Spelunky 2 – how to get the true ending

What you need to do to get to the secret boss and the final chapter

Spelunky 2 is a difficult game. You will have to put in a tremendous amount of effort to get to the game’s usual final boss and defeat him. But fans of the series know that the final boss is never true, and to get the real ending, you will have to perform a lot of different actions.

Similar to the secret level Hell in Spelunky HD, during the passage of Spelunky 2, you can find a secret path that leads to new worlds. It’s difficult to get there. It will take a deeper familiarity with the challenging game and its mechanics. Therefore, if you are reading this guide without completing the game at least once on the usual route, do not even think that you can unlock the secret, true ending at a snap.

However, it is one thing to look for the secret path on your own, and another to use our guidance. Not everyone has time to thoroughly study the game, which requires at least 8-10 hours to complete.

Note. There are several paths by which you can unlock the true boss and the true ending of Spelunky 2. Instead of listing each route, this guide will describe the shortest, easiest option (this is just a comparative statement; it’s actually very difficult). It also eliminates any bug-related tricks that are likely to be removed over time.

Find an item in the mines called Udjat Eye

It’s simple enough. After receiving the golden key, carry it to the cave with the fancy chest and open it to find the eye.

Go to the beginning of the Volcano location from the mines

You can get the ending by going back to the jungle, but I find it much easier to do this by going through the mines and ending up at the beginning of Volcano.

Find the bow in the trial of the moon

In this challenge, you will need a pickaxe that allows you to mine treasures. Go through it and be sure to pick up a bow.

Activate the drill with your eye

Get to the vampire lair in the basement of one of the levels of the Volcano location. If there are many bombs, you can bomb the path to the entrance to the vampire’s lair.

Take Vlad’s crown and cloak from the top of the vampire tower

If you can rescue Van Helsing (in fact, the character has a different but similar name) at level 2-1, he will appear in the castle and help you defeat the vampire king at the top of the tower. Otherwise, you will have to fight on your own. Use sticky bombs to kill Vlad Tepes more easily. When he is dead, take back his excellent blood-red cloak and crown. You should still have a bow.

Bring the bow to NPC Waddler at Olmec level

To the right of the entrance at Olmec’s level there will be a character named Waddler. You may need a couple of bombs to get into his cave. Once inside, drop the bow onto the pedestal. As a result, it should light up, indicating that you have deposited the item.

Defeat Olmec and receive the Ankh

I will not describe in detail the strategy of the battle against Olmec, but I will point out that you can destroy the levitating spheres. Suffice it to say that you need to make the boss fall into the lava from below. Then stand on your head to find yourself in one of the many lower caves. Any cave will do! Once inside, look around and find the Ankh (above). Return to the upper level of Olmec and go through the door that leads to the Temple of Water.

Pick up the sword at level 4-2

The sword is located above the large lake at the bottom of the level. Since you have a crown, you can pick it up and then take it to the next level.

Throw the sword at level 4-3, find a one-way door and die

The first thing to do is to throw the sword right at the entrance. And you will soon understand why you did it. Look for a small cave that is located under a small pool of water. Enter it and go down the long shaft until you meet a familiar character warning that there is a door ahead that leads only in one direction. Go through it to disturb the idol. Lava will fall on you. Good thing you have an Ankh in your inventory!

Take the sword to the secret entrance

When you respawn, you will find yourself at the beginning of level 4-3. Take the sword (didn’t you leave it near the entrance?) And leave it in the place where the lava that fell on the hero used to be. Somewhere in this area, there is a secret door that leads to another area. Make sure to look down before jumping as the secret door can move. Once you find her, go inside with the sword.

Kill the monster in Abzu

No, you don’t need to launch the game of the same name. After entering the Abzu location, look for the entrance to the underwater cave. You will find yourself at the top of the level, from where you can jump onto the back of a giant creature. Striking the center of your back with your sword inflicts massive damage. Ultimately, the monster will be hacked, and you will receive a sign. Don’t worry about her yet. Leave the level and go to the Ice Caves.

Survive the Ice Caves

With Vlad’s Cloak in your hands, you can rush down. Don’t be distracted by anything. You can skip the cave with the king and queen of the Yeti simply by going downstairs wearing a cloak.

Find the urn room on level 6-2

In New Babylon, at level 6-2, there is a room with many urns. There is a small door at the entrance that you should pay attention to. Once inside, open the journal and examine the tablet picked up in Abzu. It contains the urn that interests you. Pay attention to three characteristics – material of manufacture, design and pattern. Make sure that the urn you choose fully matches the description from the tablet of fate! With each new playthrough, it will be a different urn. After receiving the urn, take it to the next level, leaving the sword behind.

Take a mount and get to the final boss

Placing the correct urn on the next level ground will shake and eventually turn into a new mount. When he hatches, jump from above. This animal can fly and shoot fireballs. Together with him, get to level 6-3 to find the final boss.

Fly up!

When you find the final boss, then instead of fighting, fly up the mount. Continue until you reach the electric beams at the top of the level. To overcome them, you will have to be careful and slow. Do not try to quickly get between them. Take your time and everything will end in success. As soon as you pass the lasers, you will have to leave your mauant.

Find Waddler at level 7-1

Even at the Olmec level, you had to give the character a bow. He kept it all this time, so at level 7-1, look for a small cave and take the item.

Get an arrow through the test of the sun

The Trial of the Sun can appear at 7-1, 7-2, or 7-3. Wherever this happens, activate and complete the challenge, or use the bombs to reach the arrow (thus annoying the guardian of the Sun test). However, the test itself is not difficult. The room will be filled with enemies, and you will need to survive until the allotted time runs out. It is probably safer to piss off or kill the guardian, but be aware that in later levels he will return and try to take revenge on you. Once you have a bow and arrow, along with both items, go to level 7-4.

Don’t use the arrow on Hundong! Instead, drop your bow and arrow at the top of the level, and then use your usual tactics to take out the boss. You can use sticky bombs that will shoot down each head. If you don’t have a sticky bomb, try placing a regular bomb in front of you and throwing it at Hundong’s head.

Launch an arrow from the test of the Sun into the boss’s eye

After eliminating the boss, you can go downstairs and find his body. There will be a giant eye in the center. Aim and shoot directly in the eye. A portal will open providing access to the Cosmic Ocean.

As I understand it, the Space Ocean is an endless series of levels, and your task is to go as far as possible until the hero dies. Good luck!


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