Crash Bandicoot Guide

Here’s how to get red, yellow, green and blue gems, and where to find the huge door that they open.

How can Crash Bandicoot do without its many collectibles? And the most coveted collectibles in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time are colored gems, each of which unlocks access to a secret level. And if you manage to collect all four gems, then Crash can open a huge door. Here’s how to find red, yellow, blue, and green gems in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

Red gem

The first colored gem is red. If you find him, you will unlock the “Get it in” achievement. It can be found in the first game world “Isle of En-Tiziasma” on the second level of “Peak of En-Tizuazma”. Go through the level until you reach the second door, which is opened by the ghostly rat in the wheel. If you pay attention to the wall, you will see a diagram carved in stone. It shows a 3×3 grid pointing to the platforms you want.

You need to follow the same pattern for these platforms. Start at the bottom left corner and then work your way around the perimeter (edge) counterclockwise. You will know you are moving correctly if you make a sound when you press on each platform. Moreover, it will be higher and higher. When you get to the platform at 9 o’clock, jump to the one in the center. A red stone should appear on the other side of the cave, in front of the Lani-Luli mask. Take it away!

Green gem

The next green gem is hidden in the Road Race level, the third location in the Dangerous Wastes world. Finding this item will unlock the Emerald achievement. Go through the level until you find yourself at the very end, where a huge monster truck will chase Crash. When you get to one of the checkpoints of the section, you will see trash cans on the side. Hit one of them (the one on the left) to knock out the remote. Hit the remote and a tiny monster truck will appear. Now hit him several times to make the toy move and crash into the NITRO box. After the explosion, a green gem will appear.

Blue gem

And the blue gem can be found at the Higher and Higher and Higher level in the Waterfalls of Serenity world. This is definitely the hardest to get of the four stones! It unlocks the achievement “One Sapphire for the Whole World”.

The idea is simple, but its implementation will require maximum effort. You must get to the end of the level without destroying any boxes. This applies to checkpoint boxes, NITRO, TNT, and so on. The difficulty is added by the fact that for most of the level you have to use the Dark Matter mask, which automatically breaks the boxes when you are near them. It takes a lot of trial and error, but remember that you can die as many times as you need to. When you get to the bonus level, be sure to check it out and then come back. This will activate the checkpoint, the only one on the level. And in case of death, you will be reborn there, and not at the very beginning. If you complete the task, you will receive a blue gem at the very end of the level.

Yellow gem

The yellow gem is located on the Swamp Run level in the Mosquito Swamp game world. Upon receiving it, you will unlock the “Eye-Topaz” achievement.

This gem is hidden at the very beginning of the level. Before you jump on the jet ski and set off through the swamp, jump over the boxes on the right to the far porch. Then get to the moving platform. Jump onto the large platform on the left, with four crates stacked in pairs on top of each other. Jump from the top, making an additional jump in the air to grab the yellow gem.

Secret levels for gems

As mentioned earlier, each gem is tied to one secret level. And you will find four of them. These will be standard bonus levels, and they must be completed in order to break all the boxes in the current location. However, to find all the gems, go to the toxic tunnels on the island of Cortex. This is one of the last levels of the game.

Go through it until you find yourself at a huge door with four holes. If you have all four colored gems, the door will open. Behind it, you will find the most brutal level that will test your platforming skills. Head inside and reach the green platform at the far end of the room. This part is not too difficult, but then there are several other, more dangerous areas waiting for you, and you cannot die, since there are no checkpoints. I wish you good luck, because you will definitely need it!


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