How to get the true ending in Death’s Door

How to collect all the ancient tablets of lore and see the secret ending of Death’s Door

After killing the final boss Death’s Door , you see the usual ending of the game. Then, after the credits, you are returned to the free raven camp, where you can continue your exploration of the game world. However, few people know, but the game has a true ending, which is very difficult to get. In this article, I’ll show you what to do.

The basics

You need to collect 7 ancient tablets of knowledge, which are located in different places. This can be done only at night, and for this, move to the Hall of the Gates and pick up the rusty key from the bell tower from the floor. Then follow to the Lost Cemetery and go to the upper left corner. There, just above the entrance to the possession of the Ceramic Witch, there is a high bell tower. Open the gate, go upstairs and strike the bell. This will change the day to night. With the same blow, you can achieve the opposite result. But, again, you are only interested in the night.

Ancient tablet number 1

As stated above, there are 7 tablets in total. Let’s assume that you have already switched to night, which we talked about earlier. in this case, the first thing to do is to go to Betty’s lair, get out of the cave and climb the mountain above it. To do this, break the ice stalactites on the right and follow up the steps. There will be an image of the month. Stand on it and you will see a secret passage in the wall. Go inside and find a secret amulet.

This is a shiny thing that is needed to obtain an ancient tablet of knowledge. Now return to the Lost Cemetery and go to the place where Groboplite usually stands. At night he lies in a dug grave, but if you have a secret amulet, then there will be no gravedigger outside, and the door will be open. Go inside and talk to Groboplite, after which the battle will begin.

He has several attacks. He can simply swing his weapon if you are nearby, hit it on the ground, blowing one cloud of dust in front of him, or jump up and hit the ground with his weapon in the fall, emitting 6-7 puffs of smoke in different directions. In the latter case, stay as far away from the gravedigger as possible to make it easier to get around the flying smoke. Finally, Groboplite will periodically summon minions. Be sure to kill them, as any touch will lead to the loss of the HP cell. After the victory, you will be able to pick up the first ancient tablet.

Ancient tablet number 2

At the Lost Cemetery, 7 pink ghosts can be found at night. They fly alongside the Gate Lord stone statues lined with the mountain. Lure all the ghosts to the nearby statues to activate the locks. As soon as you do this, a gate will open in the lower left corner of the location. Walk behind them and pick up the tablet.

Ancient tablet number 3

Then leave the Lost Cemetery by heading towards the Overgrown Ruins. After riding the funicular, you will find yourself at the beginning of the location. Go downstairs and see a staircase that was flooded earlier. It is not flooded at night, and you can follow below to reach the challenge chest. Defeat all enemies and receive the tablet. Keep in mind that this will be perhaps the most difficult battle inside the chest.

Ancient tablet number 4

It is much easier, but longer to get the next ancient tablet. Head to the Sailor Broken Diner and discover the sleeping human and octopus bodies inside the aquarium. Talk to the octopus. This is Jefferson. He will climb on the back of the crow and ask to take him to the Flooded Fortress. You need to do it on your own, without the Gates of the Reapers. Therefore, go from here to the Lost Cemetery, from there – to the Overgrown Ruins and through the mushroom dungeon you will get to the Flooded Fortress. Walk a little to the right and you will find a path of glowing plates with the image of the month. Move along it, jump from one platform to another using the grappling hook, activate other bridges by attacking the pink stones, and you will soon reach the desired place. Interact with the month button to receive your reward.

Ancient tablet number 5

Travel to the Old Watchtowers. There are six bowls of coals that are suspended from the outer walls of the red towers. During the day, they will not work, because the wind instantly extinguishes the flame. But you can do it at night. So, having appeared at the location through the gate, go to the right, to the beginning, and you will see the first tower with a bowl at the top. Light it up. Follow the main route to the left, go up the stairs and see the second bowl on the left.

Then take the first elevator and turn right. You have already gone this way when you had to look for a detour route. After going downstairs, immediately go to the upper left corner, break the boxes and you will see a tower with a bowl near the wall. Light it up. Move to the right, climb up and find a seed pot. Stand next to him and you will see another bowl on the right. Then go left and activate the bowl on the next tower, by the wooden scaffolding.

Return to the main path and walk forward a bit. There will be a mill on the right, around which there are wooden scaffolds. Follow them to the right of the mill, pull the hook onto the adjacent bridge and shoot fire into the bowl to the left of the watchtower. Ready!

Return to the beginning, to the first elevator, and go right. This is up to the mill, around which the scaffolding is installed. You just went here to light several torches at once. After you pass the seed pot, there will be an ascent up the stairs. The staircase on the left leads to the other bowls, and the bridge on the right leads to the gate, which opened when you lit the six bowls. There are other bowls next to them. Go inside and take the tablet.

Ancient tablet number 6

The next tablet is divided into 3 parts, and they were carried away by three different owls. Go to the Ceramic Witch’s estate, go outside and immediately go right. This path leads across a stone bridge, and the first owl sits on the railing.

Then follow the Overgrown Ruins, head north (up the screen) until you find the wagon where the horn was for Mother (in the story). There is a vine to the left of the cart. Hit it to climb higher and find the second owl.

Return to the Old Watchtowers and follow the main path. Turn right and look for ice there, on which you need to ride. As before, you will be attacked by a laser, so quickly break the ice floes. Break the ice at the end, drop down and grapple to the left to find a platform with a third owl. After collecting all three parts, you will receive a whole tablet.

Ancient tablet number 7

The hardest part for a snack. First, you need a rusty shovel. It is located in the same place as the door behind which the tablet is hidden. To do this, go to the domain of the Ceramic Witch. Move in the direction of the estate and turn left after the bridge. This will reveal slabs with jugs. Break the two jugs in the left row closer to the tombstone (left and middle, leave the right one intact, the far right jug (the rightmost one on the screen), the jug to the left of it and the jug in the center. The glitter that can be found at the Ceramic Witch’s estate (read our adjacent guide) After that, go through the underground tunnel and pick up the shovel.

Examine the door to the left. There are green cubes above it. The number indicates how many seeds you have planted in your pots. There are 50 seeds and 50 pots in total in the game. You will have to not only find all the seeds, but also plant them in all the pots. Sounds complicated but doable. To help you:

  • Rusty shovel – move between the gates, open the shiny menu and look at the shovel. If it shines blue, then there is a seed somewhere in the location. If it does not shine, then the seed is not here, and you may not return.
  • In the Hall of the Gates, those gates that lead to a location with some kind of secret will be highlighted in red. It can be either an empty pot or an altar, consider this moment.
  • Finally, at any time you can talk to the Bowler standing near the tent, and he will tell you where to look for the next empty pot.

After collecting and planting all the seeds, return to the door that will open and take the tablet. Go to the camp of free ravens and go through the wall on the right, near which all the tablets will now glow (when approaching). I also emphasize that you can collect the tablets in any order, but you need to perform all of the above actions exclusively at night.

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