How to take screenshot of Google Chrome on Android

Learn how to easily take screenshots in Chrome.

Surfing the internet is something of the most common for smartphone users. Sometimes we need to capture what appears on the screen to have that information saved on our phone, now in Chrome it is easier, discover how to take a screenshot of Google Chrome on Android.

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world. Since its launch in 2008, it has grown exponentially to reach the top of the browser apps. Among the reasons for its success are the extra and appearance functions that complement navigation such as bookmarks, password storage or dark mode to take care of visual health.

The Google Chrome application continues to present news from time to time. One of them has to do with those extra features that we mentioned earlier. It is to be able to capture the screen to save the information that is displayed. Next, we tell you how to easily take screenshot of Google Chrome on Android.

To know how to take a screenshot of Google Chrome on Android, open the application and follow the steps:

  1. Enter in the upper box the url or the name of the web where you are going to take the screenshot.
  2. Once you have the information to be captured on thescreen, click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on “Share” and click on “Screenshot”, the icon is in the lower left.
  4. The capture is done, you can cut it, add text or drawon it by touching any of the icons that appear at the bottom.
  5. Then click on “Next”. Now choose “save to device only”.
  6. At the bottom a windowwill appear to open the capture. If you don’t want to open it at the moment, click on the cross.


You already know how to take a screenshot of Google Chrome on Android, but now we are going to show you how to take a continuous screenshot in Google Chrome.

The continuous screen capture is the one that takes the image of the entire web even if it extends downwards. To find out how to make a continuous screenshot in Google Chrome, open the app and in the top address bar writechrome://flags. Next in the flags search engine write “long Screenshots”.

Now the search results will appear. Below where it says “Chrome Share Long Screenshots, a button appears with the name “ Default ”. Click on it and choose “Enabled . ” Now click on the bottom button where it says “Relaunch” to restart the app. Continuous screen capture mode is already activated. Now you just have to write the web address where you are going to take the continuous screenshot.

Once you have it, click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then click on “share” and you will see that two screenshot buttons appear at the bottom. You must choose the second starting from the left, the most rectangular.

Google Chrome will show you a selected area that you can drag up or down to make the capture continue according to the extension you want to cover. When you finish, click on “next” and then choose “save to one device only” or share.


Once you know the process of how to take a screenshot of Google Chrome on Android you will think, but where are the screenshots saved on Android? The answer is quite simple.

The capt uras screen in Android are saved in the “Gallery” on your device . You can also find them on Google Photos. So you will always have them at hand for whatever you want to do with them.

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