The Advantage of Distance Learning

The growth of EAD has been so promising that the forecast until 2023 is that of 100% of students in higher education, 51% are studying at EAD.

You still don’t know much about distance learning? We tell you a little more about the advantages it offers!

4 Advantages of distance learning

Schedule flexibility

Do you lack time to enroll in college? Is the commute from home to work too long? Well, your problems are over! EAD allows you to attend higher education without having to attend the classroom in person. So you can study from home, work on trips and other appointments.

In addition, you can also make your schedules! Have you ever thought you could study and perform your tasks in a flexible way? That’s right, you can take care of all your chores and study calmly according to your routine.

Same level of learning

For those who have doubts about the quality of higher distance education, know that the EAD pedagogical project has the same rigor and credibility as the classroom.

Remember that flexibility is not the same as ease, so the course is demanding as well as the face-to-face course. This also means that every student who chooses EAD, will also pass the assessment developed by MEC, the National Student Performance Exam.

Expert teachers

Although EAD is a distance learning course, you will have the professional support of a qualified and experienced faculty, with masters and doctors. In addition, you have the support of a modern digital space, full of material and rich content, forums to interact with teachers and other students and much more!

The completion document has the same value!

As we have already mentioned, the face-to-face and distance courses have the same weight in the market and this includes the certificate / diploma. This is because the faculties that R2 Formação Pedagógica works on are recognized by MEC.

Completing your degree at R2 Pedagogical Training, you can use your certificate to take on vacancies that need qualification, participate in public higher education exams, enter a postgraduate course and among other opportunities.


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