Spelunky 2;How To Unlock All Characters

How to unlock all playable characters, what different NPCs give and what pets are for

Spelunky 2 is a sequel to the charming roguelike that retains the original formula and breathes a breath of fresh air into it. There are many old heroes waiting for you and even more new ones to join the cult adventure. To get to know and interact with each character in the camp, you’ll first need to unlock those characters.

But in addition to the usual characters, you can now use several pets at once, looking for them at each level. Thus, along with the good old pug Monty, you can take Poochy the hamster and Percy the cat. Take your pet to the end of the level and get an extra heart for it!

The playable characters in Spelunky 2 are unlocked similar to the original game. If you saw a coffin with a skull, be sure to open it to save the hero locked inside. In addition, if you have already saved a playable character from this coffin, then the next time you open it, you will unlock the AI ​​assistant. He will follow your speleologist throughout the level, kill enemies and collect treasures.

Ana spelunky

How to get : Available by default

Ana, in search of her parents, made a trip to the moon. Her father is Spelunky from the original game, so she feels confident as she moves through strange locations filled with dangerous creatures.

Margaret tunnel

How to get : Available by default

Margaret dreams of being able to build her own pirate ship someday. In the meantime, she enjoys exploring the depths below the surface of the moon. In Spelunky 2, she changed her purple outfit to pink.

Colin Northward

How to get : Available by default

Colin Northward ended up in the caves on a promise to find the Olmecs. A water suit is unlikely to allow him to go unnoticed. You may even remember this guy from the first game. His beard and hat will remind many of Van Pelt from the original Jumanji movie.

Roffy D. Sloth

How to get : Available by default

The Spelunky series cannot do without this character anymore.

Note . Next up are the unlockable characters. If a specific level number is not specified, it means that the coffin with the hero appears on any level of a specific location.

Alto singh

How to get : The Dwelling location

Alto is back. His description says that he devotes a lot of time to sports, so he can easily cope with jumping and climbing ropes. On The Dwelling level 1-4, deal with Quillback the hedgehog, and then look for the coffin that contains Alto.

Liz Mutton

How to get it : in the jungle

Returns to the game and Liz. The girl is wearing a stylish green outfit and a bow. She is well prepared to travel through the dangerous jungle of Spelunky 2. In Jungle 1-2, look for the coffin where Liz is hidden.

Nekka the eagle

How to get it : on the Black Market (secret location in the jungle)

Nekka pursues only one goal: to meet with the gods and ask them about the problems of the universe. To get to the Black Market, first find an item in the mines called Udjat Eye. Having picked it up, you will see the closed eyes icon that appears on the screen. As soon as you find yourself near the entrance to the Black Market, your eyes will open. The entrance can be located at levels 2-1, 2-2 and 2-3 in the Jungle. To get inside, you have to use a bomb or a hoe. Look for the coffin with Nekka inside.

LISE Project

How to get it : at the Volcana location

In Volcana you will face enemy robots, but please trust the friendly smile of the LISE Project. The prototype was created for research and data collection. He will reportedly connect with his creators 1000 years later. What a long work shift! Look for the coffin at level 2-1 Volcana.

Coco von diamonds

How to get it : at Vlad’s castle

Fashion icon, entrepreneur who created a successful brand. Coco is resting in the depths of the castle. Look for a coffin inside the castle.

Manfred tunnel

How to get : In Olmec’s Lair, Ankh Room

Manfred is eager to start his research. Look for the coffin in the indicated location, most often at level 3-1.

Little jay

How to get : Tide Pool location

Little Jay is a big Spelunky fan who dreams of becoming an explorer. The coffin with Jay should be found at level 4-4 of the Tide Pool location.

Tina flan

How to get : Abzu location

Her greatest achievement is throwing an eggplant at King Yama. Look for the coffin at the Abzu location.

Valerie crump

How to get it : in the Temple

Valerie loves music, so she always takes headphones with her on long trips. Look for the tomb at level 4-4 in the Temple of Anubis.


How to get it : in the City of Gold

Gold monk. The only thing Ay wants is a peaceful life. You need to find the coffin with the monk in the City of Gold.

Demi Von Diamonds

How to get it : in the Yeti Cave

Demi should be familiar to you. The girl appeared in the original game, and decided to return to the caves again. Look for Demi’s coffin there.


How to get it : by ship

He comes from afar and loves to talk about UFOs. The Pilot’s coffin is on the ship.

Princess airyn

How to get : in New Babylon

A connoisseur of culinary art. Princess Irene is trying to find something new with which to return home to Heliotropia. Look for the coffin in New Babylon.

Dirk Yamaoka

How to get : Sunken City

He is fluent in ninja skills. Look for the coffin inside Goliath Frog’s stomach.

Guy Spelunky

How to get : Unlocked upon completing the game with a normal ending

Perhaps he has aged and has grown a beard, but you will still recognize this hero a mile away. After devoting time to finding treasures, he was eventually able to find a family.

Classic guy

How to get it : Unlocked upon completion of the game through the Sunken City

The same Guy Spelunky, but in a retro style. You need to defeat the boss Hundun and go through the Sunken City.

All NPCs in the game

Take your time to progress through the levels to get to know every NPC available in the game. You will meet many new characters, and some of them will reward you for your help.

  • Terra Tunnel: responsible for creating short routes and cuts. She needs supplies. The first cut will require consecutively $ 2000, 1 bomb, $ 10,000. The second – 1 rope, any weapon, any vehicle (for example, a turkey). Third – $ 50,000, assistant, golden key.
  • Van Horsing: This character can be found in the Volcana area. He wants to open the door and he needs a key. The door is in an adjacent cave. After that, you will meet him in Vlad’s castle, where he will instantly finish off Vlad Tepes with a crossbow shot. You will meet him for the third time, in the Temple. He will give the player an alien compass, which is needed to find the entrance to the mothership in the Ice Caves.
  • Hired Hand: These AI companions are trapped in different cave traps. The harm from them is exactly the same as the benefit.
  • ShopkeeperSave your gold and then spend in the store. But don’t even think about stealing anything.
  • Tun: Give a character $ 10,000 to run the Moon trial. In the future, you can choose other tests – Stars and Sun.
  • Yang: Look near the turkey pen. By returning all the turkeys to the pen, you will receive a key as a reward.
  • Caveman Shopkeeper: Another entrepreneur.
  • Madame Tusk: An adorable walrus that you can find in some shops.
  • Tusk’s Bodyguard: Don’t be rude to Madame Tusk if you don’t want to deal with her tough bodyguard.
  • WaddlerMoves items between worlds. You will find him in the Olmec Lair, Ice Caves and Sunken City. He can carry up to two items between any of the listed locations.
  • Parsley: The youngest of three sisters. Look behind the doorway in the jungle.
  • Parsnip: The middle of three sisters.
  • Parmesan: The eldest of three sisters. When you save all three sisters, you will meet them again at the exit from the Ankh cave in the Olmke lair. They will give you a reward. For saving one sister in one playthrough, you will receive a bunch of ropes, two – a bag of bombs, three – a box of bombs.
  • Beg: he can give you a gift. This is Tun brother.


There are three different pets in Spelunky 2, but if you want a different one on each next level, activate the corresponding item in the main menu settings.

  • Monty: A cute pug that Tina Flan adopted. The perfect companion.
  • Percy: A small cat found aboard Margaret Tunnel’s ship.
  • Poochi: A small hamster who went to the moon with Colin Northward. Naturally, the hamster managed to escape.


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