How can I jump a greater distance in CoD Warzone?

One of the most representative games in terms of warfare is without a doubt Warzone in Call of Duty. For years this saga has given players from all over the world hours and hours of frantic and crazy fun , in its many maps and game modes. Many are not satisfied with installing the best war games on their mobile. 

For this reason, Warzone is one of those modes that has been very fashionable in recent years. For this reason, players from all over the world want to know the best techniques to be the best on the battlefield.

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  1. How can I jump a greater distance in CoD Warzone?
    1. Jumping from a considerable height
    2. With the tactical sprint
  2. What other tricks can help me get an edge in my jumps in Warzone?
    1. Take care of the Ping
    2. hold a gun

How can I jump a greater distance in CoD Warzone?

If you want to play like a pro in CoD Warzone, first of all you must move like one. This means performing jumps in a different way than usual. That is why to learn how to do these movements, we recommend you continue reading the steps explained below.

Jumping from a considerable height

In any first-person shooter video game, it is typical to find players who like to camp , and eliminate their companions from a distance with a sniper rifle. To kill them without them noticing, we must make a jump from a considerable height.

We have to visualize well the map where we are playing . When we see an antenna, that is where we should go. We proceed to climb to the end, then we have to be clear about where our enemy is and finally we proceed to jump with our parachute deployed. It is important to mention that we must descend sideways, in the direction we want to go.

It is also essential to alternate the camera to have precision of where we will fall. Once this is done, we just have to land stealthily  and thus be able to finish our enemy when he least expects it. Similar to the popular game Call of Duty Black Ops 3 handling the same theme of military combat.

With the tactical sprint

The tactical sprint is a very crucial function to move more agilely around the map. It also helps prevent  the enemy from hitting you with their shots.  Therefore, to learn how to use this movement you must do the following.

First of all, pause the game, enter the ‘Controller’ or ‘Keyboard’ option if you are playing on PC. Once this is done, look for the option that says ‘ Auto Sprint’,  and activate it. If for some reason the keyboard of your Windows 10 PC does not respond , you can learn how to unlock it so you do not have problems with your Warzone games in Call of Duty.

In combat at a moderate distance, what we will do is make a combination of buttons so that this technique comes out perfectly. For this we must advance with the tactical sprint .

Then we jump, turn where our enemy is, aim and jump again. All of this has to happen in an instant for it to work properly. It’s a bit difficult at first, but with a little practice it can be done.

What other tricks can help me get an edge in my jumps in Warzone?

Every day there are more techniques and methods to be better in first person shooting games. Warzone is no exception, as players do whatever it takes to improve their gameplay and increase their personal bests. For this, certain aspects must be taken into account, which we will explain below.

Take care of the Ping

It is important to pay attention to the ping that we have in the middle of a battle, since, if it is too high, our character will remain static at times. This affects the extent that our enemies can take advantage of this disadvantage and win the game.

hold a gun

We can proceed with an effective aiming technique while we have our weapon ready for action. It is about executing a tactical sprint and being quick with our fingers so as not to be killed by our enemy.

We must have the tactical sprint option activated . Once this is done, we proceed to carry out the following combination of keys so that the technique with the weapon comes out correctly. We are going to run using tactical sprint + jump + spin + aim + jump.


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