10 Strategies for studying online

Fortunately, technology is being our ally! Unlike 100 years ago, when the planet experienced a worldwide pandemic, today society can stay connected, work and study from home and also have contact with other people.

The distance study known as EAD, is a worldwide trend! Therefore, it is very likely that institutions will have to start adapting their courses for online mode.

So, how about using technology and its platforms and tools to be your partner right now? In this article we will give tips both for those who are taking graduation and specialization courses, and for those parents who need to help their children to study.

How can technology help children?

Smartphone applications, online platforms, software, among other tools created by specialists on a regular basis, facilitate the routine of most people and this includes studies. Many parents are concerned with how to help their children study, and this is normal! So, we separated some children’s apps for studies that will help parents and children in this routine.

  • Playkids –The platform specialized in children, is one of the most used in the world! Today, more than 5 million people already use the platform as support The company has free content, such as videos, drawings, animations, games and books, for children. An excellent alternative to help parents cope with isolation with their children at home.
  • Kinedu –The application has about 1,800 video activities formulated by educators of children up to 4 years old. One of the platform’s differentials is a free child development assessment, created by education experts at the American Stanford University.
  • Fun English with Doki –The app belongs to Discovery Kids and provides educational games to help teach English and develop children’s motor skills. The platform also teaches numbers, colors, names of animals, fruits, among others.

And for university students, undergraduate students and undergraduate students?

For those who are specializing, quarantine can seem like a barrier and a delay to studies. Fortunately, technology can also help in these cases! By choosing to use technology to your advantage, you can maintain the pace of study and learning. Therefore, we have also separated some tools that will help you better organize your routine.

Check out:

  • Google Classroom –The tool has no cost! The application is functional for both students and teachers. That’s because it allows the institution to send exercises, papers and materials in PDF and to give feedback to your class. In addition, students can deliver their work through the platform itself and answer questions online.
  • Zoom –The application has been very successful! This is because the student can take online classes through video and can still set up study groups with his colleagues!

Have technology as your ally right now! The quarantine will pass, the pandemic will also pass. So stay home but don’t let your studies be delayed!


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