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In The Elder Scrolls Online, almost any class can be customized to your liking. But the keeper is rightfully considered the most diverse of all. A warden can make both a good attacking character and a tank that protects his group from damage. But today we’ll talk about the healer. Playing as a Heal Guardian, you will always be held in high esteem and will find a place in the veteran dungeons. Any group will gladly take you into difficult mode and trials, so it’s worth trying your hand at healing allies.

If you still set out to create your ideal healer guardian, let’s start by choosing a race.

Whom to choose … a lustful Argonian maiden or still an elf

Bretons from the Daggerfall Covenant:

At the moment, this race is the best for any healer. Racial bonuses give you an increase in maximum mana by 2000 units, as well as reduce the cost of mana abilities by 7% and give you a good resistance to magic spells – 2310 units. The latter effect is doubled if the character appears on the effect of burning, lightning or freezing. In addition, the Bretons have an innate mana regeneration – as much as 100 more than other races.

Argonians of the Ebonheart Pact:

These scaly guys are not far behind the Bretons. By choosing a reptilian race, you will receive delicious bonuses. The mana reserve of the Argonians is increased by 1000, the restoration of mana, hp and stamina by 4000 (though only during the use of the potion). Also, Argonians have increased health by 1000, and have resistance to various diseases (2310). Most importantly, lizardmen gain 6% increased outgoing healing.

Aldmeri of the Aldmeri Dominion:

If you do not like playing as an ordinary person and you are not a supporter of exotic Argonians, you can safely take a representative of the ancient elven people. Arrogant and highly gifted Aldmeri have increased mana or stamina regeneration. By activating their class skill (every six seconds), they can raise this indicator to 640 units. Also, the Aldmer has 5% reduced incoming damage while casting the spell. Maximum mana increased by 2000, and damage from magical abilities increased by 258.

Something enemies are not to be seen. Probably sitting at the base

Having decided on the race, you need to understand what will be required of your specialization in the group, as well as how to use abilities in general and what characteristics to pump.

Keep in mind that at high levels of the game, the healer-keeper needs to have at least 16 thousand health points. I advise a beginner to invest up to 15 points in health, and send all the rest to an increase in mana. This way you can save on enchanting items. If the enchantment does not scare you, then all available points must be invested in mana. In the latter case, you will have to sweat a lot, knocking out the necessary parts of the sets, and also fork out for enchantments for equipment. The advantage of such a pumping is that in the future you will not have to think about the redistribution of characteristic points.

In order for the healing of allies to bring you only joy and be more effective, I recommend using addons. Fortunately, there are many of them in The Elder Scrolls Online. I can recommend the following modifications, they will make life easier for any healer and not only:

RaidNotifier – allows you to find out what stage the boss is in, and also gives out other useful information for raids.

Purge Tracker – shows which of your group you need to remove the debuff from.

Action Duration Reminder – Tracks the duration of your abilities and tells you when you can use them again.

Alpha Gear – allows you to quickly change clothes

Champion Points Respec – Change Champion Points

AiM’s-Synergy-Tracker – will help track the cooldown of synergy from your party members.

The main thing is to choose the right mushrooms

Any healer needs to know that by dressing in the best armor and installing a bunch of add-ons, you won’t heal better. Your best quality in a group will always be straight arms. It is necessary to correctly assess the situation in battle, as well as take the desired position and not rush forward into the embrasure. A dead heal is a bad heal. Below are some tips to help you play as the Guardian.

  • Try to stand so that as many party members as possible fall into the area of ​​your spells and avoid AOE and enemy strikes.
  • If you have the ability to block damage, do not hesitate to block. For this, a very powerful skill, the Shadow Ward, can be useful. With its help, you can reduce the cost of blocking. The passive jumping ability will help you reduce the cost of dodges.
  • The healer should always try to stay behind the rest of the group. This way you can place Enchanted Mushrooms more efficiently and heal as many players as possible. By the way, do not forget to plant one mushroom for yourself, do not forget about your health.
  • Use the shield not only on other players, but also on yourself and watch the amount of mana. Remember that mushrooms and flowers can quickly improve the position in the group, and for the most critical situations it is worth saving the Ultimate Magic ForestThe Battle Prayer ability helps a lot.
  • If there is a second healer in the group, you should definitely get to know him and work together in the future, otherwise there may be misunderstandings and unpleasant situations when both healers simultaneously use ultimates, after which the group is left without support.
  • Speaking of support, it’s basically the Energy Sphere ability. It must be thrown over the maximum number of people.
  • The ideal guardian should constantly help his group and use the special sets with synergy correctly. You shouldn’t forget about synergy at all, this is a very good bonus that will come in handy in dungeons more than once.
  • Do not forget that the keeper can not only heal. He also helps his party with debuffs. Always try to throw Elemental Absorption and Bloody Altar on bosses. If there are two healers in the group, they distribute these debuffs among themselves and each one is updating his own.
  • Don’t forget that you can interrupt the animation of some of your abilities. This will speed up their application and save yourself time.
  • Another important ability is the Battle Horn, but do not forget to inform your party members that you are going to use it. As with the second healer, this is to prevent the rest of the group from using multiple horns at the same time.
  • Save mana. It is an essential resource for any healer. The more effectively you use your abilities, the more benefit you can bring. Mana regeneration can be carried out not only with the help of special potions and skills, but also a heavy attack. The best way to restore mana is a Heavy Attack with a Staff in conjunction with Leap.
  • Take potions with you and do not skimp on food. Increasing your stats is the surest way to a successful battle.
  • Get in the habit of checking your Champion Points and Potions before heading into challenging dungeons.
  • Be sure to upgrade your equipment (including weapons with jewelry) with gold enchantments and experiment with different sets of armor.

This small guide is by no means the ultimate truth and everyone is free to choose their own style of play. I wish you successful hunting and good dungeon prey.


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