How to study with quality at home?

Despite knowing about the importance of investing in your studies, are you having trouble making your time more optimized? Are you procrastinating more than usual? This is more common than you can imagine! Therefore, R2 Formação Pedagógica decided to offer some tips so that you can study with more quality at home.

Always study in the same place

Leaving a fixed place to study is the first step so that you can concentrate more on your study time. This is because whenever you arrive at the place you have been assigned to study your brain will understand that it is time to focus on studies.

Keep your space organized

Organize the space to make it cozy too! Make a decoration, leave materials that are necessary with easy access, such as: pens, notebook, books, postit and even a bottle of water so that you stay hydrated and don’t have to go to the kitchen all the time.

Set aside a space to store your main study objects and notes. So whenever you need it, you won’t have to keep looking for what you need. Most of the time, when a disorganized person does not find a book or notes he needs at that moment, he ends up postponing the study schedule or even giving up studying.

Set your study goals daily

It is very frustrating when you set a study schedule but you can never complete it, right ?! When this happens repeatedly, it can cause some frustration and discouragement, which results in a lack of motivation to study.

So, if your study schedule is not working, make a new organization! Try to start gradually and over time, increasing the pace.

Take breaks during your studies

Try to balance your time, neither study too much nor rest too much! Make it a habit to rest your mind during your study period, but set a fixed time. For example, after every 40 minutes of study, take a 10-minute break. This will help you to see how your learning gets faster.

Although the break is important, try to avoid accessing the internet or television during this time. That’s because they both cause a lot of distraction, so you’ll probably be on your break for more than 10 minutes.

Talk to people at home

It is common for family and friends to understand that because you are at home, you are “off”. Explain to them about your study schedule and the importance of being able to stay focused.
Take advantage of the tips and make your study time more productive!

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