10 Best Qualities of Good Teacher You Must Know

Qualities of good teacher is very important.Good Teacher can easily teach the class.Here are some real values of teacher which every mentor must know.

Qualities of  a Teacher With Reference to Profession

  •  To abreast of the developments in the g profession.
  • To maintain membership in some professional organizations relevant to his subject or specialty.
  • To show ethical behaviour in relations with teachers and educational associates.
  • To keep abreast of subject-matter through s books, periodicals, newspapers and other concerning development in his field.
  • To utilize films, filmstrips, T.V. and radio means of keeping abreast of new and adv knowledge in his field.
  • To attend conferences, workshops, seminars meetings; to take field trips which tend to broaden knowledge.
  • To exercise professional direction in his re with parents and the community.
  • To attend to the all-round development of learners under his charge.

Expectation from a teacher with reference administration

  1. He should give due regard to the head, members of the managing committee and personnel working in the Education Departm
  2. He should be loyal to the institution.
  3. He should appreciate the difficulties limitations of the head of the institution.
  4. He should not indulge in loose talk
  5. He should submit timely reports and records to the appropriate authority through the head of the institution.

Qualities of a teacher with reference Community

  • Participation in in parent-teacher and similar activities.
  • participating in community affairs.
  • Making himself available to parents at scheduled discuss pupil progress and behaviour.
  • Evincing a  helpful, sympathetic and understanding towards parents and their children’s problems.
  • Assuring through personal behaviour in the that the school-staff image in the community is favourable.
  • Showing due courtesy to the members of the ritv and especially when they visit the school.

Qualities of good teacher with reference to Students

  • Students should have free access to the teacher.
  • The teacher should give due regard to the individuality of the students.
  • The teacher should take interest in the welfare of the students.
  • The teacher should attend to their indiv needs.
  • The teacher should share responsibility with students.
  • The teacher should be fair and just with the students.
  • The teacher should have faith in the students.
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