that you can enter. Search everything here and take the first souvenir.

Souvenir 1/3

First souvenir

Going downstairs, you will see a soldier beating a woman – this happens in a side room. You can go in there and kill this soldier, or leave the girl alone – this is not a feat. Chat with a German soldier near the men playing cards – ask if he is Fischer. He will tell you that Fisher went up to the second floor. Also, in the basement, you can find a cell with a prisoner and a guard sleeping nearby – break the lock on the cell.

There are two staircases in the basement. Find the far one and go up to the second floor to meet Fisher. Your contact will be at the table. You can ask if he is Fisher, or you can name the passphrase right away. He will lead you to a side room and explain that you showed up early. You need to meet with him later so that he can hand over the explosives. He will send you through Heinrich’s office. Follow the existing marker straight to the office of Commandant Heinrich, going up to the third floor.

Enter the room and try to open the window – this will lead to the appearance of an officer who will immediately begin interrogation. You will speak English with him. When he asks his first question, then select the option Spiegel (it was he who, judging by the documents, sent you here). The Commandant will recognize Rousy, start to confuse, and then lash out – perform simple QTE actions to grab the goblet and finish off the enemy. As soon as you kill him, then get out through the window and head to the war room, where Fisher is waiting for you.

As soon as you meet him again, pick up the suitcase from the floor – unfortunately, he will be caught. Go downstairs quickly to meet Crowley. You will be stopped by a guard who will ask a question and ask you to show your suitcase – answer as you like – all the same, Crowley will finish off the enemy.

The next part of the mission is stealth with the same rules as in the previous mission. On the other hand, the location will be much darker, with only a few lanterns illuminating the area. Approach the ledge on the right and wait until the enemy turns away, then approach the area and hide behind the Nazi banner.

If you wait a bit, then another soldier will go to check what happened to his partner. Kill him and go inside. Climb down, but wait until the two patrolmen leave this area. In the room at the bottom of the stairs, you will find Fisher’s interrogation. Get inside and save the man. When you’re done, a soldier will appear on the stairs you came here. Deal with him.

Go outside and move along the truck – there should be another soldier that you can stun. After that, place the explosives on the north gate. Open the door on the opposite side of the passage through which you got here and kill the soldier. At the end there will be another guard standing in front of the door – since he has his back turned to you, you can kill him.

If you go upstairs, you will see another enemy patrolling the corridor. Kill him and go to the room at the top of the stairs. Inside, on the luggage near the couch, there will be a second souvenir of the location.

Souvenir 2/3

Second souvenir

Enter the room to the left of the first soldier you killed and wait for the two opponents to go down the stairs. As soon as they disperse, take out one near the first body, and then slowly make your way to where you can kill the second. Climb outside and turn right. Go up the ladder and deal with the enemy on the ledge. Continue down to ground level and wait for the guards to pass by. Kill a nearby enemy.

There is another enemy near the truck. If you are caught in this sequence, then simply destroy all the enemies in front of you – when you install explosives on the second gate, then this part of the mission will be completed.

ACHIEVEMENT . If you managed to plant both explosives without warning any enemy, then you will receive the achievement “Silent Night”.

Now that you control Daniels again, you will need to break through the area with your squad and enter the fortress. Move with your teammates using cover and kill all enemies. Don’t forget that every car on the street can explode. Get to the bridge, and when you are there, you will see a wounded Frenchman who can be saved for a feat.

Feat 1/2

First feat

Walk across the bridge, periodically hiding in shelters. At the end of the bridge on the second floor of the corner building, diagonally from you, there will be a machine gun point and several enemies, one of which has a grenade launcher. Use cover, pay attention to tarps and empty bottles. On the right side of the table is the third and final memento of the level.

Souvenir 3/3

Third souvenir

While you are destroying the machine-gun point of the Germans, you will see an armored personnel carrier that appears. Kill the shooter first, and then all the other soldiers. Near the stone wall to the right are a grenade launcher and a sniper rifle. Kill the enemies and regroup with Crowley and Rossi. You will be given a Combat Shotgun to clear the lobby. Go right, go inside and shoot all the enemies on the first floor, which are distracted by a smoke grenade.

Go upstairs and kill the Germans in the room where Zussman was just shot down. After killing enemies, note that some of them will want to surrender. Accept their surrender by aiming at the highlighted soldier and complete the second feat of the mission.

Feat 2/2

Second feat

Your platoon will defend the fortress, as the Germans want to return the garrison. You will find yourself in the very building where the machine-gun point was – look around and refill ammunition and Molotov cocktails from two boxes. There is also a sniper rifle here. A jeep will appear in the distance – kill the driver to blow up the car. The soldiers will start running across the bridge – kill them as soon as possible. Several snipers will appear in the buildings on the other side – shoot them before they can kill you.

Two armored vehicles will appear on your side of the river – first kill the opponents behind the machine guns, and after all the others. After the battle for the garrison, an explosion will occur that will knock you off your feet. Run out of the building and crawl towards the grenade launcher. Taking it, shoot the armored personnel carrier.

As soon as you do this, the Germans will begin to retreat. As soon as you regroup with your team, the mission will end and you will receive the Champagne and Caviar achievement.

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