How to make changes in Shein

If you have bought some clothes and it does not fit you or it simply does not convince you, we will show you how to make changes in Shein.

If the last purchase you have made in the popular online store has not finished convincing you, you are probably wondering how to make changes in Shein . The reality is that, although many people are wary of the economics of their prices, changes in the online store are quite simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your SHEIN account.
  2. Look for your order in “My Orders” and click on “Make a Return”.

Select the item (s) you want to return, indicating the reasons, and accept.

Select the return method.

If you have chosen the Punto Pack option, print the return label and stick it securely to the package. Finally, you must go to a Punto pack collection point and deposit your package.

If you decide to send it on your own, put the return address clearly on the package and make the return through the nearest post office.


If you wonder how to make a size change in Shein , it is important that you know that there is no specific process for it. You will first have to return the product that you have bought and later buy it again in another size. Therefore, the first step will be to follow all the points that we have explained in the previous section. Later, look again for the garment that did not fit you and choose the new size. Just like when you bought it for the first time, in a matter of a few days you will have it at home.


When making your return, you can choose the collection point you prefer. You do not need to know how to change the collection points in Spain in Shein since you will be able to choose it in each shipment. But it is important that you know the different possible points. To do this, it is necessary that you enter this website and enter your postal code, your city or the permission for geolocation. The closest collection points will appear on the screen.


Although Shein is a Chinese store, you do not need to do anything special to know how to return in Shein from Spain . The steps that we explain in the first section of this article are designed directly for the application of the online store in our country.

The only thing that influences the fact that it is a Chinese store is that orders, also those that arrive after changes, may take longer than usual in online commerce .


Shein returns are free as long as we do not abuse them. In other words, the first exchange label for each order will be free, but from then on each of the labels referring to the same order will have a cost of 4.50 euros each.

Of course, the gratuity of this first return of each shipment will only be available in the event that we choose to either take it to a collection point or in the event that we decide to make the return at the Post Office. In the event that we choose a courier company of our choice to return the product, we will have to pay the shipping costs, so this is the least recommended option.


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