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If you are a frequent internet user and you like everything that has to do with video games and cryptocurrencies, surely you have heard of Axie Infinity, this is the most popular NFT game of the moment , since its game mechanics reminds us a lot of the The very famous Pokémon combined the Non-Fungible Tokens or better known as (NFT) through which its players can obtain economic gains in cryptocurrencies.

Today we bring you this guide so you can learn all the basics regarding this entertaining game that is giving so much to talk about among the gaming community. So pay close attention and take these tips into account if you are thinking of starting in this world of NFT games to earn money .

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  1. What is an Axie and what value does it have in the market?
  2. How many types of Axies are there in the game?
  3. What is the mechanics of the game?
    1. Adventure mode
    2. JCJ
  4. What Token represents the value of each Axie in the game?
  5. How much energy do I have per day according to the Axies I have?
  6. Can I start playing without capital?

What is an Axie and what value does it have in the market?

An Axie is a creature that we will use for our development within the game, these creatures have different attributes that make them better to play a role, some for attack, others for defense or tank, just like in MOBA games. The most marked difference in Axie Infinity is that each of these creatures is tied to a token . This token has a value defined by the cryptocurrency Ethereum, through which we can buy these Axies to enter the game.

All Axies have a different value depending on the attributes and abilities they possess , some can cost 0.01 ETH (Fraction of Ethereum) which can represent about 200 US dollars.

How many types of Axies are there in the game?

Taking into account the class of Axie that we are going to buy directly influences our style of play and the growth we can obtain within the league. Currently, there are 9 classes of Axies of which three of them are special classes of Axies that are not included in this post, because they either have their own body parts or also known as class cards. Next, we will mention the nine that exist.

  • Plant
  • Bird
  • Beast
  • Dusk
  • Bug
  • Mech
  • Aquatic
  • Reptile
  • Dawn

There are also three types of secret Axies, but here we reveal what they are and we will talk about some of their attributes, since these classes are quite difficult to breed , this is because they require a specific combination of purebred Axies. What’s more, even if you get those two required Axies classes, you will only have a 33% chance of obtaining a secret class when you want to cross your Axies. The three classes we are talking about are the following:

Dawn: This class is obtained by crossing a purebred Reptile Axie with a purebred Aquatic Axie . One of its most interesting attributes is that they have a 7.5% class bonus for all those plants that belong to the Reptiles and plants group.

Mech: This Axie class is obtained by crossing a purebred Axie Bug and a purebred Beast Axie . This Axie also has a 7.5% class bonus for Bug and Beast cards.

Dusk: This is the class that is obtained when we cross an Aquatic Axie and a Reptile , both purebred. In this case they also have a class bonus for all plant and reptile cards.

What is the mechanics of the game?

Basically, Axie Infinity is a turn-based card game and your only goal will be to defeat your three enemy Axies, while keeping your team of three Axies alive. All this after having studied the attributes of each of your creatures very well and devising a strategy according to the abilities of your creatures to know how to take advantage of the weaknesses of your enemy team.

Adventure mode

The adventure mode or also known as PVE consists of going around the map defeating certain bosses that are along the way. These victories will give you an amount of SLP that is the currency used in the game until you complete 50 SLP, which is the maximum that you can receive in this mode.

In this mode the amount of SLP you receive for each level will be random, however, at higher levels the reward in SLP will also be higher. Additionally, you must take into account that you can only receive rewards the first time you play a level , if you play that same level again, you will no longer be rewarded, you should always look for new levels to play.


The PvP mode or also known as “Arena”, is the mode in which you must face other players through your team of Axies , using a good strategy according to the skills of your team. The system will reward you with a variable amount of SLP depending on your in-game rating, the higher your rating, the more SLP points you will be awarded for victory in the arena.

What Token represents the value of each Axie in the game?

In Axie infinity the Small Love Potion or SLP token is used , this is an ERC-20 (Ethereum Request for Comments) token , so it operates within the Ethereum network. This token in addition to being the one used to give us the rewards for our victories or daily missions in the game, it is also used to define the value of an Axie creature.

Understanding this, we will realize that each Axie will have a value that will be anchored to the price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency , so the value of an Axie can vary from one moment to another depending on the behavior of the value that it has at the time it is you want to buy or sell it.

How much energy do I have per day according to the Axies I have?

Energy is extremely important in the game, since without it we will not be able to earn our rewards in SLP , at least in the arena mode. The only way to get rewards without having energy is in adventure mode.

However, we will also need energy to gain experience in adventure mode, so you must take into account that your maximum energy will depend on the amount of Axies you have, so the amount will be as follows:

  • If you have between 3 and 9 axies, the system will give you 20 energyand you will be able to recover 5 energy points every 6 hours.
  • If you have between 10 to 19 axies, the amount of energy available will be 40and you will recover 5 energy every 6 hours.
  • When you have more than 20 axies, the system grants you 60 energy pointsand a recovery of 5 energy points every 6 hours.

You must take into account that each battle you do in the adventure mode or in the arena mode will cost you 1 energy point , so you must be strategic to manage it as best as possible and you can obtain the rewards for your victories.

Can I start playing without capital?

In order to start your adventure within Axie Infinity you must acquire a team of Axies for adventure or arena mode, this represents that you must make an investment of money to enter the system. However, one of the most practical ways to get into the game without having to invest our money is by acquiring a scholarship .

Being one of the most popular games today, Axie Infinity has a large community of players who have designed a scholarship system for those people who somehow cannot make an investment of their own.

This will allow those who wish to enter, can “rent” an Axie to another player and with this, begin to make a profit in SLP, these profits will be divided, prior agreement, between the owner of the Axie and the person who is playing with him. So if you do not have capital and want to enter this game , you can apply within the official channel of Axie Infinity in Discord, section ” Scholarships ” and contact other players to introduce yourself and request the information for the process of a scholarship in this fabulous game.

If you have the desire to enter Axie Infinity to earn money, this is the time, the community is growing and the game is receiving constant improvements so that it remains stable and each person can get the most out of the time and money they invest in it. platform.

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