How to install apps on an Android TV

On a TV with Android TV or Google TV you can install applications in several ways: from Google Play on the TV itself, through an APK and sending the installation from the Google Play website . Now there is one more way, send the installation to TV from Google Play on mobile .

The latest version of Google Play allows you to choose where you want to install the application , with an arrow in which you can choose the TVs with Android TV or Google TV that are associated with your account. Best of all, you can choose multiple devices at the same time.

A faster way to install apps on TV

Televisions with Android TV or Google TV have Google Play to install applications , although the experience is not very pleasant: it is somewhat hidden and typing with the remote control is frustrating if you do not have an Android mobile phone at hand for support .

How to gain storage to install applications on Android TV and Google TV

An alternative is to use the Google Play website on a PC, where you can choose which devices you want to install each application on: mobile phones or televisions. Google Play on mobile can now also send the installation to an Android TV that is associated with your account. In supported applications, a downward arrow will appear on the install button, in addition to the text Install on phone. More devices available .

After unfolding that arrow, a list is shown with the devices on which you can install it , including the current mobile and the TVs with Android TV. Other mobiles that are associated with your account are not included in the list.

To install an application on TV, you must check its box and press the install button . It is possible to check several boxes and uncheck the mobile one, which is selected by default. The application will automatically download to your TV the next time it is turned on and connected to the Internet.

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