Spelunky 2 walkthrough and guide

A detailed walkthrough guide to the sequel to the popular roguelike, in which you control one of the many cavers and explore the underworlds

Spelunky 2 is a sequel to the original rouge-like platformer, in which players explore a wide variety of locations, trying to unravel the secrets of an ancient civilization.

Walkthrough Tips

  1. Each Spelunky 2 level consists of two “dimensions” or “layers”. There is a front layer that contains an entrance and an exit leading to the next layer. And there is a back layer, which can be accessed through the numerous doors and tunnels installed in the front. Some of them will be hidden behind the landscape. This is an important point, since the location of two or three doors relative to each other will always be the same for both the front and back layers. Thanks to this, you can find many secret rooms.
  2. Many secret locations of the game (Black Market, Vlad’s Castle, and so on) are on the back layer of regular levels. Although in Spelunky HD they were all separate locations.
  3. There is no time limit for passing levels. However, at the 3:00 minute mark, a creepy ghost appears, which will chase the hero. Clover provides 2 extra minutes. If you play in a co-op, then each deceased comrade reduces this time by half a minute.
  4. In the second part, the ghost is much faster than in the first. And he can split into several small ghosts, attacking from any direction.
  5. If the ghost moves through a gem (red, green, blue), it will turn into a diamond. You can use this to make some extra money, but in the second part, the ghost is much more dangerous.
  6. Move slowly, analyze your environment. At least in the starting worlds. Do not complete the level in less than 3 minutes. Better to spend the extra time studying. If you are in a hurry, you will surely run into another trap or a suddenly appeared enemy. Also, skip a few useful items.
  7. Change the default speed to walking, and if necessary, switch to running.
  8. Very important are the bloody altars of Kali, which appear randomly while traveling around the game world. Sacrifices on such altars give you the reputation of Kali. By pumping your reputation, upon reaching certain levels you will receive special rewards. The first item is a random piece of clothing. The second is Kapala, one of the most powerful items that allow you to accumulate health. Continue making sacrifices to get royal milk – an item that gives 6 HP. The best altar sacrifice is any pet. For example, you can give your dog to Monty. A living pet will instantly grant you the next reward.
  9. Each level will have many vases and pots. Gold and gems are hidden inside them, so be sure to destroy objects. However, an enemy may be hiding inside (snakes, bats, scorpions, cobras). The safest way to check what’s inside is to pick up and toss the vase.
  10. Deliver a pet to the exit from the level (pug, cat or hamster) and get 1 HP, and also heal from poisoning.
  11. Only one portable item can be held at a time, which means you have to choose between a weapon, torch, pet, and idol.
  12. Mounts are new to Spelunky 2. They offer many benefits, including taking damage instead of a hero. Wild mounts are dangerous, but you can tame them by jumping on your back and holding onto it while the animal kicks from side to side. It can throw you into a trap, lava, and so on. Hold out on top, and before that, a wild animal will become your mount. Each mount provides a double jump, and if you jump on a turkey or cave dog, you can actually do a triple jump.
  13. If you squat and press the rope activation button, then throw it down. This is useful if you want to create a path to the top of a ledge and climb it later.
  14. Sitting down and pressing the bomb button, you place it in front of you.
  15. By holding the “up” or “down” button, you can move the camera. Be sure to look down before jumping down to a new location. This will show you potential enemies and traps.
  16. Be sure to hold something in your hands. Especially in the first world. So you can activate traps or throw an object at the enemy.
  17. Take your time and don’t waste all the ropes and bombs. If you run out of these items, you can get stuck. Usually, many routes can be overcome without bombs and ropes, but, for example, if you detonate a bomb, hitting a hole, and there are no ropes, you will simply get stuck in it.
  18. You can rob shops, but the seller will protect the goods. Each one has a shotgun and amazing reflexes. If you want to rob a store, either take the weapons stored there and stun / kill the seller, or look for an alternative method. There are many ways to stun a seller without a weapon. Moreover, all other store owners on subsequent levels will know that you have robbed their colleague, so they will attack you first. They will also guard the level exits.
  19. Stores are of several types, which determines their assortment. Among the usual are weapons (including bombs), clothing stores (including rope), specialized, pet store (ropes, mounts, pet levels) and universal. There is also a dice shop. Pay $ 2500 or more to roll two dice. If you roll 1-6, you will lose all purchased items. For 8-12 points you will double your money, and if you get “7”, you will win an item located behind the energy barrier. And if you see any good object behind the barrier, be sure to try your luck. And if you throw the bones out of the building, the shop owner will shoot you with a shotgun. You can also annoy the vendor if you roll the same die twice in a row.

World 1 – Dwelling

Level 1-1 . There are no shops or anything unique here.

Levels 1-2 and 1-3 . One of the levels will have a quest with Yang’s lost turkeys and one level with a golden key and Eye of Udjat. The turkeys and the key with the eye never appear at the same level.

Eye of Udjat . At levels 1-2 or 1-3, a golden key and a 4×7 building will appear. Bring the key to the room to find a chest on top. Open it to get the Ujat Eye. It allows you to see gems and objects hidden in the ground, and also opens a secret area in World 2.

Missing turkeys . At levels 1-2 or 1-3 there will be at least two lost turkeys from Young’s pen. Jump on their backs to tame them, and then take Young to the paddock to access his treasures. Usually this is something insignificant, especially considering that you have to give up two mounts (turkeys). However, by returning the turkeys, you guarantee that Young’s Pet Shop spawns at level 2-1. It will usually contain 2-3 turkeys. Do not harm the turkeys in the presence of Young, otherwise he will take revenge (like a store owner defending his goods).

Level 1-4 and Boss Quillback… There are never shops and altars at this level, but somewhere halfway through the location, you will definitely meet a mini-boss. If you stand in front of him, he will try to attack the character by rolling. This technique not only inflicts damage on your hero, but also destroys various blocks. Make it so that it destroys the blocks on one side and then on the other. There is a tunnel on either side of where Quilback spawns. There is a butterfly on the left, indicating the jungle transition point. On the right is the transition to the Volcana world. Since the jungle always appears on the left, and the volcano on the right, you must clearly understand which path you want to follow, and in accordance with the choice made to lure the boss in a certain direction. Below, in the middle, between the two exits there will be a coffin with an assistant. You may have to use bombs.

World 2 – Jungle (option 1)

So, the left exit from the first world leads to the Jungle.

Black market . The Jungle is the only World with a Black Market. This is a bustling place with several shops where you can buy an item called Hedjet on the bottom right. Expensive, for $ 40,000. The Eye of Ujata from location 1-2 or 1-3 will start flickering and making sounds as soon as you find yourself near the entrance to the Black Market. But instead of a separate level, as it was in Spelunky HD, here the Black Market is a background location, which means that you can exit from there through another passage and find yourself in a different part of the main level. You will receive a clover that increases the time until the ghost appears. But if you have already stayed at the level for more than 3 minutes, the ghost will continue to haunt you.

Three sisters . In the jungle, a cave will randomly appear with a movable block on top and a girl below. If you jump down to her, she will thank you and say that she is stuck here. For each freed sister you will receive a reward (one sister – a pile of ropes, two – a bag of bombs, three – a box of bombs). But you get it at level 3-1, in Olmec’s lair.

Test of the Moon . On one of the levels of the second World, an alcove will appear with a mysterious NPC offering to start a challenge for $ 10,000. This is the test of the Moon, the first of three that can be completed during the game. It all starts with the fact that you pick up a clover and go down the stairs to the hoe. This is a regular hoe and you must use it until it goes missing. Gems and boxes are hidden in the rocks, as well as a small hole with a bow. This is a standalone weapon that is needed to achieve the true ending of the game.

The test is simple and fairly safe. The chance of enemies spawning is small. Do not detonate a bomb here, or anger the hooded figure on the other side of the door. Square moving blocks appear periodically. If you dig under them, they will collapse and crush the hero. However, they are easy to recognize.

Another, final threat is the appearance of an arrow trap, but again the probability of this is low. Just be careful. In general, the challenge is worth it: you will get back the money spent on the entrance, reset the timer due to the clover, and you will also be able to get good items with little or no risk of dying.

World 2 – Volcano (option 1)

The entrance to the Volcana location is on the lower right at level 1-4, which we wrote about below. Unlike the jungle, the location is filled with lava, which instantly kills your caver if he comes into contact with it. The problem is that when the landscape around the lava is destroyed, it pours out, making the route impassable. Try to avoid breaking blocks near the lava. Also, when you jump on robots, they die and simultaneously explode, which can also lead to the destruction of the level.

Van Horsling . There will be one locked room in this World that appears in front of the drill level. And there is an NPC in it, from which you will receive a gem if you open the imprisonment chamber. If there is no lock pick, look for a tunnel on the level that leads to a key that opens the door to the detention room. In the future, the freed Van Horsling can kill Tepes if you climb to the top of Vlad’s castle.

Vlad’s castle . At one of the levels (2-2, 2-3 or 2-4) there is a drill / drill surrounded by purple blocks. The object appears exclusively at the top of the level. If you got the Eye / Eye of Ujat at level 1-2 or 1-3, you can press the “up” button on one side of the drill. You will be able to break through the level, as a result of which a chain will appear along which you can go down. But don’t forget about lava, which can spill and block this chain. If this happens, wait for a while until all the lava flows down. Below you will find an exit door and a door surrounded by red bricks. The latter will take you to Vlad’s castle.

If you decide to enter, you will receive a clover, extending the time limit, and several coffins with mercenaries. Break them down. If you are experienced enough, go upstairs to deal with the bats (vampires) and Dracula himself (Tepes). As a result, Vlad’s cloak will fall out, allowing you to make a double jump and land slowly when falling from a height. In addition, you will receive a crown that you can pick up later (you can steal it even if Vlad is still alive). If Van Horseling is released at an earlier level, he will appear at the top of the castle and instantly shoot Vlad.

World 3 – Olmec’s Lair

World 3 contains only one level, which resembles the last (unclassified) room from Spelunky HD. The battle is similar to the battle against the Olmec from the original game. It will be a giant statue piercing through the ceiling and floor. There are treasures, boxes and so on at the top. All this can be collected only with a jetpack or using sticky bombs. On the right is a staircase leading up to a niche with the very sisters you could have saved in the Jungle. If you get the Ankh, you can save the mount by throwing the item in the only safe place.

To overcome the location relatively easily, have Olmec punch a hole one level lower. On the right, behind the movable block, there is an exit to the Tide Pools location. But move quickly as Olmec will start dropping bombs one by one. Below is the entrance to the Temple of Anubis, and below it is the lava with the entrance to the Ankh’s room.

Battle with Olmek and Ankh’s room . The first phase of the battle against Olmec (on the upper level) is painfully familiar. You go to the statue, and it tries to crush you. You try to move away, and Olmec accelerates towards you. You can pick up the moment and jump on it. But if you decide to stay at the level, then Olmec will understand that in fact it is an alien mech, and will start dropping bombs (second phase). In both directions. While you are standing on Olmec, he cannot hit you with bombs, but will bomb the floor. If you let it do this long enough, a hole will be created. To knock down Olmec, you need to hit two panels on both sides. Each has 3 HP.

If Olmec falls one level below and remains alive, the third phase of the battle will begin. As in the first, the statue will try to trample you, and then re-open, this time releasing two UFOs. They shoot rays beneath them, and when you deal fatal damage to them, they fall down and explode. Continue destroying blocks with Olmec, UFOs and your own bombs until a path opens down.

There will be a lava pit at the bottom. And to destroy Olmec, you must throw him there. Once the statue is in the lava, you can jump on it and enter one of several tunnels directly above the lava. These tunnels lead to the Ankh chamber. You can return to the top to collect gold. In the center of the room is the Ankh.

In the upper right corner there is a tunnel leading to the boss of the level. You will be taken to where the rescued sisters are located (or may be located), and you can choose the exit further. Keep in mind that blocks will be destroyed, so if you don’t have a raincoat, jetpack, parachute, or turkey, it will be difficult to get out of the den.

Waddler . Place two bombs under the stairs on the right side of the room you will enter (on the upper level) and unlock a tunnel leading to an NPC named Waddler. If you leave him some items, you can pick them up in other parts of the game, on deeper levels of the cave. The most important point is that you can move the bow with it.

World 4 – Tide Pools (Option 1)

This world can be accessed through the level 3-1 door closest to the top. The door will be guarded by crabs. A beautiful world filled with water pits awaits you. Doors block the path and you need to pull the levers. If the lever is located in a dangerous and hard-to-reach place, you can use a bomb. The levers can be reactivated. Opponents can do the same, so be careful that the doors do not crush your caver.

Test of the Star . Somewhere in one of the Fourth Worlds, a mysterious Tun appears, who has a new test for you worth $ 25,000. This time, within the allotted time, you need to light all the torches in the room. This is a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a jetpack. For the successful completion of the task, you will receive a pistol for creating clones, which can copy three items / pet / mount, and so on.

Dice game . Instead of a store at 4-1, 4-2, or 4-3, there will be dice. She can appear on other levels, but this one is guaranteed to appear here, and she is in charge of the huge walrus Madame Task (Tusk). Each roll of the dice costs $ 5,000 and you can play as many times as you like as long as you have the money. On a roll of 2-6, you lose money, 8-12 – you get $ 10,000. If you roll a 7, then you get an item hidden behind the wall. I was not able to verify this, but, as they write on the forums, rolling 7 seven times leads to the fact that Madame Task invites you to the Palace of Pleasures at level 6-3. If you don’t, when you try to get inside, you will hear from the bouncer that you are not on the list. Enemies will appear.

Excalibur and the entrance to Abzu . At the bottom of level 4-2 is a sword sticking out of a rock. If you visited Vlad’s Castle and took his crown, you can pull out this sword. He will be able to kill almost any opponent with one blow. If you have an Ankh, you can find a small entrance at the bottom of Levels 4-3, under a lava pit. There you will receive a golden idol that activates a lava trap, like in the Volcano level. Kill yourself in the lava using the Ankh and Excalibur to open the passage to Abzu.

Secret level 4-4 – Abzu . Kingu: This is a location boss that can be finished off by hitting Excalibur in the back. After defeating him, you will receive the Tablet of Destiny, which you will need later when looking for the right urn and getting the true ending.

World 4 – Temple of Anubis (option 2)

This is an alternate fourth World, similar to the last location in the original game. Perhaps it is even more complex than the fifth and sixth worlds combined. Surely this is due to the fact that the enemies here are often clustered together and shoot fast-moving shells. Traps are also dangerous.

4-1, Anubis . While you sleep, Anubis approaches you, launching rings of destruction. If you kill him, get a scepter. Combined with the Black Market Hedjet, it will allow you to enter the Lost City of Gold.

Secret location 4-3. Lost city of gold . Find the golden door at level 4-2 and use the scepter and the Hedjet artifact from the Black Market to enter the city. There is a lot of gold in this secret area, but the main attraction is the altar on which the man with the Ankh can sacrifice himself to gain access to another secret location, Duat.

Secret location 4-4. Duat . Go through the golden door of the Lost Golden City (4-3). To do this, you need to sacrifice yourself on the altar using the Ankh. Defeat Osiris to receive the Tablet of Destiny (an alternative way to obtain it).

Test of the Star . Read the description of the World of Tide Pools.

Return of Van Horsling . If Van Horsling was freed at the Vulcan location, he will appear behind a small door in the Anubis temple (4-1). He will give an alien compass.

World 5 – Ice Caves

This World is one level, elongated vertically. The easiest way to navigate the Ice Caves is to divide them into four sections.

Section 1 . Go to the level in a place that resembles the third world from the original game. Compared to previous Worlds, this location is more open. If you do not have a climber’s shoes, then the character will constantly slide. At the bottom of this area is not an exit, but a transition point to section 2.

Section 2 . The middle of the level is the empty space on the front layer. The path to the passage to the third section is hidden in the inner layer where the cave “smells of wet moss” is located. This is the Yeti cave, and there are many snowmen, king and queen Yeti. There is a coffin with a mercenary at the top, and a clover to the left and right of the thorns. The uppermost level of the icy surface will allow you to face the Queen Yeti. One level below is the king of the Yeti. Both are guarded by smaller Yeti. Below the king there is a pit with spikes, on top of which there are several platforms, and on one of them there is a door. The door will return you to the front layer.

Section 3 . This section is similar to the first, only below there is an endless pit and a door leading to the sixth world.

Section 4 . An endless pit that will complete your playthrough if you don’t get an alien compass from Van Horsling. It will allow you to discover an alternative exit to the secret location of the Mothership.

World 6 – New Babylon

A beautiful biome with purple brick blocks. After completing and defeating Tiamat at level 6-4, you will see credits and receive a reward for completing the game. New Babylon is a simple, but very changeable world. UFOs, ghost pots, traps, numerous elevators …

Level 6-2. Ushabti’s room and entrance to the Sunken City (World 7) . A small doorway at level 6-2 leads to a room filled with small statues called Ushabti. They are all individual, and only one will allow you to be on the next level, associated with the true ending. To determine which urn is needed, you need the Fate Tablet, which drops out from the bosses in Abzu and Duat. One of them. If you have one, take a look at the magazine and find a clue on what Ushabti should look like. If you choose the correct one and leave the level with it, you will find yourself in 6-3 on a new mount, which is not available under normal conditions. This beast is capable of flying, allowing you to climb up above the head of the final boss at level 6-4. This path leads to the secret World 7, Sunken City.

Level 6-3 and Madame Task’s Palace of Pleasures . Level 6-3 has a prominent door (with a neon sign) guarded by a bouncer. If you rolled the number 7 seven times in the dice game with Madame Task in World 4, then you will be on the guest list. Otherwise, you will not be invited. If you still decide to enter, numerous bouncers will try to kill you. Getting an invitation is an achievement.

Level 6-4 and boss Tiamat . The final, untrue boss of the game. Found at level 6-4. Tiamat shoots red orbs of energy, dealing damage and, when hitting a block, transforming into a random enemy from the previous world. Bubbles rise from the water, which you can stand on. Hit Tiamat on the head with any weapon until



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