5 Tricks to Earn Points on Shein

One way to buy your favorite clothing items without spending a lot of money is to learn tricks to earn points on Shein .The well-known Chinese online store has a points system that we can later exchange for discounts when placing our orders.

Tricks to Earn Points on Shein

tricks to earn points on Shein

Therefore, if we want to save as much as possible, it is important that we know how we can earn these points and until when we can use them . Most of the tricks to earn points on Shein are quite simple and won’t require too much effort, but you do need to know them to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Comment on the requested products

The first trick to earn points on Shein is as simple as leaving a comment on the products you have purchased.

Customers often look closely at other users’ opinions before making a purchase. And that is why the online store tries to encourage these comments by offering points to those who leave them. A single comment is worth 5 points . If you add a photo you will earn 10 more points, and you will have two additional points for providing information about the size of the product.

Log in to the app every day

Another trick to earn points on Shein that can be very interesting is to log in to the app every day .

If the online store detects that we have entered the application or website with the session started for 7 days in a row, it will give us a number of points that may vary. We don’t have to buy, we will just have to enter.

Connect to Shein Live

Connecting to live events held by the online store is another of the tricks to earn points on Shein that we recommend.

The brand often holds live presentations of its new collections, at events called Shein Live . And randomly some of the users who connect to it receive points as thanks for the interest shown.

It is not a trick to earn points on Shein as accurate as the previous ones because you will not always earn points, but you don’t lose anything by trying.

Participate in contests, raffles and games

If you often visit the Shein website or app, you will come across raffles and games from time to time . If you want to get the greatest possible number of points to obtain discounts on your purchases, we recommend that you participate in all the ones you find. In some of them you can get a large amount of points if you win, and even in others you will get some points for the mere fact of participating. If you are entering the application daily as we have previously recommended, take advantage and participate in all the giveaways you can.

Shop on site

In addition to the tricks to earn points on Shein that we have already explained, the reality is that the most effective way to get them is simply by buying . For each purchase we make on the site we will earn a series of points, which will be directly related to the price of our order. Therefore, the more we buy in the well-known online store, the more points we can earn to get discounts on our next purchase.

Do Shein points expire?

If you are wondering if Shein points expire , we are sorry to have to tell you that they do. The points that you have earned by following the tricks that we have explained above have a variable expiration date, so you cannot know the exact time in which you will be able to use them. But in the event that the points you have accumulated are about to change, the application will tell you when you log in so that you don’t forget to use them.

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