How to earn stat points in Mario Golf: Super Rush

In this guide we will explain how to update your Mii in Mario Golf: Super Rush .

In addition to the cast of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, players will be able to bring their own Mii characters to Mario Golf: Super Rush, which they can upgrade to become a master of the course.

How to earn stat points in Mario Golf: Super Rush

To improve your Mii, you will need to gain experience. This is done by completing missions in the single player Gold Adventure mode, where you will face boss fights, difficult shots, and more.

As long as you gain enough experience to level up your Mii, you earn stat points, which can then be used to improve your Power, Stamina, Speed, Control, and Spin stats.

How to improve Mii stats

Once you have leveled up, you will be taken to a screen where you will have your stat points available on the left side of the screen and all your Mii stats on the right.

Simply select the stat you want to improve, then press right on the analog joystick to invert a stat point on it. When done, press A to confirm your choices and you will exit this screen. Here’s a breakdown of the impact of each statistic:

  • Power– As far as you can drive the ball.
  • Stamina– How long can you go?
  • Speed– How fast can you run.
  • Control– How well you can hit the ball directly.
  • Spin– How many shots can you spin / shape.

You’ll want to try and take on all the missions in Golf Adventure mode to improve your Mii as much as possible, thus giving you more stat points to invest.

With your newly upgraded Mii character, you’ll be able to compete against other players in Battle Golf and Speed ​​Golf modes, as well as use them online with your friends in Standard Golf.

That’s all you need to know about how to improve your Mii stats with skill points . For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our wiki guide, search for dlprivateserver, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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