How to revive in the Gulag in CoD: Warzone

CoD: Warzone offers us the possibility of returning to battle after being killed. How? Well, coming out victorious in a certain special showdown in the Gulag.CoD: Warzone respects many of the common tropes within the Battle Royale genre , but subverts many others. A general and accepted constant in the free-for-all modes is that if you are downed, it’s over , your position as a survivor is marked and you run. But not here, here you will have the possibility to revive once per game on your own.


  1. How to revive using the Gulag
  2. What happens if they kill you again?

How to revive using the Gulag

When you are downed, if none of your squadmates revive you before being completely downed, you will be captured and go to the Gulag . The concept and the mechanics are quite simple, basic and direct, the truth: after a while they will make you go down to the sand with a gun and you will have to face, one against one, against another dejected .


The player who wins will be redeployed on the battlefield, while the one who has fallen will have to settle for being revived by another player , paying at a supply station, or return to the waiting room to start another game. Please note that the shooting will take place with basic equipment and cannot end in a draw . If one of the two players does not take down the other before the time is up, you will have to overcome an extension. There can only be one left, even if the Kurgan is not here.

What if they kill you again?

In order to revive after your second kill, you depend on someone granting you that privilege from a supply station . Another player in your squad may pay for you to resurrect and continue in the gap, but logically this will not happen often unless you play with friends. Try to agree with acquaintances to maximize your chances of resurrection and continue fighting for victory.

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