Rooms, furniture, household items in English

English note that lists all the names of the rooms in a house and the furniture room by room.

The house in English can be called in two ways:

  • house= whole like building, structure, construction;
  • home= intended as a place where one lives, home.

The term ” At home ” is what is used to say that you are at home.

There are various types of houses, the English use the term ” flat ” to indicate the apartment , while the Americans use the term ” apartment “.

All English terms related to the house (rooms and objects in the rooms) are written in the singular form. Furthermore, some terms (eg chair / chair) are repeated because they are also present in several rooms, however we recommend that you look at all the tables before saying that a specific object is missing.

Room names

These are the names of the rooms, or rather internal and external areas of the house, in English.

attic attic
balcony balcony
bathroom bathroom
bedroom bedroom
cellar cellar
dining room Lunchroom
garage garage
garden garden
Hall corridor
kitchen kitchen
living room living room
stairs stairs
study study
utility room closet


Characteristics of a house

Here are the main elements that characterize a house.

back door back door
ceiling ceiling
chimney chimney
door door
doorbell bell
fireplace fireplace
floor floor
front door main entrance
guttering gutter
heating heating
roof roof
stairs stairs
wall Wall
window window


English kitchen items

bin garbage container
bowl salad bowl
chair chair
coffee maker coffee machine
cup mug
dishwasher dishwasher
fork fork
fridge fridge
food mixer kneader
glass glass
jar jar
kettle kettle
knife knife
liquidiser mixer
microwave microwave
oven oven
Pan cooking pan
dish dish
saucepan casserole
sieve sieve
sink sink
spatula spatula
spoon spoon
table table
tablecloth tablecloth
tap tap
teapot teapot
teaspoon teaspoon
tin opener can opener
tray tray
whisk whip
wooden spoon wooden spoon


English dining room objects

armchair armchair
bookcase library
chair chair
coffee table coffee table
curtains curtains
cushion pillow
display cabinet shop window
hifi hifi
hifi stand hifi support
tv cabinet cabinet for tv
rug / carpet carpet
sofa / settee / couch sofa
speaker speaker
table table
television / TV television


Bathroom items in English

basin bathroom sink
bath bathtub
bin garbage container
brush Brush
chair chair
comb comb
hairdryer hairdryer
mirror mirror
razor razor
shaving foam shaving foam
shower shower
toilet / loo toilet
toilet brush / loo brush toilet brush
toilet roll / loo roll toilet paper roll
toilet seat / loo seat toilet seat
toothbrush brush
towel / towel holder towel


Bedroom items in English

bed bed
bedside cabinet / bedside table bedside table
chest of drawer drawers
clothes clothes
desk desk
dressing table table with mirror
lamp lamp
mattress mattress
pillow pillow
shelf shelf / shelf
wardrobe / closet wardrobe


Other items of the house in English

bin trash can
chair chair
chandelier chandelier
computer computer
hoover / vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner
iron iron
painting painting
radio radio
telephone phone
vase jar
washing machine washing machine


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