How to have Alexa in multiple rooms

Almost all of us now have a device produced by Amazon with the Alexa voice assistant in our home. If you have never experienced the potential of Alexa today we will try to let you experiment with some of its features that could be useful for the whole family.

More and more families, in fact, love to use Alexa’s voice commands and personalize them with their own voice, but how to do it? In reality, the traditional procedure is very simple, you just need to configure your Amazon device and pronounce the phrases stored within the application.

Although the basic configuration is childproof, the situation is different and more complicated for the configuration of Alexa throughout the house. Today we are here to understand how to have Alexa in multiple rooms without having to go crazy among the many devices.


  • Guide to using Alexa in more than one room
    • Listen to the same music in multiple rooms with Alexa
    • How to set up multiroom on Alexa
    • How to manage 2 Echo Dots with the same account
    • How many accounts can be linked to Alexa
    • How to add more voices to Alexa

Guide to using Alexa in more than one room

In order not to make the guide too heavy and full of information, we will try to divide into paragraphs the most common actions to perform to have Alexa in multiple rooms . Specifically we will analyze: how to listen to the same music in multiple rooms with Alexa, how to configure multiroom on Alexa, how to manage 2 Echo Dot with the same account, how many accounts can be connected to Alexa and finally how to add more voices.

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Listen to the same music in multiple rooms with Alexa

Let’s assume that to carry out the next instructions you must have one or more Echo Dot, although you may have a smartphone application with integrated Alexa and smart speakers to connect it in multiple rooms, you must have at least two Echo interact with each other. be it Dot , Flex or classic .

To listen to the same music in multiple rooms, the procedure is very simple. The first step is to create a Multi-Room Music group using the official Alexa app. To do this, start the Alexa App for Android or iOS and click on the Devices icon . From here, all you have to do is select (+) and connect the speakers by pressing Associate speakers .

A small window will appear where you can choose the Multi-room music item , click on it and follow the instructions for configuration.

Maybe you have more than one Alexa device, in this case the system will automatically detect them; then, just press on the Multiroom Music group and ask the voice assistant to forward the music in all rooms with the command: Alexa, put on some music .

The system allows you to customize and modify the group, adding or removing specific devices. Maybe a family member doesn’t like playing music while they’re searching their room. To do this you can choose which speakers should play music for a group. Speakers you’ve added to a group will play music automatically when you use the group name. So if you have a group called Living Room and to which you have added 2 loudspeakers Echo, all you have to do is say “ Alexa, put some music in Living Room ” to hear music on both speakers.

If you want to change the speakers that should play music for a group, just tap the Speakers tab on the group page and select other speakers.

You can also decide if the selected speakers should always play the music for that group or only when you use the group name. Tap the Speakers tab for the group and scroll down to the list of speakers. Under Playback Options, tap on Edit and select one of the two options:

  • Always, the music will play on the speakers of a group when you say: ” Alexa, put on some music “
  • Only when you say the name of the groupwill the music play on the loudspeakers of a group, when you say: “ Alexa, put some music in the living room “.

How to set up multiroom on Alexa

In the previous lines we told you that in the configuration at some point you should have followed the guided configuration, let’s see in more detail what needs to be done to configure the multiroom . The process is similar to the previous one, but other phrases will also be added to pronounce to improve interaction with Alexa.

First of all, check that your Echo Dot is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone, so as not to have problems managing the main commands. Having acknowledged that the connection is good it is very important to check the compatibility of your devices, you can create a multiroom with these products: Echo Dot , Echo Flex , Echo Studio and Echo classic . We assume that your devices are connected to the same Amazon account, otherwise please do so.

As already pointed out in the previous paragraph, you have to start the Amazon Alexa App from your smartphone and go to the Devices menu . From here on (+) and add the name of the room you are configuring by clicking on Add group . Tap Create a room or device group and press the Next button to name the room and add Echo (or even non-Echo) devices to the room. To end the configuration process, press Save and repeat the exact same procedure for all the other Echoes available for the home that you want to connect to each other.

At this point it is essential to understand how to send commands to Alexa to join rooms. If your goal is to play multi-room music, just say the phrase: Alexa, play rock music in (room name) . If, on the other hand, you want to block the same song in multiple rooms, you will have to exclaim: Alexa, stop the music in (room name) .

If you decide you want to listen to Amazon Music in every room, you will need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited , alternatively you can read our guide on how to connect Alexa with Spotify .

How to manage 2 Echo Dots with the same account

You will know very well how convenient it is to manage your Amazon devices with just one account, but although it may seem simple you need to configure the application first for there to be an optimal interaction. It is therefore worth taking a look at how to manage two Echo Dots with the same account .

Given that it is absolutely possible to connect two Echo devices together without problems, some forums on the web believe that it is not possible, but it is absolutely not true. This confusion is due to the fact that there are several methods to link multiple Echos to each other to the account, but let’s see one quick and effective.

Be sure to link your main account to both Echo devices , after that, the system will automatically transfer the data to the new one. Calendars, profiles and music settings will be saved.

How many accounts can be linked to Alexa

There is also a lot of confusion about the number of accounts that can be linked to our favorite voice assistant as users mistake this term for Profile.

You must know that: your account , that is the e-mail you associated with your person to register on Amazon, is unique , while a profile , that is the digital component of who is using Amazon, can be multiple .

Let’s give you an example to make the story clear, when you access Amazon Prime Video you do it through your Account, the latter verifies that you have a Prime Video subscription and allows you to see the contents. However, the same account can have multiple profiles, i.e. digital avatars linked to the main account.

The same goes for Alexa and Echo devices too. You can only link one account to your smart device but with multiple profiles. So if you are planning to create a uniform environment with Echo, you need to link it to the same account and profile for it to transpose the data automatically.

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How to add more voices to Alexa

We continue the discussion of the previous paragraph by pointing out that you can customize the voices of your Echo using the user profiles. Maybe you have configured Alexa on your voice and a family member can’t start voice commands to listen to music in the rooms, how to do it? We need to create profiles with Alexa Voice , let’s see how.

To add more voices on Alexa, you need to:

  1. Download the Alexa app on another phone or log out of the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Sign in with an account that has access to your devices
  3. Follow the instructions in the Alexa app to select or add a new user. Then go to the My voicesection in Settings and create a new voice profile.

Here are the steps to create a voice ID.

Launch the Alexa application and in the More menu , at the bottom right, select Settings . You will find the option Your profile and in it: Configure Voice ID. Click on it and click on I agree to give your consent to the creation and processing of your voice ID.

You will need to say 4 voice commands and when finished, your voice ID will be created to talk to Alexa. Then click on the Done button .

In case you want to delete your voice profile, just go to Settings> Your profile , click on Voice ID and, in the section Your voice profile , click on Delete voice profile .

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