How to comment on Shein to earn points

The Shein online store has a points system with which we can obtain interesting discounts for our next purchases . Something without a doubt interesting when what we are looking for is to buy as cheaply as possible. And one of the ways to get these points is through comments on the different products. Therefore, learning how to comment on Shein to earn points can help us find cheaper products.

To comment you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Shein app
  2. Access your user profile
  3. Click on the orders sent
  4. Click on the three points that you see below the product and on Comments
  5. Write the comment you want about said product

For each good quality comment you can get 50 points . The number of points achieved will be higher if you add a photo.


In the previous section we have explained how to make comments in Shein it is necessary to access the list of orders received. But if you have not made the purchase, you may wonder how to comment on Shein without buying .

The reality is that this is not possible . The idea of ​​the comments in Shein is that users who already have a product can talk about them to other potential customers. Therefore, it does not make much sense that a person who has not even had such a product in their hands can give their opinion on a product.


If you want to get points and discounts at all costs, you may have wondered if Shein points can be hacked . Although it is not recommended, it must be recognized that being able to get clothes for free or at great discounts is something very sweet. However, we recommend that you do not rely too much on websites that offer you free points in exchange for your account information. Remember that in an online store you may have given your bank details, so the problem can be serious.

There are users who resort to small tricks such as changing the location to that of other countries in which the number of points for each purchase is greater. But the reality is that the difference in the number of points achieved is not something that is especially worth it.


If you are wondering how to get free Shein points , there are several ways to do it without exposing yourself to a hack. As we have already said, for commenting on the products you have bought you can get up to 50 points. And if you confirm your email for your profile you can also get up to 100 points. All this apart from the points that you will get for each purchase you make on the popular platform. Depending on the amount of euros you spend in the online store, you will get a greater number of points to obtain discounts.


If you wonder how to get Shein points fast , the reality is that there is no magic formula. If you want to get discounts for now, we recommend that you take the application and dedicate yourself to commenting and rating all those products that you have bought since you created the account. This way you can get enough points in just a little while.

Approximately, you will receive one euro for every 100 points you have earned in the application. You can use the number of points you want in each purchase, as long as they do not exceed 70% of the total price of the chosen product. Therefore, you will not be able to get free clothes, but at even lower prices than what is usual in this store.

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