ArcheAge;sea and sunken packs Guide

A little about the sea and sunken packs that are found in the Serene Sea.

It’s time to talk about the latest kind of packs in ArcheAge . This is a very good income for players who play in a team. Absolutely everyone can do this, but you need to have good equipment to protect yourself and the packs.

NPS “Buyer of relics”

It is worth remembering the location of the NPC to which the packs are delivered. The NPC is located in the following locations:

  • Two Crowns (western mainland).
  • Dawn Peninsula (eastern mainland).
  • Liberty Island (serene sea).
  • Gallows Bay (sea of ​​storms).
  • Sparkling coastline (original mainland).

What to take with you on your adventure

Breathing underwater:

  • A bottle of aromatic salts (allows you to breathe underwater for forty-five minutes) – can be crafted on the alchemy table or bought at the auction.
  • Scuba (allows you to breathe under water for fifteen minutes) – can be taken on a trimaran.
  • Mermaid Earring (allows you to breathe underwater) – Dropped by Prince Feder.
  • Diving helmet (allows you to breathe under water for a minute longer, removes the effect of cloudiness in the water).

Swimming speed:

  • Shipbuilder’s Lucky Earring (swimming speed + 10%) – dropped from Dauta.
  • Diver’s fins (swimming speed + 30%) – can be crafted on an armored mannequin.
  • Pet “Pink Dolphin” (swimming speed under water 6.5 m / s) – falls from Dauta (one dolphin always falls).

If you quickly press the spacebar on the dolphin, then it will allow you to quickly rise to the surface


At the Eye of the Storm event, you can get a cargo of marinite and make a pack out of it. More details can be found here .

“Golden Statue Discovered!”

From the day of the sea, chests can be lifted with a lifting bag. To create a sack you need Lift Sack Parts x1 (sold in useful items) and Rawhide x1 .

Then you need to go to the bottom of the Serene Sea and look for the “Sunken Cargo”.

From the chest you can get useful little things, for example, Ancient Shards (collecting thirty-five shards, you can get rare decorative dishes) or small moon pearls. If you’re lucky, the following packs may fall out:

  • Ancient ceramics (rare quality) – one hundred gold.
  • Golden Statue (Epic Quality) – One Thousand Gold

If a golden statue has dropped out, then the entire server will know about it, and the coordinates of where the statue was found will also be reported. If you have time to take a screenshot of the coordinates, then after that you need to enter them on an interactive map , and then the exact location of the found statue will be displayed. They will try to take the found statue to the nearest drop-off point, and thanks to the coordinates, it will be possible to find out the estimated place where the statue should be expected.

“An ancient freighter is slowly rising.”

The Serene Sea is full of submerged merchant schooners that sail to the bottom of the sea every day. These schooners carry packs that are not easy to pull out. First you need a submarine, but you will need a blue submarine drawing (you can purchase it for two hundred and fifty Delphic stars) or an ancient submarine drawing (you need twenty-five drawing fragments that fall from sunken cargo, but the fragments are personal).

Crafting a submarine requires inexpensive materials:

  • Blueprint: Submarine x1.
  • Anthracite dye x1 (for a black submarine), white dye x1 (for a silver submarine) or blue dye (for a blue submarine).
  • Transmission х1.
  • Dive regulator x1.
  • Embossed Leather x1.
  • Shimmering Wood x1
  • Beeswax x1.

A sunken schooner can be found easily with a telescope . On the map, a sunken merchant schooner is displayed as a lifeboat. Under the lifeboat is the Ancient Cargo Ship. Using the “Exploration” skill, eight containers in each submarine will be able to dig a schooner out from under a pile of stones (for the skill to work, you need to craft a “sonar” and equip the submarine).

It will take three hundred work points to dig a schooner. But you can also dig it out with the help of the Air Cannon Shot skill, which becomes available when the submarine is equipped with an Air Cannon.

After that, you need to install ten lifting bags and break / raise the anchor so that the schooner floats up. At this point, the message “Ancient freighter is slowly rising” will be sent to the entire Serene Sea.

After lifting the schooner, eight containers are available and each contains two packs. Depending on the skill in the “Research” craft, how many work points will be spent and what packs will drop from containers:

  • Antique Utensils (Normal Quality) – 9.90 Gold
  • Ancient Pottery (Unusual Quality) – 14.47 Gold
  • Barrel of Rum 20 Years Old (Rare Quality) – 29.71 Gold

On the schooner you can find a “Reinforced cargo container” from which all packs can fall, except for old utensils. Only from this container you can get the most expensive pack of unique quality “Ancient Ship’s Logs” (44.75 gold) with a small chance, but its opening requires one hundred thousand mastery in the “Exploration” craft.


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