How to bind a wheel jump in CS: GO

Three topical ways to bind the mousewheel jump setting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular competitive third-person shooter that replaced the classic CS 1.6 a few years ago. This is one of the main esports games in the world, so PRO gamers are constantly coming up with things that make control easier and better, provide certain advantages, and so on.

By default, the “Space” key is responsible for jumping in CS: GO. This is one of the longest keys: it has the greatest depression depth, so it takes too much time from the moment you decide to jump to the moment you jump. This is the main reason PRO players use the mouse wheel to jump. Below we will show you how to bind the jump to the mouse wheel through the settings, console and configuration file.

How to bind a jump on a wheel in settings

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way that will take a minimum of your time. In less than a minute, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Start the game and on the main screen select the “Settings” section.
  2. Go to the “Keyboard & Mouse” tab and select the “Move” subsection.
  3. Find the item “Jump”, select it and scroll the mouse wheel down or up, depending on how you would like to jump. One of the options is scrolling the mouse wheel up to jump, and down to squat (instead of CTRL). Thus, instead of “Space”, the words MWHEELUPor MWHEELDOWN should appear .

How to bind a jump to a wheel through the console

The next way is to use the in-game console. Below we will tell you how to activate it. Now – as soon as you open the console, enter the query:

  • bind “MWHEELUP” “+ jump”
  • bind “MWHEELDOWN” “+ jump”

In the first case, you tell the game that the jump is carried out by moving the mouse wheel up, in the second – down. If you made a mistake while entering the code or want to delete the specified bind, enter the same command, only replace bind with the word unbind . The same method can be used to remove the jump through the “Space” (for example, if you can’t get out of this key in order to jump on the mouse wheel). Enter the command unbind “Space” “+ jump” .

How to enable the console in CS: GO

Start the game and click on the “gear” at the left edge of the screen. Then open the Game tab and look for Enable Developer Console (~). Specify “Yes” next to it and save the changes. Now, by pressing the ~ key, the in-game console will open. Enter one of the commands above and press Enter.

How to bind a jump to a wheel through a config file

Open Steam, go to the library and right-click on the name of the game (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). Select View Local Files and navigate to Steam / steamapps / common / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive / csgo / cfg . Find the config_default.cfg file and open it with any text editor (including notepad). Find the jump bind line:

  • bind “SPACE” “+ jump”

To find it faster, press CTRL + F to search the document and enter the word jump or space. Then replace SPACE with mwheelup or mwheeldown. You should get something like bind “mwheelup” “+ jump” . In this case, it will be enough to scroll the mouse wheel up to jump. But at the same time you overwrite the “Space” bind. That is, you will not be able to jump through the SPACE key.

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