Home Assistant in ArcheAge – a beginner’s guide

Everything You Need to Know About ArcheAge Home Assistant Features

What is a home assistant for? Farming and trading are some of the main activities in ArcheAge , but not all players have enough time to do them. In this case, a home assistant comes to the rescue – a pet who lives in the house and performs work for the owner. He will do it less profitable than the player, but the gamer will have his hands free and he will only need to give new instructions to the assistant from time to time.

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How do I get an assistant?

To get an assistant at your disposal, you need to go to the front door at your house and select the “Summon Assistant” option.


  • You can bind 1 assistant per account.
  • You can tie and untie it no more than 2 times a day.
  • Pegging costs 20 bills.
  • You cannot sell the house to which the assistant is attached.

After that, the helper menu becomes available, which by default opens with the Shift + H keyboard shortcut.

The yield of the site

As mentioned above, the home assistant is able to farm and trade instead of the player. For these actions, he spends a special resource – the yield of the site.

For example, it takes 1 unit to grow one seed. yield. Players can replenish yields in 2 ways:

Once a week, at 00:00 Moscow time from Sunday to Monday, the player gets a free opportunity to increase the yield 2 times by 500 (that is, by 1000 in total). To do this, click on the “+” button next to the yield scale.

The second way is to use the “Golden Seed”, which increases the yield by 1000. You can get it for various in-game events, and in particular in the “Calendar” in the “Gifts” section. It is also sold in the in-game store in the amount of 3 pieces. for 50 crystals.

Please note that the entire yield of the site is reset to zero if you untie the assistant from the house.

Work points

The second resource that the assistant uses is work points.

Like the player, the helper needs job points to farm and trade. He spends them about the same as the player, adjusted for the discount from the pumped skills.

By clicking on the “+” next to the scale of work points, the gamer will be able to transfer the work points to the assistant.

A player can transfer up to 2000 work points to an assistant per day without penalty. After that he will be able to transfer another 2000, but the penalty will already be 20%, that is, only 1600 work points will come. The limit of work points available for use depends on the level of the assistant.

The assistant retains the received work points, even in the event of an unlink from home.

Assistant level

The third important characteristic is the level of the helper.

The assistant raises his level when he performs various assignments. The level affects what activities and in what volumes the assistant will be able to occupy. A beginner assistant will only be able to grow a small number of plants. A high-level helper will be able to do high-volume cultivation and trade at the same time.

At the first level, the assistant has a limit of only 1000 work points and can carry out 1 farmer’s order in one area.

List of effects from level

  • Level 1: Basic
  • Level 2: Add. skill point
  • Level 3: Add. skill point
  • 4 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 5 lvl: Add. skill point. Job point limit increased to 2000
  • 6 lvl: Add. skill point. Access to the second site
  • 7 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 8 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 9 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 10 lvl: Add. skill point. Access to the second farming order (Requires 3 “Extra bags” to purchase)
  • 11 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 12 lvl: Add. skill point. Job point limit increased to 3000
  • 13 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 14 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 15 lvl: Add. skill point. Access to the third site
  • 16 lvl: Add. skill point. Access to the underwater farm
  • 17 lvl: Add. skill point
  • Lvl 18: add. skill point
  • 19 lvl: Add. skill point
  • 20 lvl: Add. skill point. Access to the third farming order (Requires 5 “Extra bags” to purchase)
  • Level 21: Add. skill point. Access to two trade orders (Requires level 55 character)
  • 22 lvl: Add. skill point. Job point limit increased to 4000
  • Level 23: Add. skill point
  • Level 24: Add. skill point
  • Level 25: Add. skill point. Access to the third trade order (Requires 2 “Additional bags” to purchase)
  • Level 26: Add. skill point
  • 27 lvl: Add. skill point
  • Level 28: Add. skill point. Access to the fourth trade order (Requires 2 “Additional bags” to purchase)
  • Level 29: Add. skill point
  • 30 lvl: Add. skill point
  • Level 31: Add. skill point. Access to the fifth trade order (Requires 3 “Additional bags” to purchase)
  • 32 lvl: Extra. skill point
  • 33 lvl: Extra. skill point
  • Level 34: Add. skill point. Access to the sixth trade order (Requires 3 “Additional bags” to purchase)
  • 35 lvl: Extra. skill point

As you can see from this list, the assistant is able to carry out farm orders from level 1, use an underwater farm at level 16, and carry out trade orders from only 21.

Helper skills

The assistant can be engaged in one of 5 activities: animal husbandry, agriculture, timber harvesting, herbalism and trade. Each one corresponds to its own skill, which can be improved for extra. skill points obtained from the level of the assistant. The higher the skill level, the more reduced the cost of work points for the corresponding type of activity.

For example, a total of 50,000 crafting points will reduce the trade point cost of labor by 15%.

Each subsequent level gives 100 more craft points. For example, level 23 will give 2300 points.

Assistant equipment

The equipment of the assistant is necessary to additionally raise the skill of the assistant’s skills. It also has a number of useful characteristics:

  • Bonus to the speed of crafting – affects how quickly the assistant will carry out assignments.
  • Chance of getting additional items. Basically, a small amount of the same resource can additionally fall out.
  • Trade order execution time is a bonus that comes from special trade equipment.
  • Reduced yield – the name speaks for itself.

The simplest helper equipment can be purchased with a crafting reputation.

More advanced equipment for an assistant for a specific craft can be purchased in the in-game store in the “Craft” section.

Each set contains equipment for a specific craft, which will give a total of 30,000 skills for that craft.

As for the equipment for trade, it is crafted from the initial equipment for a craft reputation and additional resources.

In total, trade equipment will increase your trading skill by 25,000, and will reduce the execution time of trade orders by 2%, and the cost of yield by 3%.

Farm errands


On the second tab of the window called “Orders” you can issue all farm orders. They are available from the 1st helper level and allow you to grow seeds, seedlings and livestock. But first, the assistant needs to transfer the scarecrow on which he will grow.

The Scarecrow provides the helper with a virtual plot with a specified number of growing sections.

The larger the scarecrow, the more sections:

  • All scarecrows in size 8×8 will give a plot of 40 sections.
  • All scarecrows in size 16×16 will give a plot of 180 sections.
  • All scarecrows in 24×24 size will give a plot of 400 sections.

The number of sections determines how many plants or livestock the assistant can grow. For example, 1 seed will occupy 1 section. Accordingly, if the assistant has a plot of 40 sections, he will be able to grow 40 seeds at a time. Packages of seeds, as well as trees and livestock, depending on their size, occupy a large number of sections.

At level 1, a helper can have 1 scarecrow. At level 6, there are already 2 scarecrows. By 15, their number can be increased to 3. So, at most, it can have a plot with a total area of ​​1200 sections from 3 scarecrows 24×24.


Let’s move on to the instructions themselves.

By clicking on the “Add” button in the “List of orders”, you can select which resource the assistant will start growing.

In this case, in the lower left part of the window, all the necessary information will be shown:

  • Lead time, which is usually slightly longer than the standard growth time of the selected plant or livestock.
  • How many sections will be occupied, which depends on the size of the plant or livestock and their number. In this example, there are 10 trees, each of which occupies 10 sections. In total, in total it takes 100 sections out of 580 (we have 580 sections from two scarecrows with an area of ​​400 and 180 sections).
  • Work points spent on growing.
  • Decreased yield. It should be noted here that the used yield is always equal to the number of sections used.

Additional Information:

  • How many sections does one plant or cattle occupy?
  • The number of crops (refers to plants) that can be harvested multiple times.
  • At the very bottom, you can select the number of plants to grow.

The assistant begins to carry out the assignment immediately after it is accepted.

Information on the timing of the execution of the order is written in the corresponding line.

All grown products will be sent to the player by mail, and sometimes an additional resource may come.

Additional order

Initially, at level 1, an assistant can carry out only one farming assignment. However, from level 10, it is possible for 3 “Additional bags” to acquire the ability to issue a second order, and at level 20 for 5 “Additional bags” a third.

More information on farming errands

  • Only the owner of the helper can grow on his plot.
  • You can only grow a specifically selected resource, collected in one stack, while you can grow all available seeds, seedlings and livestock, with the exception of akhium trees.
  • Work points and yield and the plant / livestock itself are consumed by the assistant at the time of accepting the order from the player, however, if the order is canceled, the work points, yield and plant / livestock are not returned.
  • The assistant grows plants and livestock for longer and receives less resources from them than if the player himself was doing this.

Underwater farm

Starting from the 16th level of the assistant, it becomes possible to issue instructions for the cultivation of resources on an underwater farm. The principle is the same as for a conventional farm.

We give out an underwater scarecrow (only on its sections underwater plants can grow) and provide corals.

Trade orders

When the assistant reaches level 21 and level 55, the player becomes able to issue trade orders. The corresponding menu is located on the third tab of the assistant window called “Trade”.

In order for the assistant to be able to carry out trade orders, he needs a tractor. It can accept a tractor with 2, 4 and 6 slots. Unfortunately, the 8-slot tractor cannot be used.

After that, 2 orders become available, each of which is a separate trade cargo sent along the selected route and requiring certain resources to create.

The starting point is the location and the place where the house is, to which the assistant is assigned, and the destination can be one of the 3 trading posts of the continent.

  • You can only carry regular and cargo using the Delphic stars.
  • Crafting materials are similar to their open world versions.
  • Work point spend is calculated by adding the cost of producing and delivering the cargo, minus the skill of trading.
  • You can only trade on the western and eastern continents. The original continent is not meant for trade.
  • The assistant will show the minimum and maximum time taken to transport the cargo.
  • Transportation time also affects the freshness of the cargo and the final proceeds upon delivery.
  • The gold earned by the assistant will be sent to the player by mail 8 hours after the completion of the transportation.
  • The maximum number of trade orders depends on the number of available tractor slots, and the transport speed depends on the transport speed.


  • At the 25th level of the assistant, the third trade order becomes available for 2 “Additional bags”.
  • At the 28th level of the assistant, the fourth trade order becomes available for 2 “Additional bags”.
  • At the 31st level of the assistant, the fifth trade order becomes available for 3 “Additional bags”.
  • At level 34 of the helper, the sixth trade order becomes available for 3 “Extra bags”.

Unlinking an assistant from home

If you want to untie the assistant from the building, for example, in case of moving to another building, then in the main window, click on the “Building” button, and then on the “Recall” button. In this case, be careful! If the assistant is unlinked from the building, all the yield he has will be lost! At the same time, the existing work points, as well as the level of the assistant, are saved, and the assistant’s outfit is returned to the post office.

Assistant’s appearance and name

The assistant can change the appearance and name. You can set the appearance of any of the familiars by moving it to the appearance slot. In this case, it can no longer be used until it is removed from the slot again. The appearance does not affect anything and serves only as a visual addition.

In conclusion, I’ll write that this is just an introductory article about the home assistant, which focuses on the basic mechanics of a home assistant. The next article will have a more advanced and detailed format with calculations and measurements, as well as tips for using a home assistant. You can also find more game guides on the game page here on the site , as well as in my VKontakte public .

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