Special household appliances: big and small surprises for Christmas

Big or small, an appliance is an investment in convenience. Cleaning, food preservation, preparation of delicious recipes: these are the main tasks for which household appliances are intended. Products designed for the user are increasingly technological and in symbiosis with the smart home . With this guide, we prepare for Christmas through a series of tips and advice to choose the best ones. We start with the classics, from the washing machine to the refrigerator , passing through the dishwasher . And we continue with robot vacuum cleaners and advanced cordless electric brooms . Finally, we have dedicated a juicy special section to cooking enthusiasts.

Special household appliances: big and small surprises for Christmas

Special household appliances

Washing machines

Queen of large appliances, the washing machine must be chosen based on needs and the space available. For those who don’t have much and intend to keep spending as low as possible, the Beko Washing Machine WUX71236AI-IT is perfect. Less than 50 cm deep , this slim washing machine handles 7 kg of laundry without problems , pushing the spin cycle up to 1200 rpm. On the side of washing machines with standard sizes, here comes the Bosch WAN24009II , a mid-range model that is worth more than it costs. Equipped with a 9 kg basket , it does not lack an advanced load balancing system. Efficient and silent, it washes quickly while consuming little water. Moving from the field of free-standing washing machines to that of built-in models , we strongly recommend the Electrolux EW8F384BI , a top-of-the-range appliance that disappears from sight thanks to the front panel closure. Enriched by steam washing and highly advanced sensors for detecting the weight of the laundry, it offers remote control via the MyElectrolux app .

(Data updated as of December 2023 and subject to change over time)


Increasingly widespread in our country, the dryer proves to be a saving grace when there is little space to hang out clothes. And especially in winter, it significantly speeds up the entire drying process. Condensing models with heat pump dominate the market. Take, for example, the Whirlpool FFTN M11 82 IT , an exceptional choice for value for money. Although very convenient, in fact, nothing is missing. Certified with the A++ energy class , it features a good 8 kg drum. To go even further with the load capacity, here comes the Haier HD90-A3939 , an advanced dryer that processes 9 kg of laundry without difficulty. Elegant in design, it is driven by a powerful , silent and fuel-efficient inverter motor. And we conclude with one of the best dryers around. Also weighing 9 kg, AEG TR7G93OW combines proprietary SensiDry , MixDry and Precise Dry technologies to bring home an excellent result with any program. Embellished with a practical LED in the basket, it is certified with class A+++.

Washer dryer

Washing machine and dryer in one body: here is the secret of the washer dryer , an appliance that is making its way into the hearts of Italians. Dedicated to those who don’t have space for two different machines, the slim version offers maximum compactness. Take, for example, the Candy CSOW 4855TW4/1-S washer dryer , only 53 cm deep and which, despite its compact dimensions, washes 8 kg of laundry and dries 5 . For those looking for a model with a higher capacity, we recommend the Hoover HDE 5106AMBS/1-S , an appliance that brings the number of kilos when washing to 10 and 6 when drying. Thanks to an efficient inverter motor and smart functions supported by Wi-Fi , the steam program is not missing. Finally, at the top of our small selection is the LG D4R7011TSWG washer dryer with a washing/drying ratio of 11/6 kg . Complete in its programs, it sports a very successful minimal design and uses LG artificial intelligence to optimize every type of operation.


For convenience it is unbeatable and, by choosing an ECO programme, water consumption is often lower than that needed for manual washing. We are obviously talking about the dishwasher , the appliance that solves more than one problem in the kitchen. Let’s start with a template with a simple approach. The Indesit D2F HK26 is a freestanding dishwasher that is as spartan in design as it is effective in washing dishes, cutlery and glasses. Even though it doesn’t excel in consumption, it handles large quantities of dishes well, making 14 place settings shine . Similar in capacity, the Electrolux EES68510L represents a notable leap forward in terms of efficiency and silence. Totally concealed built-in dishwasher , equipped with a reliable inverter motor capable of managing the power on a case-by-case basis. Excellently organized in terms of space , it uses AirDry technology to automatically release steam at the end of the cycle. And we conclude on a high note with the Smeg ST352AL dishwasher , also built-in. Elegant in its unusual dark gray finish, it washes 13 place settings in an exceptional way. All while boasting first-class efficiency .

Refrigerators and freezers

Correct food storage is the starting point for healthy and tasty cooking. In the field of refrigerators , there are many offers that the web has in store for us, some of which are truly inviting. Let’s think of the Bosch KGN392LDC combined refrigerator , a 368 liter Dual No Frost appliance divided between fridge and freezer compartment. Elegant and sober, it is a freestanding model with attention to detail inside too. The many compartments with which it is equipped, in fact, keep different types of food at the right temperature. For those looking for a surplus of space , however, we recommend the Samsung RF48A400EM9 , a 4-door side by side refrigerator of almost 500 l. High-end Total No Frost model , it is slightly thinner than average to facilitate positioning operations. Beautiful and slender, it produces low noise emissions thanks to the Digital Inverter motor. Turning towards the freezer category , we have chosen one of the best products from the leading brand in the sector. The Liebherr FNc 5277 , in fact, is a professional-level free-standing vertical freezer. At the top for consumption and silence, it offers 280 l for frozen foods .

Wine cellars

Right temperature, absence of vibrations, shielding against UV rays: here are some requirements for the correct conservation of bottles . And by choosing a free-standing wine cellar , creating a small home wine cellar is no longer a mirage. Among the best economical appliances , we undoubtedly include the Hisense RW12D4NWG0 , a compact 30-bottle wine cellar . Equipped with 3 wooden shelves and internal LED lighting, it also features a practical touch display for controlling and viewing the temperature. Wanting to considerably expand the space for wines, here comes the Haier HWS84GA , a wine cellar with 84 bottles organized on 7 shelves . Theft-proof thanks to the Wine Bank system, it avoids humidity stagnation through the Airflow System ventilation . Last but not least, the Candy CCVB 60D is a double-zone wine cellar with an incredible quality-price ratio. The 38 bottles it can accommodate, in fact, can be divided into two areas with independent temperatures, perfectly preserving both reds and whites.

Electric ovens and microwaves

Cooking, heating, defrosting: the oven is an appliance that lends itself to countless uses. Moving into the realm of traditional products, the Whirlpool OMR58HR0X built-in electric oven puts 71 l of volume at the service of the most delicious recipes. Economical in consumption and versatile in programmes, it uses the Cook3 function to cook up to three foods at the same time, preventing flavors and aromas from mixing. Even more advanced, the Smeg SO6401S2X is a ventilated oven with 11 different cooking modes . Thanks to the Vapor Clean automatic cleaning technology, it reaches the remarkable temperature of 280 degrees , giving its best even with pizza, bread and focaccia. In conclusion, we move into the terrain of microwave ovens , presenting a high-end product. The Samsung MC28M6085KS , in addition to featuring a notable volume of 28 l, works quickly thanks to the Hot Blast ventilation system . In addition, Smart Moisture technology detects the humidity level in the compartment, optimizing the programs each time.

Vacuum cleaners, electric brooms and floor cleaners

Cleaning floors, carpets and textiles takes a lot of time. By using the right tools , however, you can save a lot and make much less effort. We open our short selection with a canister vacuum cleaner with a rather traditional design. Hoover HP330ALG is a cyclonic model with 850 Watt cable, a small monster of power with a large 2 l dirt compartment. Equipped with essential accessories, it shines with ease of handling and lightness , also capturing pollen and allergens. Moving onto the field of cordless electric brooms , here is an all-rounder offered at a very interesting price. Samsung Jet 60 is the smallest of the line but offers plenty of power for all cleaning operations. Complete with various accessories , it features a 150 watt motor and a solid 2000 mAh battery. Different in approach, Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is the first electric broom with floor cleaner from the famous English company. Simply attach the new Dyson Submarine component to the stick to witness the magic.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Increasingly smart and powerful, the latest generation robot vacuum cleaners clean floors and carpets very well and do so completely automatically . Not to mention that prices have dropped a lot in recent years, making them great deals. This is the case, for example, of the iRobot Roomba i1 which represents the most essential approach to the category. Robust and no-frills device , it offers good autonomy and simple use settings, which can also be managed through the inevitable smartphone app. By choosing the Dreame D10s , the leap in quality is served. Sold at a truly competitive price, it is a robot vacuum cleaner with laser mapping of the environments that optimizes navigation. Very effective in cleaning floors, it is also able to wash them thanks to a special accessory. Similar speech for the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni which, however, further expands the potential of the device. What makes the difference here is the automatic charging and emptying station , a real turning point for those who don’t want to lift even a finger.

Steam cleaners

With vacuum cleaners and electric brooms, solid dirt is the worst. But when you need to sanitize a surface , no one works better than a steam cleaner . The sterilizing force of vaporized water, in fact, eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The Kärcher SC 1 is a really interesting product because it costs little but is complete thanks to the considerable amount of accessories. We are talking about a steam gun capable of transforming itself, if necessary, into a broom thanks to the stick in the package. The power of 1200 watts is good, as is the pressure of 3 bar. Moving onto the field of more traditional steam mops, here comes the Shark Clean S6005 , a robust and versatile model that performs well in numerous cleaning scenarios. Very convenient to apply and remove, the Shark steam mop wrings out in a few seconds and the central body can be removed to facilitate the insertion of water. We close with a monument of steam cleaning, the Polti Vaporetto Pro 85 Flexi . Towed model with a generous tank , it excels on parquet and carpets, also destroying dirt between the tile joints.

Coffee machines

To enjoy excellent coffee at home you don’t need to spend a lot. In particular, solutions with capsules enhance the aroma of the raw material without losing an ounce of practicality. Compactness and simplicity: this is what the Illy Easy offers , a cheerful and carefree machine that rewards the quality of Illy capsules . With the Faber Pro Deluxe , however, we move onto the field of ESE pods . Very stylish in its vintage design, this coffee machine is embellished with refined materials and captivating colours . Quick to heat up, it reaches high temperatures, dispensing a drink rich in aroma. Representing an even different philosophy is the Smeg ECF02 , a classic powder coffee machine which is a triumph of aesthetics and functionality. Very simple to use, it furnishes the kitchen and gives satisfaction to the palate. Finally, at the last taste step, we find automatic machines with integrated coffee grinder . Emblematic of this approach is the De’Longhi Magnifica Start ECAM220.60 , a riot of technology that offers numerous possibilities to customize grinding and brewing.

Small kitchen appliances

In addition to technique and knowledge of ingredients, the right tools make the difference in the kitchen . Whether it’s to treat yourself or make a nice Christmas gift, it’s difficult to go wrong with a small kitchen appliance. Let’s start with the ABC, the blender . NutriBullet Pro 900 is a powerful product but small in size. Available in many fun colours, it is accompanied by 7 accessories which certify its extremely versatile soul. Equally flexible, the Kenwood Triblade XL+ HBM60.307GY hand blender puts 850 watts of power at the service of the most diverse preparations. In fact, it is possible to alternate mince of all kinds with gravies, sauces and veloutés. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And with the Kitchenaid 5KSM175PS planetary mixer, preparing cakes, pizzas and bread becomes a breeze. Equipped with 2 bowls and 4 utensils in the package , it combines excellent construction quality with an immediately recognizable retro aesthetic. Another tool that has now become essential in the kitchen is the air fryer . And the Philips Series 5000 Airfryer XXL HD9285/93 is one of the fastest and most spacious on the market. Very quick to heat up, it cooks food evenly and healthily , working almost completely autonomously. As a worthy conclusion to this special dedicated to small appliances, we have chosen an electric grill . Compact and intuitive to use, the Rowenta GR242D allows us to grill easily even at home. Closed, open or used for gratinating: with 2000 Watts of power, taste is guaranteed.


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