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All the information you need to start playing ArcheAge

It is important to understand that in ArcheAge the most interesting content starts after level 50, and everything before it is mostly an introductory part. Therefore, the first task of a novice player is to reach level 50. But first things first.

Character Creation

Let’s start from the very beginning, namely, with the creation of the character.

Server selection

After the first launch of the game, you have to choose a game server. It is recommended for beginners to take the one marked with the “New” sign, because there are more novice players, but if you wish, you can choose any other.

All servers are divided into classic and independent servers, to which at the time of this writing, only the Renaissance belongs. Their difference is that there are no specific plush costumes and items popular on Asian servers on the classic ones, but on an independent server they are. In addition, if you create a character in the Renaissance, then character creation on other servers will become unavailable, and vice versa.

Also, you should pay attention to the fact that the column on the right shows the server load, and you can use it to choose the one that suits you best.

Race selection

There are currently 6 races in the game, 3 of which represent the Nui Alliance faction (Western Continent), and 3 from the Harni Alliance faction (Eastern Continent). Factions are hostile to each other, and when choosing a race, especially when playing with friends, you should remember this (the option to change a faction is present in the game, but it opens only at later stages).

The races of the Nui Alliance are the Nuians, Elves, and Dwarves, while the Harni Alliance factions are the Harni, Ferre, and Warborn.














Q: So which race to choose?

A: Everything is simple: the one you like best. In the game, neither race has a distinct advantage over the others. They differ in appearance, starting storylines, and racial skills that have very little impact on the gameplay. Of all, only the dwarves and battle-born ones stand out, who have a racial ability – reincarnation, which allows them to change shape, each of which has its own set of skills, which makes the gameplay for them more diverse than for other races.

Choosing the first branch of skills

After choosing a race, you have to choose the first branch of skills. At the start, a choice of 6 branches is available.

The “Assault” and “Cunning” branches are melee branches. Offense is more balanced and versatile, while the Treachery branch has a strong emphasis on dual wielding and is more mobile. Further, the branches of magicians – “Magic” and “Wrath”. “Sorcery” is a classic branch of magicians using various elemental magic and with increased damage due to a long spell casting time, while the skills of the “Wrath” branch hit weaker, but much more often. The “Pursuit” branch is the archer branch, and the “Healing” branch is the healer branch.

Q: What is the first branch to choose?

A: As with the choice of race, the one that you like best. Almost all of them provide rapid character development, while, if desired, the player can always change a branch he does not like for another at the NPC Priestess of Nui. However, at the stage of raising the level, perhaps the most convenient will be the “Pursuit” and “Anger” branches, since they allow you to inflict damage on the move at a distance, without the need to approach the enemy and slow down the pace.

In total, there are 12 branches of skills in the game, the player will be able to simultaneously use three of them, thereby forming his own class. The second branch of skills will become available at level 7, and the third at 15. The branches can always be changed, but they do not develop quickly up to level 50, and therefore you should choose those that will help you develop faster, and after level 50 you can easily pump at least all 12 branches, and then you can safely choose the three with which we will continue to play.

It should be noted right away that experienced players do not play only for three branches, but change different branches according to the situation in order to achieve the maximum result.

List of all available branches:

Offense is a versatile melee tree.

Defense is a branch of tanks with a focus on defense against physical attacks.

Mysticism is the enemy’s control branch.

Sorcery is a branch of magicians with an emphasis on increased damage.

Inspiration is a branch of bards, supports, and the main branch that additionally increases the character’s damage.

Hypnosis is the second branch of enemy control.

Resistance is also a tanking branch, but with a focus on protection against magical attacks.

Pursuit is a branch of archers.

Stealth is a branch of assassins that additionally increases damage and allows you to attack from invisibility.

Healing is a branch of healers.

Wrath is the second branch of mages with an emphasis on frequent damage.

Treachery is the second melee branch with a focus on dual wielding and mobility.

After character creation


After the player creates a character and logs into the game for the first time, he gets into the prologue – a small guide to the key features of the game. He will not give experience and will not raise the level after passing, but will briefly show the features of the game.

It should be noted that the battle-born race does not have such an option, because their prologue is a separate story in the form of a mandatory dungeon.

Game settings

The game can be made as convenient and comfortable as possible if you change some game settings.

For example, by default, the camera does not move far away, and also all available quests are not displayed on the maps. This can be easily fixed by making all your settings as shown in the screenshots below.

Note also that the game can be made even more comfortable by setting up convenient hotkeys, but here, for the most part, it’s already a matter of taste.


The current in-game promotions will greatly simplify getting started in ArcheAge. For example, now on one of them you can get fast mounts, such as a manticore or a griffin, which will greatly speed up your travel through the open world and character development. The current list of valid promotions can be found at this link.

Development from 1 to 50 level

From 1 to 30 level

After we have created a character, made the necessary settings, received all the necessary gifts from promotions, you can safely begin character development. The first stage is development from 1 to 30 levels. It is quite simple, because to reach level 30, it is enough to go through the main storyline (green quest chain), upon completion of which the experience gained will be enough exactly up to level 30. Each race has its own storylines, and they are quite interesting, and each will help the player get acquainted with the world of the game. In the course of its passage, the player will encounter side quests (yellow). They give relatively little experience, and it is not at all necessary to do them. In the process, they are needed to get additional game gold, and for additional acquaintance with the world of the game, in particular with the culture of the location where the quest is issued.

Thus, a beginner player has 3 options for development:

Slow, with the study of all side and story quests.

Average, only with the introduction and passage of all story quests.

High-speed (about an hour), where the storyline runs quickly, skipping all dialogues (skipping in game jargon).

Which of the options is more acceptable to you, you choose yourself.

Choosing branches during development

How to choose the first branch of skills, you could read in the article above. As for the second branch, which will become available at level 7, and the third at level 15, we will dwell here in more detail.

The most convenient second branch, which will significantly speed up the process of character development, is the Inspiration branch, in particular due to the Campaign March skill. This skill accelerates the movement speed of the character, and most importantly, the movement speed of the riding pet. The game up to level 30 is a run from quest to quest, and this skill, coupled with a good riding pet, allows you to significantly speed up this process.

The third branch can already be chosen at will, but the most convenient and suitable for any class is the “Stealth” branch, which will also help to complete quests more efficiently. In particular, due to the skill “Rebound”, which, when applied at the right time, allows you to avoid damage from falling (if you need to cut off the road by jumping off a cliff), and the skill “Invisibility”, which allows you to become invisible, thus avoiding the pursuit of a large number of monsters that would otherwise, they would have overpowered the character by number.

Recall that after level 50 it will be easy to pump at least all the branches of skills, so it is not at all necessary to choose some three branches, and run only with them throughout the game.

Equipment synthesis and awakening

In the process of character development, the player will get acquainted with the process of improving equipment. It has two main mechanics: synthesis and awakening. Synthesis allows using various materials to increase the quality of equipment through the accumulation of equipment experience. The process looks like the absorption of the equipment of these very materials. The higher the quality of the equipment, the higher its characteristics.

The necessary initial equipment can be obtained for completing quests, or bought from NPCs selling weapons and armor. Dawn Essence is an auxiliary material to enhance it. It can be obtained for completing quests or bought from the NPC of Useful Trivia.

Once the equipment reaches maximum quality, it can be awakened. Awakening is no longer just an increase in the quality of equipment, but a change in it to a higher level. To do this, you need scrolls of awakening, which can also be obtained for completing quests or bought from the same NPC of Useful Trivia. Please note that you will receive the last scrolls of awakening in chapter 11, and you cannot get them again, so spend them wisely.

Do not forget to synthesize and awaken equipment in the process of development, thereby making your character stronger.

Battle pet

At about level 25, the player will be able to reach the place where a battle pet can be obtained. In the current realities of the game, battle pets greatly simplify character development, because they have a strong increase in damage in PVE. Moreover, they can be made stronger than the character of a novice player, and therefore it is necessary to acquire them.

First you need to get the most battle pet. This can be done by growing it in one of the locations below.

Having received a pet, you can use what many would call a legal cheat. In the game, the level of the battle pet can be higher than the level of the character, and if the character has 1 level, the battle pet can have it 55! To achieve this we need the “Keld” runes. Each such rune gives 30k experience to the pet and about 40 pieces are needed to raise it to level 50. An independent beginner level 25 player will not be able to get them, because they drop out to experienced players from chests with a monster above level 50, and they have a lot of such runes. Therefore, we turn to them. We ask in the game chat to help raise the level of the pet with the help of the “Keld” runes, but be prepared for the fact that it may take a long time to search.

We find those players who agree to help, and will not charge you, because these runes still have nowhere else to put. We meet with this player and he raises the level of the pet. It should be noted here that the level of a pet can be raised to level 55, but this already requires a lot more runes, and not every player will already agree to this, while raising a pet up to level 50 is quick.

But that’s not all. After raising the level of the pet, it should be equipped with combat harness, which will make it even stronger. You can purchase it from the NPC Stable Keeper. You can choose from a harness for 1 gold for a level 25 pet, for 5 gold for a level 40 pet, and for 20 gold for a level 55 pet.

If funds allow you, then purchase the set that suits the current level of the pet. Depending on what attacks your pet hits, in ranged combat, melee, or spells, you should choose a casket from the set. Lynx Casket for ranged pets, Tiger Casket for melee, and Harpy Cache for spellcasters. By the way, all the pets mentioned above refer to close combat, so for them we take a chest with a tiger brand.

It should be mentioned that level 55 harness can be upgraded as it is synthesized.

From 30 to 50 level

The longest stage in development starts from 30 to 50 levels, or rather from 30 to 46. Here the storyline quest chain begins to give relatively little experience, and in order to develop the character, you will also have to complete all the side yellow quests. There is no universal method for speeding up this process. You can purchase consumables that will increase your damage, allowing you to kill monsters faster, such as the Phial of Akrites and the Gourmet Tasting Kit, and purchase experience scrolls to gain more experience with monsters.

The process will also be simplified if you take care of a level 50 pet as shown above.

You can also develop one of the crafts and spend work points on it, but the method is also not quick, even if there will be a lot of these points from the premium account and the “patronage of Sioli”, which can be purchased in the in-game store. In any case, you have to spend time to reach level 46.

Starting at level 46 and up to level 50, the process is simplified again. The fact is that at level 46 you can already go and kill monsters of the heroic level. Monsters of the heroic level are not much stronger than ordinary monsters, but they give experience for them as for 1 quest at level 46-50! At the same time, monsters of the heroic level, regardless of what kind of heroic level it is, are considered as level 56, and experience for the monsters is awarded to the player if the difference between them is no more than 10 levels, so experience for them starts only from level 46. The most simple, in this case, for the development of the character will be the monsters of the locations of Efen’Hal and the Bay of Whalers, where you should go after reaching level 46. The main thing here is to pay attention to the stages of the conflict. During war and conflict, players of the enemy faction can kill you,

After level 50

Having reached level 50, we can say the introductory part of the game is passed! From this moment on, the player opens up a lot of multidirectional game content: dungeons, arenas, raids and much, much more.

However, character development will not end there, but will only begin. Raising the level fades into the background, because now it will practically not make the player stronger, but only open up the opportunity to use new skills, and all qualitative growth will come from raising the rank of equipment, which, especially at the beginning, will become sharply stronger.

Ramian equipment

This is the most readily available equipment for beginners who have reached level 50, and it is precisely its leveling that should be done. The player will receive part of it by awakening his initial equipment, and the fundamental difference between the Ramian and the previous one will be the presence of synthesized characteristics. They drop out randomly when receiving equipment and can be changed after each raising the rank of equipment. Players should try to get stats for their class. Melee warriors, strength, chance and strength of critical strike in melee, and archers dexterity, chance and strength of critical strike in ranged, etc. If the equipment, having reached the highest rank, could not give the desired results, then you can try to get them again after awakening to a higher level, or knock out a new one, and use the old one as a material for synthesis.

The most convenient area for knocking out Ramian equipment is the area in Nuimar, where it falls abundantly from a large number of Ramians. By the way, the first step is to improve the Ramian weapons, because they provide the main increase in damage, which will make it easier to get the desired equipment.

You can read more about the synthesis of Ramian equipment in this article.


To develop Ramian equipment, you need Essences of Light and Scrolls of Awakening. They can be knocked out from monsters, but it is much easier to get them in a raid with players completing daily and weekly quests. In different locations on the original mainland, there are quests for the essence of light. They can be done alone or with a squad, but much easier in a raid with other players. By default, players are going to raid daily quests about 20 minutes before midnight Moscow time. Open the raid window and click the Find Groups magnifier. You will see a list of available raids. Usually raids on weekly quests at the specified time are easy to find because they are always numerous. Choose the one with more people and click on the “Application” button. In the next window, we also click “Application”, after which we get into the raid.

Once in the raid, you should join the bulk of the players. Open the world map and see which location the players are in. As a rule, everyone is pre-assembled at the first quest, from where the daily tasks on the Primordial continent will go. Simple advice for successfully completing quests: Progress on a quest is counted for you if you, or other players nearby, kill monsters on a quest, that is, to be successful, you should always be in the bulk of players because the mobs are killed by the whole crowd. That is, if you lag behind or find yourself far from the main mass, then the quest will simply be done without you. Moreover, you should not linger on the quest if the bulk has left for the next quest. Not only will you not finish the current quest, but the subsequent ones will do without you. Therefore,

I will also add that in addition to daily quests, there are also weekly ones. The reward for them is more solid and they are collected 20 minutes before midnight between Sunday and Monday.

Earning gold

For the development of Ramian equipment, and at all, for character development, an in-game currency is needed – gold. The game has a huge variety of ways to get it, which you can find out about in separate guides , but we will only touch on the very initial and basic earnings.

Opening sacks of gold is considered the initial income. Such bags will drop out to the player in abundance throughout the game, and therefore they allow you to immediately start earning, but this is far from the most profitable way, and requires a lot of work points.

The main income in the game is trade. For this earnings you need a tractor and the better it is, the higher the earnings. You can purchase your first 2-load tractor in the in-game store for 50 Delphic Stars.

Subsequently, you can upgrade it to a tractor with 4 weights, then 6 weights, and to the final version with 8 weights.

You can read more about tractors and types of transport in this guide.

As for which cargo is more profitable to carry, the situation changes from update to update in the game, and therefore universal advice – see what cargo is being handed over at a given time by 130%. See its prime cost and delivery price and already determine whether it is profitable for you to carry it or not. You can see the percentage of change in real time using the price window for regional goods.


That’s all. You can read more about many other aspects of the game after level 50 in other game guides on our portal.


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