important qualities of a good teacher

The teaching is an exe rcício noble that takes time and dedication of those who choose to follow this career and therefore some stand out in relation to others, as well as in all market areas. Although each teacher has his own characteristics that attest to him as a good professional, some of them are common to everyone who is in the “best teacher” category.


The teacher-student relationship is an exchange, there is no longer an imposing stance. Today, empathy is fundamental in the teaching and learning process. Although professional qualification and preparation are important, the teacher must have a profile that enhances his qualities, which together with work and dedication, makes him a more humane professional. Check out 3 essential qualities of a good teacher:


Integrity and authority


Although the word “authority” sounds negative, the teacher must be balanced on the scale and not overdo it. Students may find some loophole to abuse excessive confidence. The respect should be mutual in the classroom and when a student pass the line, the teacher is the one who put the limits, which is done away from any form of violence.




The teacher needs to understand and respect the individuality of each student . Their behaviors, work rhythms and all the external factors cause differences in the learning needs of each one. Some need more time than others to understand what was seen in the classroom.


Enthusiasm and delivery


These are vocational qualities of the teacher, who do not develop a routine activity without humanity and love for the profession . Students receive this enthusiasm aware that they are being taken seriously and that the teacher is not simply following a timetable.


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