How to Watch Football Matches for Free on Your Mobile Phone

You are anxiously waiting for your favorite team’s next match but you have just discovered that you have a commitment that will force you to stay away from home on the evening of the event! Since you will have the possibility of using your phone, you still did not lose heart and opened Google to find out if there is a method to be able to watch the match from your smartphone without having to sign up for special subscriptions, so you ended up on this page of my site.

That’s exactly how things are, right? Then I am happy to announce that this is exactly the right guide for you: below, in fact, I am preparing to explain to you in detail how to watch football matches for free on your mobile phone using some apps and some services designed for this purpose. In order to give you a complete overview of the topic, I will also point out a series of paid streaming platforms, which allow you to gain access to events for more than affordable prices or even by taking advantage of a free trial.

How to Watch Football Matches for Free on Your Mobile Phone

How to watch football matches for free on your mobile phone

So, what else are you waiting for to get started? Set aside a few minutes of free time all for yourself, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully what I have to tell you on the topic: I guarantee that, at the end of this guide, you will have very clear ideas about the topic and will be able to choose the app or service best suited to your needs. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do other than wish you happy reading and, above all, happy viewing!


  • How to watch football matches for free on your mobile phone streaming
    • DAZN
    • Sky GO/NOW
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Mediaset Infinity
    • TV8
    • RaiPlay

How to watch football matches for free on your mobile phone streaming

Now it’s time to get to the heart of the topic and show you what the streaming platforms that broadcast the main European football tournaments and championships are and how they are used.



DAZN is currently the only streaming platform that owns the rights to broadcast the entire Serie A football live and on which you will therefore be able to watch the 10 matches that make up a championship day.

To watch the championship comfortably on your mobile phone, the only thing you will have to do is install the DAZN app , which is available for Android (also on alternative stores ) and iOS/iPadOS .

The DAZN Standard subscription , at the time of writing, has a price of 40.99 euros/month , 34.99 euros/month with annual billing or 359 euros/year . With this plan you will be able to watch DAZN on 1 home Internet network and on a maximum of 2 devices connected to this network at the same time.

Then there is the Plus plan , with a cost of 59.99 euros/month , 49.99 euros/month with annual billing or 539 euros/year , with which you can watch DAZN on 2 Internet networks simultaneously and on 2 devices even if they are connected to different networks.

As for football, both the Standard and Plus subscriptions include: Serie A TIM , Serie BKT , LaLiga EA Sports , FA Cup , Carabao Cup , the best of Liga Portugal Betclic and women’s football . More info here .

Finally, you can choose the DAZN Start subscription which has a price of 14.99 euros/month , 11.99 euros/month with annual billing or 99 euros/year , but which only includes the women’s Serie A football (not the men’s ) and other.

To subscribe to DAZN, simply follow the instructions I have provided in my dedicated guide . If you are looking for information on how to watch DAZN for free , you should know that the platform offers members, even if they do not have an active subscription, the possibility of watching some matches completely free of charge. Generally, these are European football and not big Serie A matches. Only starting from the 2024/2025 season will DAZN have the right to broadcast 5 Serie A matches for free.

To see the free football matches that DAZN makes available to its subscribers, all you have to do is launch the app, then tap on Explore , then in the Free Content section tap on any of the match preview images . Subsequently, press on Register and watch , then type your email and tap on Next , then fill in the fields with your personal information and in the Password field type what will be your password to access DAZN, then press on Next again , finally tap on Continue for free and press on Watch now .

Once registered, to see the titles that DAZN makes available for free, you will simply have to open the app, log in with the email and password chosen during registration and then select the preview image of the match. You can find more information by consulting the guide in which I explain how DAZN works.



To watch football matches in streaming on your smartphone you also have the option of using Sky GO , the app that Sky makes available to anyone with an active subscription, or, alternatively, using NOW , the streaming platform that broadcasts all Sky content.

The Sky Go app is free and involves no additional costs for those who have an active Sky subscription. As for the subscription costs, these depend on which football tournament or championship you want to watch. In fact, if you choose the Sky TV plan (this package can never be excluded from the subscription) + Sky Calcio , which, at the time of writing, costs 30.90 euros/month , except for promos, you will be able to watch: 3 matches on 10 of each Serie A round, all Serie BKT and Serie C matches , plus the best Premier League , Bundesliga and Ligue 1 matches . More info here .

If, however, you are interested in European competitions, you will need the Sky TV + Sky Sport plan , which costs 45 euros/month , except for promos, and includes: 185 of the 203 matches of the Champions League , Europa League and Europa Conference League , together to Formula 1 , MotoGP , tennis , NBA and much more. More info here .

In any case, you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial , which includes all Sky content, therefore both Sky Calcio and Sky Sport, by subscribing to Sky Q via Internet , i.e. with the Sky Q decoder which works exclusively via Internet and which however has an activation cost of 9.00 euros/one-off . To activate the free trial or subscribe, just follow the instructions provided in my guide dedicated to how to activate Sky.

Once your trial is activated, to watch football matches on your mobile you will need to download the Sky Go app, which is available for Android and iOS/iPadOS . After starting the app, type your Sky ID email and password and press Sign in , while if you don’t yet have a Sky ID simply press Sign up , at the top right, and then fill in all the fields with your personal information. In case of difficulty I have a dedicated guide here that explains exactly how to do it.

After logging in, if you have an active Sky subscription you will be able to watch all the content included in your plan. You can find more information in my tutorial dedicated to how to register for Sky Go .

Alternatively, you can download the NOW app , which, as I mentioned, is none other than the streaming platform that broadcasts all Sky content. The NOW app is available for Android and iOS/iPadOS , however, at the time of writing, it does not offer free trial periods of the service.

Specifically, to watch football you will need the NOW Sport subscription plan , which has a starting price of 14.99 euros/month or 9.99 euros/month with annual billing, and gives access to both the contents of the Sky Calcio package that Sky sport, therefore both Serie A and European competitions. More info here .

If you want to subscribe to NOW Sport all you have to do is follow the instructions in my guide dedicated to how NOW works.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime Video you have the opportunity to watch streaming, at no additional cost, all the best Champions League matches on Wednesday evening, plus the highlights of all the matches of the tournament.

The subscription to Amazon Prime Video, at the time of writing, costs 4.99 euros/month or 49.90 euros/year . However, you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial period with full access to content, including the Champions League.

If you are interested in knowing how to watch football matches for free on your iOS mobile phone , you should know that Amazon Prime Video is also available as an app for mobile devices for both Android (also on alternative stores ) and for iOS/iPadOS . To subscribe or activate the free trial, all you have to do is consult my dedicated guide .

After activating the free trial, just open the Amazon Prime Video app, log in with the created account, then select the Sports item in the horizontal menu, then simply tap on the preview image of your match. interest to start playback. For more information I recommend you take a look at the tutorial where I explain how Amazon Prime Video works.

Mediaset Infinity

Mediaset Infinity

If you are looking for a way to watch Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana matches for free on your mobile phone, then you will be happy to know that it is very simple and you just need to download the Mediaset Infinity app , available for Android and iOS/iPadOS . In fact, Mediaset broadcasts all the matches of these two tournaments both free-to-air and in streaming.

All you have to do is start the Mediaset Infinity app, then tap on the little man symbol at the top right and press Login or register , then log in with your Apple , Facebook or Google account by clicking on the button corresponding. Alternatively, tap on Register to create an account directly on Mediaset Infinity and fill in the information with your personal data: I have a dedicated guide here in which I show you all the steps to take.

Once logged in, click Live in the horizontal menu at the bottom, then identify the channel you want to watch and press Live again . You can find more information in my tutorial dedicated to how to watch Mediaset Infinity .


TV8 is a channel owned by the Sky Italia group, visible free-to-air on digital terrestrial, via satellite and in streaming. The strong point of its football programming consists of the Europa League Thursday evening match (simultaneously with Sky Sport) and some UEFA Euro 2024 matches (from 14 June to 14 July 2024).

At present, there is no official TV8 app dedicated to smartphones or tablets, therefore you must connect to the broadcaster’s official website , using any browser for browsing the Internet (e.g. Chrome on Android or Safari on iOS ) and start streaming the channel via the latter.

To do this, launch the browser app you usually use to browse online, connect to the website and tap the ≡ symbol at the top right, then tap Streaming .

Once you have passed this phase, all you have to do is wait for the multimedia player to load and wait for the live broadcast to start automatically. In some cases, it may be necessary to press the ▶︎ button to start streaming content.

If you would like some more information regarding the schedule and use of the TV8 website , you can take a look at the guide entirely dedicated to the topic .


RaiPlay is the official Rai app, available for both Android (also on alternative stores ) and iOS/iPadOS . It allows you to watch all state TV channels live and access a vast range of on-demand content.

As for the “football package”, Rai broadcasts championship highlights in programs such as 90º minute and La Domenica Sportiva , plus the matches of the Italian national team .

To access the content available on RaiPlay, you must register on the relevant portal. Therefore, after downloading and launching the app on the device, place the check mark next to the Don’t show again item (bottom right) and tap the X located at the top, to close the app welcome screen. At this point, touch the ☰ button located at the top left and press on the Login item attached to the menu displayed on the screen.

You can log in via Facebook , _ _ _ _ _ _ Name , Surname , Email , Password , Gender and Date of Birth ). Once you have filled out the form, tap the Register button and confirm the creation of the account by following the activation link received via email.

The game is practically done! To be able to watch the matches on RaiPlay, tap on Live and, finally, press on the box relating to the channel that broadcasts the match you are interested in (usually Rai 1 , Rai 2 , Rai 3 or Rai Sport ).


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