How to redeem points on Shein to get cheaper clothes

Gamification is one of the secrets behind Shein’s success as an online commerce platform. The number of dynamics in its app allows its users to get points that significantly lower the price of items, but there are many who have doubts about how to redeem points in Shein to get cheaper clothes . These are the steps to follow when placing an order.

In order to redeem the points accumulated in Shein before making a purchase, we have to start the usual process, clicking on the icon with the basket that appears in the upper right when we have selected the products we want. The next step does not imply any change either, the user must click on ‘Buy’, but it is on the next screen that they will have to pay attention, scrolling down and clicking on the ‘Points’ section, where it will appear the balance we have to redeem.

Once inside the points, we can choose the number of points that we want to exchange in the corresponding text box and click on ‘Done’. If we want to exchange all the points in Shein , we will only have to click on ‘All’ and then on the ‘Done’ button. Before confirming the purchase , we will have to verify that the exchange has actually taken place and the money has been deducted from the points. In this case, we have verified how the 882 points have been converted into a discount of 8.18 euros (this is due to the current exchange of the dollar with the euro, since 882 points are equivalent to 8.82 dollars).

When do Shein points expire?

To prevent the accumulation of points from getting out of hand, Shein has established an expiration date for them, so that its users cannot make large purchases for free. To find out when Shein points expire , the user will have to pay attention within the section itself, since the deadline date on which their points will cease to be valid and will disappear from their balance will appear there.

Within the Shein points section, one may come across a message warning that a certain number of points will expire soon. To have a better control, you just have to click on ‘Points History’, to see when each amount of points was achieved. In general, the points obtained are valid for three months, but to be sure you have to look at the fine print under each sum. As seen in the image, not only the expiration date of the points appears, but also the time , in case someone wants to hurry as much as possible .

How to transfer Shein points to another account

Another question that assails a multitude of users is how to transfer Shein points to another account . With this trick, a couple could be able to increase their balance of points with a simple transfer from one Shein account to another, but this is not allowed within the application either.

The only thing that can be done to take advantage of the greatest number of points possible is to send the link of the items that one user wants to buy to another . In this way, whoever has a greater number of points will be able to take advantage of a greater discount (and if an agreement is reached, the other person will pay what has to be paid more in the purchase, but that is already something that escapes the proper functioning of the app ).

Trick to get points in Shein

So, is there a trick to get points on Shein ? There are no tricks as such that allow us to score a goal in the system and make our balance of points skyrocket overnight, but we can find many dynamics in the application with which we can get points faster.

The daily income has a small hidden reward , and that is that when a user collects his points systematically for more than a week, he can get a bonus, and can reach 40 in a single day when several days are accumulated. Other tricks to get points quickly in Shein were specified in this other article from tuexpertoapps .


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