How to download Clash Quest on your mobile

Supercell, creators of some of the most popular mobile games, are in the throes of a trilogy that emerged from the Clash Royale. Clash Mini and Clash Quest are in testing, Clash Heroes is not yet available . And, after explaining how you can play the Mini, you have to count all the steps to download and enjoy Clash Quest on your mobile.

After the launch of the now legendary Clash of Clans, its developers have been improving the game while expanding the franchise. Clash Royale was the first of the titles, a leap into player versus player battles with cards as game mechanics. That two mobile games from the “Clash” franchise weren’t enough? Well, a trilogy is underway for which there is still no download available for everyone, but there are betas that can be accessed without too much complication.

The Clash Quest is on Google Play … in some countries

Given that two of the three games in the new “Clash” trilogy are being tested within certain territories, to play them it is essential to use an access to Google Play from the specific countries where the beta is located . Clash Mini had hardly any limitations since it works with a simple APK. For Clash Quest the requirements are complicated, although not too much.


The best free games for Android

Supercell has Clash Quest downloads active in certain Nordic countries. For the download we will use the Google Play store in Sweden : with a few steps you will have the game on your mobile, VPN through.

To download and install Clash Quest you need your usual Android phone (minimum 6.0) and a VPN with servers in Sweden (our recommendation is that you use TunnelBear ). Once you have everything follow these steps:

  • Install TunnelBear on your mobile if you don’t already have it, register in the application and activate the VPN connection to Sweden (Sweden). With the 2 GB trial you have more than enough.
  • Once you have the tunnel to Sweden active, go to your Android settings, enter “Accounts” and click on “Add account”.
  • Create a new Google account to download Clash Quest. Since the VPN to Sweden is active, Google will associate that account with the Nordic country.
  • Select any username (our recommendation is that you let Google suggest it) and enter a password.
  • Skip the step of adding a phone number. Google forces you to register it if you create an account from your computer and it is optional if you create it from your mobile(hence we opt for that step).

Create a Google account from your phone

  • Accept the terms of use and you will have your Google account in Sweden.
  • Turn to open Google Play: choose the account just created on your mobile and search for “Clash Quest”. It will appear for you to download.
  • Install it, open Clash Quest and play all you want: you can remove the VPN, you will no longer need it.

Supercell has blocked Clash Quest from downloading from the Google Play store of the countries under test, but it does not limit the use to those countries: you can play without the need for a VPN . It is even possible to select your usual Google account to save your games: you can change it in the settings. This way you will keep progress when Clash Quest is released to everyone.

The VPN is only necessary to create a Google account and to download Clash Quest from the Play Store. You don’t need it to play

Having to create a new Google account just to download the game seems cumbersome, but the truth is that the process does not take more than a few minutes . If you wanted to play Clash Quest as soon as possible, you already know how you can try it on your Android.

Known characters and very different mechanics

Clash Quest changes the game style to go from PvP battles to battles against the machine using the different characters placed on the 3×3 board. The phases follow one another in the Candy Crush style , although always maintaining the essence that made Clash Royale great.

Collectible characters, combat upgrades that can be purchased from the store, a succession of quick battles where strategy prevails in choosing the squad , puzzle-style gameplay that is quite easy to learn, and an upgrade curve that Despite not being pronounced, something can be done slowly without the necessary purchases. And always without stopping being fun.

You know: if you want to try Clash Quest right now to discover everything this new Supercell game offers, you only need to create a new Google account using a VPN . It is a simpler process than it seems and it opens the door for you to download the rest of the games that Supercell is testing: Clash Mini and Everdale.

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